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Dead Trigger 2 Cheats, Tips & Hints for Effectively Taking Out Zombies

Ready to start playing a game that’s been called the “best zombie shooter ever”? Dead Trigger 2 comes from Mad Finger Games, and it’s designed for both Android and iOS devices. Your job is to save the world from a zombie attack, and at the moment, there are millions of other players from all parts of the globe trying to do the same on their mobile devices, with “40+ Millions survivors from all over the world” taking part in the game.

Will you be the one to save the world from a global zombie apocalypse? If you are, then you can download the game now from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, but first, you may want to check out our compilation of Dead Trigger 2 cheats, tips and tricks before anything else.

1. Kill The Zombies With Headshots

Headshots are always the best way to go in first-person shooters, and that’s exactly what you want to do in this particular FPS. Eliminating a zombie with a headshot means more gold coins, and if you are able to string together several headshots in a row, you could be “rich” before you know it.

2. How To Get More Blueprints

Need more blueprints? The solution is actually quite simple, though the zombies you’ll have to take out are a bit tougher than ordinary ones. Minibosses, as they’re called, are the only zombie types who drop blueprint pieces when you kill them. Make sure you’re trying to kill all the minibosses, and if you have to, you can lure more of them out by staying near zombie spawn points. More minibosses killed = more blueprints.

3. Accept The ‘Register For Tapjoy’ Offers

In this game, it would behoove you to take all the opportunities available to earn gold coins for free. One way you can get started is by accepting the “Register for Tapjoy” offer. This will be followed by a second offer wall, and when it does come up, you’ll want to use all the free apps available on there. All you have to do is download the apps and start them up, then return to Dead Trigger 2. It may be a bit of a pain going through a number of offers, but the reward in the end is a slew of gold coins, all for free.

4. Run Away From The Red Skull Icon

The glowing red skull icon will warn you once in a while about imminent danger, which means you should run the other way once you see it. This heralds the arrival of a nearby zombie that may have designs on you, so if you’re able to run the opposite way, that could keep you safe for the time being.

5. Steer Clear Of Exploding Zombies

There are some zombies that explode if you pump some bullets into them, and if they explode while you’re around their vicinity, you’ll take some damage. Make sure you’re at a safe distance when trying to kill exploding zombies, preferably at a distance where you can hurl a ranged weapon, meaning your grenades.

6. Keep Yourself Alive With Painkillers

Those zombies are going to really get at you in the more difficult stages, but you can stay alive longer and heal yourself with painkillers. These painkillers, aside from restoring some of your health, do more than just that – they also stall the time for a couple of seconds. As an additional tip, you can take painkillers before taking damage, which could possibly restore your health much faster if you’re able to take a lot of them before getting hit.

7. Kill The Tougher Zombies When They’re Standing Near Gas Barrels

In the harder levels, the zombies will be especially hard to kill (of course they would!), but you can make your life easier by firing at them when they’re next to red gas barrels. Try to look for the zombies, especially minibosses, if you see them in an area where they are close to those red barrels. But don’t fire at the zombies – fire at the barrels in order to take them out in explosive fashion.

8. Don’t Kill Everyone When Playing Timed Missions

While it’s all well and good to kill as many zombies as possible, you don’t want to kill them all when you’re playing a timed mission. Obviously, time is of the essence when you play these missions, and killing more zombies than you should will distract you from your goal and potentially prevent you from completing the mission within the prescribed time. Remember that you’re trying to succeed in the mission, and not trying to blast each and every zombie in sight.

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