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Dragon City Tips, Cheats & Strategies: 5 Tricks Every Player Should Know

Dragon City is a dragon breeding game for both Android and iOS platforms where you can gain hundreds of dragons, breed them, and make them level up, as you seek to achieve your goal of becoming a Dragon Master. You’ll be training these dragons and facing off against other real-life players, building your own city, and dealing with ten types of dragons you can breed and combine to create hybrids.

Also, there are hundreds of missions in this game, ensuring a lot of fun in this dragon breeder/city builder/MOBA combo. Now, if this is your first time to play the game, we’ve got a number of Dragon City tips, cheats and strategies that will assist you in understanding the game and succeeding in it.

1. How Does Currency And Experience Work?

Well, we wouldn’t really call them types of currency, but there are different stats that can be considered important in this game, including your gold and EXP (experience) points. You should also be aware of your food and gem stats and your dragon count. Gold can be earned through quests, collecting from your dragons’ habitats, and wins in the battle arena. Experience, on the other hand, is gained mainly when completing missions, and helps you level up your dragons and unlock more of them.

2. How To Breed Your Dragons

In Dragon City, breeding would be the primary method in which you can get yourself more dragons. Choose two dragons from any of the ten types, breed them, and their children’s stats and traits will be based on those of their parents. Still, there are some variables that come into play that could cause dragon offspring to be different from their parents – feel free to experiment with different combinations and you may luck out to create a powerful new dragon through breeding.

3. Which Dragon Types Should You Use As A Beginner?

When starting out, Earth dragons will be most ideal to use, as they can quickly generate gold from their habitats. But if you’re the type of player who only plays in short bursts throughout the day, the Water dragons may be better choices, as their habitats typically have excellent gold capacity if you wait it out a bit. Legendary-ranked dragons, on the other hand, are the ones you want when you’re taking part in dragon battles.

4. Upgrade The Hatchery And Habitats First

There are several types of buildings you can put up in Dragon City, but it’s the Hatchery and the Habitats, as well as the Farms that have to be upgraded first. Hatcheries are where you hatch dragon eggs, Habitats are where the dragons live and earn gold, and Farms produce food to feed your dragons.

5. Things To Remember In Dragon Battles

Regardless whether you’re playing in the Combat World or in Stadium Fights, your dragons will have four basic moves and different elemental statistics, which could result in attacks dealing out more damage, or only dealing half-damage. In most cases, dragons with a high number of hit points will have poor attack stats, while dragons with low HP will conversely have good attack stats.

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