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QuickBoy Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Hints You Need to Know

QuickBoy is a new game by Netmarble that offers an interesting twist to the action genre – it’s a smaller, simpler game that nonetheless boasts of some nice enough, anime/steampunk-inspired graphics. The story here is that you’re part of an elite but jovial mail delivery squad called QuickBoy Inc., and your job is to travel through some dangerous environments and encounter hordes of zombies, killing them and rescuing human companions as you go along. There’s also a bit of a parkour element here, which you’ll encounter as you make your way past several obstacles. And as far as stages go, the game boasts of more than 70 of them for you to complete.

Your drones and jetpacks, as well as your power-ups, will be among your best friends in this game. But for those who are starting out and need a good kick-off point, we’ve got some useful QuickBoy tips, cheats and strategies, and many of them don’t come from us per se, but rather Netmarble itself, courtesy of the company’s QuickBoy game website.

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Controls

As the tutorial will tell you, the left button allows you to jump, while the right lets you slide underneath obstacles. It’s important that you learn how to use these controls at the right time, and to do so quickly; it’s a common beginner mistake to keep jumping, jumping, jumping; many obstacles are much taller than what a double jump can allow, so you’ll need to start sliding as you approach those obstacles. Remember that you lose one unit of health each time you careen into an obstacle or a zombie, so practice moving and thinking quickly with the controls.

2. Focus On The Combos

Each level can earn you a ton of coins and crystals (the premium currency) once completed, and the best way to earn more points (and more coins in the process, not to mention three-star levels) is to string together as many combos as possible. Your combo meter will start moving once you jump on (and kill) your first zombie, so what you want to do here is to jump on multiple zombies in a row to string that combo together. You can use your riot shield, if available, to steamroll your way past a long line of zombies, so that’s another way to get the combo meter moving, and fast.

3. Use Your Jetpacks And Drones

The QuickBoy tutorial explains that the different drones you can unlock in this game have their own special properties and benefits. For example, the P-Pig drone picks up old coins and turns them into valid currency, thus giving you more coins per level completed. Jetpacks, on the other hand, fly in a certain way for a certain duration depending on the one you’ve got equipped. Click on the Player tab on the lower left hand corner of the main screen, and that’s where you can access information on available (or yet-to-be-unlocked) drones and jetpacks. You can buy more drones with your coins after you unlock them; just because the drones are unlocked doesn’t mean you can use them immediately!

NetMarble also suggests that you should upgrade your jetpacks whenever necessary, as that increases your flight time. Drones, too, need regular updating so that they can be more effective in helping you achieve your goals.

4. Spin The Daily Roulette

Another way to earn gems is by spinning the Daily Roulette, though there’s more than just that available; depending on where the roulette lands, you can also win more hearts (the game’s energy unit), more coins, and other goodies. And if your game’s connected to Facebook, you can get one extra throw per day.

5. Take Part In The Daily Quests

It’s not just the story missions you have to be concerned about in this game. You can also take part in Daily Events to earn coins, gems, XP, and a whole lot more. These quests may ask you to perform a certain number of combos, take part in separate challenges, or collect various spare part types. Daily Events always refresh every day, so don’t forget to take advantage of them while they’re still around.

6. Spend Your Gems Wisely

The crystals, or gems, you earn in this game can add up rather slowly at first, but eventually, as you complete more levels and exceed more requirements, you’ll earn more of them and be able to use those crystals in a variety of ways. One way is to unlock a new character; your stock character is QuickBoy newbie Tommy Hawk, while the other available characters are Lily Warren, Nick Warren, and Jessica, each of them having their own strengths, weaknesses, and special skills. You can also buy new jetpacks or drones with your gems, as well as coin packages. Gem packages, on the other hand, cost real money.

7. Take Advantage Of Those Enhancements

Each level allows you to collect stars based on how highly you score, and to unlock enhancements by collecting the required number of stars per phase. These enhancements give you quick bonuses like invincibility or double points for each zombie killed. After unlocking Enhancements, you can then use your coins to buy upgrades, which may include, but not be limited to an increase in the points you score while collecting parts or a decrease in your drone’s cooldown time.

8. Take Part In The World Challenge

You can take part in the World Challenge mode, where you can use all available drones and jetpacks, while also making the most out of your character’s parkour skills. The goal of these challenges is to go as far as you could while staying alive. That might sound easy, but actually it isn’t. It is, in fact, a “harsh” mode. Still, the rewards for climbing high up the leaderboards are definitely worth the effort and worth the degree of difficulty.

In case you know any other QuickBoy cheats, tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us!