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Fighting Star Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Dominate the Octagon and Become a Champion

Doodle Mobile Ltd. has been a popular mobile game development and publishing company since 2011. Currently standing with 28 games under its portfolio which includes popular games like Fast Racing 3D, Sky Fighters 3D, and Smashy Olympus amongst other popular titles, Doodle Mobile Ltd. continues to publish chart-topping games that easily amass downloads by the millions on the Google Play Store. Doodle Mobile Ltd. recently published Fighting Star which is an MMA fighting game that offers simple controls and a variety of character customization options. Within less than a month after its release, Fighting Star has already gained more than 100,000 downloads and largely positive reviews from its players. Even if you are not an MMA fan, but enjoy sports fighting games that offers simple controls and has enough depth to squeeze in some strategies, then Fighting Star may just be the game for you.

You start off your career in Fighting Star as a new fighter in the MMA world. Before jumping into title matches, you can engage in quick fights, earn some silver, and spend it to enhance your stats, skills, and equipment. Each fight consumes energy but it replenishes over time. Depending on your fighter’s build you can learn more advanced skills as you become stronger. It’s a cycle of fight nights and training to continuously become stronger as you aim to dominate the octagon and become the MMA champion.

Fighting Star lets you jump straight to a quick fight as soon as you start the game. The tutorial is as easy as it gets as you will be shown how to perform each basic move. There are a variety of basic offensive moves like the quick jab, hook punch, and uppercut and a roundhouse kick. You can easily perform a jab with a quick tap on the right side of your screen and swiping on different directions initiates the other basic moves. Each attack you perform consumes stamina and the lower your stamina, the weaker each attack becomes. You can block all kinds of attack and blocking also replenishes your stamina. Swiping left makes you dodge punches but leaves you vulnerable to kicks. After launching several attacks, you fill up special attacks that can easily turn the tide of the match or get you closer to winning a lot faster. IF you are a little stumped with regard to where to spend your earnings to hasten your fighter’s growth and progress or having difficulty to win over some matches in your career, then our Fighting Star guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, can help you become stronger faster and dominate each match in no time.

1. Hit The Gym Once Every 8 Hours

The Gym ought to be the first place to head to as soon as you play the game. There are free trainings available once every 8 hours and depending on your performance on each one, you can increase your stats at no cost. There aren’t any tutorials available for each gym activity but all three are can be easily mastered in a short time. The Deep Squat can raise your strength and health depending on your total score for all 15 squats. You need to fill the bar at the right side of the screen by rapidly tapping on the button at the lower right. Be sure to fill the bar before the indicator reaches the top and you can earn a perfect score which grants 2 points. Filling the bar just above the green line earns you 1 point. The boxing training is a little trickier as you need to time each punch just as the fist icon aligns with the corresponding circle. Getting it close enough earns you a point but close to a perfect timing will earn you 2 points. This activity grants you speed and health points. Last but not the least is the rope skip training. This works much like the boxing training and you need to perfectly time your clicks on the spheres that randomly pop up from all sides of your fighter. Click as the white ring becomes smaller and touches the area of the inner circle. Rope skipping earns you additional stamina and health points. You may want to engage in all 3 gym trainings one immediately after the other so that their cool down period stays close to one another.

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You can also spend some silver coins to boost your stats in the gym. Initially, you need to only spend 100 silver coins to increase a stat by 5 points. Every upgrade you do naturally makes the succeeding one a little more expensive but still, considering all other options available, this will be the best option to spend silver coins on at the early part of your game.

2. Decide On Your Fighter’s Build Early On

There are only 4 basic stats to work on in Fighting Star and carefully determining which one you want to prioritize over the others would have to depend on your preferences and play style. For one, every bit of upgrade on one stat will make the next one more expensive and silver coins will only be used for such upgrades up to a certain limit. To some extent, balancing each other out to more efficiently use your limited resources would be the most viable way to go and prioritizing one stat over another comes when your funds are limited in such a way that you won’t be able to immediately afford upgrading all stats on equal terms.

Your fighter’s strength determines how powerful each blow becomes which means that the higher your strength, the higher damage you can deal to your opponent. This is important most especially on earlier matches with opponents who hardly dodge your punches or block your attacks. Later on, though, banking on strength exclusively may become futile if your punches and kicks are too slow to even hit your opponents. On a positive note, however, strength affects the damage you deal even when your punches and kicks are blocked. When you have high strength values as well, mounting opponents will be a feast for your fighting beast.

Speed basically determines how fast you can punch and kick. Although it will be hardly noticeable, having a higher speed than your opponent can lead you to landing a punch first and staggering your opponent even if both of you practically initiated a punch move at the same time. More conveniently, dodging an attack and laying a counter-punch will become much easier when you have higher speed attributes. From an offensive standpoint, speed is useful if you pour on attacks one after another while watching your stamina as well. If you are on the defense, then being able punch right back after a successful block or dodge can become very useful as well in every fight. Against a faster opponent, you should be a little more careful going toe to toe in an aggressive fashion as you may wind up on the losing end of a round because you keep getting staggered before you can even pull a punch.

As your stamina wears out with every punch or kick you launch, having higher stamina values can make your fighter throw more attacks before guarding back and being on the defensive. Be sure to remember that having a higher stamina doesn’t necessary mean pushing to be an all-out offensive fighter as you should always keep an eye on your stamina during the match and ensure that it stays close to full to have your attacks stay to deal a decent amount of damage. Naturally, you will still have to block those kicks and having a higher stamina should only mean that you don’t have to spend as much time being on the defensive.

Last but not the least is the health stat which is your best choice for defensive purposes. Naturally, having a higher health value can provide you with better durability and stand against more hits from your opponents. If you are struggling against more powerful opponents and feel that you typically take in more blows than planting punches and kicks yourself, then you may want to increase your health points a little more than the rest of the stats. If you have ultra instinct-like reflexes and tend to dodge or block everything your opponents throw at you, then you might as well prioritize other stats over health.

Again, there are no best builds in the game as far as stats are concerned. If you are still unsure when you have enough silver coins to spend on enhancements, then play quick matches a bit more to check on the play style you would want to work on and from there, decide the stats that complement your preferences.

3. Plan Ahead On Equipment You Will Purchase

There are various equipment and customizations available for you change the way your character looks and you can access all these by clicking on the profile button at the lower left side of the main screen. These items just aren’t for looks though as each custom detail adds specific stat boosts to your fighter. Changing gloves can increase your strength while trunks boost your fighter’s strength. Changing hairstyle and beards can increase your stamina while putting on a different tattoo can boost your speed. One thing you have to take note of is that some items may look different but offer the exact same amount of stat increase. There is no need to purchase and unlock one item to be able to unlock the next one so you can pretty much skip buying items that cost 2,000 silver coins and go straight to buying the more expensive ones that you can readily afford.

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For maximum efficiency with regard to utilizing your silver coin funds, be sure to check the boosts you get out of the silver coins you have to spend as it may happen that you could get more out of your money through stat enhancements in the gym. Likewise, you may want to hold on to those hard-earned gold coins as later on you will need a lot of those for stat boosts.

4. Upgrade Skills That You Use More Often

Another way to increase your damage value on top of raising your character’s strength is through upgrading the skills at your disposal. There are various other skills you can unlock once you reach the required stat values needed to use those moves. There’s no need to select those moves as each one will randomly be available while you are fighting in the octagon.

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With regard to upgrades, you may want to invest silver coins on each move only if both stat boosts from the gym, and the next higher equipment or customization you are saving money for are too expensive and you still need to become stronger. Likewise, you should only invest on moves that you are certain will be worth it as you use them in your matches. For example, if you like quick jabs and finishing off your opponent with the quick clinch as he’s down on the canvas, then invest your extra coins on those skills. Costs to upgrade skills grow more expensive but looking at the damage increase per upgrade, it’s overall worth should keep it as your least priority relative to the coins you have earned and saved.

5. Push To Reach A Championship Match In Career

The Career Mode in Fighting Star is the main course of the game. This is the reason you want to keep getting stronger and stronger as you strive to become the best MMA Fighter in the ring. Levels in career mode are either fight nights, progressively divided through seasons, and championships that pit you against several opponents for a title.

What you should do is to strive to fight through 3 seasons and get to a championship so you can start farming gold coins early on. Unlike regular matches, championships pit 4 contending fighters against one another and the fighter with the most wins earns the top spot as well as the highest amount of gold coins to be received. It may not be much for starters, but you will also receive silver coins for winning on each match and the gold coins are just additional rewards. IF you grow strong enough and feel like you can progress further in career, try to battle through later seasons and again strive to reach the next championship level. It will certainly take a while for you to start earning more gold coins but you can keep replaying championship levels to earn more gold coins.

fighting star career

Take note that every opponent you face will become stronger and stronger which is why you should be ready to meet fighters who show stats higher than yours. At the versus screen, be sure to look at the comparative attributes you and your opponent has and plan a bit ahead on whether you can push for an offensive approach or settle for a more subtle or defensive stance. Don’t feel bad if you lose a fight as you can always keep getting stronger and get back into a rematch later on.

6. Accomplish Achievements To Earn More Rewards

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Be sure to click on the trophy icon at the top of the main screen to view the list of objectives you can accomplish to claim silver and gold coins. A lot of these tasks are pretty easy and you will most likely be able to accomplish a lot of these by simply playing the game. Claiming rewards for one category of milestones will unlock the next level so be sure to regularly keep tabs on what you need to do so you can better aim towards earning extra coins, especially gold ones.

7. Strategically Use Your Special Moves

Regardless of how many skills you have unlocked based on your fighter’s current stats, you will always have two special moves that you can use in the fight. These moves pack a lot of damage, so it is best to ensure that both will successfully connect whenever you unleash them. One move that typically becomes available much faster is the quick punch which deals a lot more damage than any of your regular punches. It’s slow despite being named quick punch so there’s a huge chance that your opponent can dodge it or he can stagger you with a jab while you are trying to launch it. To raise the probability of a successful hit, use it as a counterattack after dodging an opponent’s hook punch or quick punch. Hook punches and quick punches are a little slower than jabs and uppercuts so it leaves a little more room for you to succeed before the opponent can dodge your attack. Likewise, get the timing right as to when your opponent stops blocking and launch your quick punch accordingly.

The quick clinch can also be staggered by practically any attack move your opponent can do. As such, feel free to utilize it just as soon as your opponent starts to block for a guaranteed connect. Oftentimes, this can be a sure fire finishing blow to many matches you will be engaging in as you fight your way through random quick plays and career seasons.

8. Master Dodge, Block And Counterattack Mechanics

The art of MMA Fighting doesn’t rely mainly on the number of punches and kicks you can throw. For the most part even, it can be dependent more on how well you defend against all sorts of attacks. For starters, remember to block and dodge as fighting games tend to make players of all sorts forget that these functions are also available. There’s a strong inclination to always go on an offensive on the initial matches that you play in especially since the opponent will not block and dodge as much. Later on though, there will be much harder fights ahead as opponents become insanely strong and you would not want to risk getting hit a lot especially if their stats are much higher than yours.

Learn how to time your dodges first as there are three types of basic punches each fighter can use and only one kick attack. It may be difficult to successfully dodge at all times especially since it takes a good amount of fast reflexes to swipe left when the opponent begins to throw a punch. In any case, you will know that your dodge is successful once the animation goes into slow motion and as it does, you should already plan on your counterattack.

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As soon as you successfully dodge a punch, punching back will always result in a critical hit. Depending on your speed, you can almost always land a critical counter-punch but be sure to use jabs for starters as they are the fastest attack in your arsenal of moves. If you are certain that you are fast enough, using your special move, Quick Punch, will deal the most damage to your opponent.
As dodging can leave you vulnerable to kicks, there’s always the option of blocking to reduce the damage you take from all sorts of attacks. Smash tapping the block button may seem fun and leaves a chance for you to actually block any incoming attack but just holding it down with a bit of precision is the best way to go. You won’t be able to hold it down indefinitely so be sure to quickly spot for a good opening and jab at the first opportunity. On the other hand, opponents that block typically hold it down till it wears off which takes almost 2 seconds. When the opponent blocks, time it right as to when they take down their guard and unleash your hook punch or kick at the right moment.

Mastering these tactics in addition to timing your special moves can make the difference between victory and defeat in any match, most especially the higher tiers of fight nights and championships. Hopefully, you will get all the timing right by the time you get there.

That pretty much sums up all the tips, cheats and strategies we have for Fighting Star. It leaves a lot of room for practice and actual strategy but it should certainly help you get started on the right track towards dominating each battle and sending opponents down the canvas. We hope you enjoyed our Fighting Star guide in as much as you learned from the tips and strategies we shared. If there are some items and additional tips we missed that you feel should be right at home with our article’s topic, feel free to let us know through the comment section below!


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