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Emperor and Beauties Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Raise Your Power and Dominate Your Enemies

As a fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming industry, Heyyogame released its first English-titled game, Emperor and Beauties, on both Android and iOS. Packed with a unique premise and tons of addictive content, Emperor and Beauties offers gameplay mechanics and concepts that can cater to a variety of players across all ages. Although categorically an RPG, it’s unlike most action and fantasy-themed game that floods the market. Emperor and Beauties has racked up its share of chart-topping success stories in several countries and while you may find yourself surprised to not have heard of this game and its peculiar title, actually diving into it will make you understand why a lot of people who played it find it enjoyable and addictive. If you are currently looking for a unique experience in gaming and would want to play a game you where progress can be made depending on the amount of free time you can spare, be sure to try this game out.

Emperor and Beauties takes you back to a historical era in ancient China as you fulfil your dreams to gain riches and power to ultimately become the land’s emperor. As you start from a life of poverty and hardship, an opportunity to start walking the path towards your life-long dream unfolds. As you grow in strength and influence retainers follow your bidding as you strive to continuously amass more wealth and power. It’s not all war and fighting as you date and court beauties and you also need to constantly strive to make them your wife. Following a life of marriage comes the fruit of your love and passion as you start to have children and raise them to further advance to your goals of amassing power and influence to become an emperor.

Given that Emperor and Beauties is a unique role-playing game, some game mechanics are bound to be unfamiliar to a lot of new players. There are tutorials in every step of the way which can be easily understood and followed. There are plenty of details you should definitely read through but it will be a challenge to remember everything on your first go. Fortunately, every bit of information can be reviewed at your own pace and preference as each icon and menu holds an information (question mark) icon you can click on at any time. Perhaps one of the basic challenges you will encounter after a few minutes of playing is where you should spend your time on and what activities to prioritize as you progress through the game.

Although you are very much free to play Emperor and Beauties any way you want, you may wonder about the most efficient means of raising your overall power. If that is the case, then our Emperor and Beauties beginner’s guide can help set you an efficient approach to raise your power fast and make the journey towards becoming the emperor a lot faster. So without further ado, check out our Emperor and Beauties tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Regularly Manage Your Assets

There are several activities in Emperor and Beauties that you would want to engage in and as you step into the game, there may even be several indicators on a lot of icons that you would naturally be interested in clicking on yet you will also still need to run through the basics as you follow the in-game tutorial. The tutorial is easy to follow but be sure to take not of what you read as you dive into the game.

emperor and beauties guide

Once you are able to freely choose where you want to go, be sure to click on Yuan Fang, your first retainer, to head directly to your asset management page. Inside are four distinct structures you will have to regularly tap on to increase your basic resources. The Trade is where you collect coins and the amount you can obtain per click depends on your overall Wisdom. The Farm is where you collect grain and harvest is dependent on Politics. The Recruit is where you can acquire soldiers at the cost of grain and is dependent on your Charm. Lastly, the Scroll Room is where you obtain knowledge to level up your character and boost your personal power.

As you start the game, the first 3 structures will only be able to hold up to 2 times of what you can gather with every click but it will grow soon enough especially if you progress farther. What’s important to note here is that it initially only takes a minute for resources to be available again. If you want to progress in Emperor and Beauties fast, therefore, you should make sure to obtain the basic materials here from time to time and ensure that each structure continues to produce the materials you need. Again, while Emperor and Beauties is a game you can very much enjoy through mere casual play, spending a lot of actual time playing the game, especially on the first few hours will boost your growth greatly. Be sure to take note of approximately how long it would take for each structure to be full of resources to determine how often you have to visit your asset management page while you are playing.

2. Progress Through Chapter Stages As Much As You Can

The Stage in Emperor and Beauties is basically the story or adventure mode in RPGs. You can visit this by clicking on the map button on the lower left side of your screen and the Stage structure can be found closest to the screen. The Stage is divided into chapters and each chapter is broken down into six strongholds with the first five being based on armies and the last one being the boss battle.

emperor and beauties tips

The minion stronghold battles rely on your military attribute as well as the number of troops you have. IF your military attribute is higher than your enemy’s then you will lose less soldiers than him in battle. Be sure to keep an eye out on the total number of soldiers you have as you will still keep losing them by the thousands regardless of how high your military attribute is since every opponent on the succeeding stronghold or battle will be a lot stronger than the previous one considering military attribute and number of soldiers. As there are 8 battles that take place on each stronghold, feel free to exit out if you doubt that you can win the battle. Always check on the approximate number of soldiers you lose per battle to have a good idea on how far you can progress without having to wait and obtain more soldiers to continue again. You can earn coins and performance points for each battle so keep pushing to reach higher chapters as much as you can.

3. Upgrade Your Retainers Whenever You Can

No road to becoming emperor exists to be travelled all on your own as you will naturally need the service of other people to achieve triumph over the many obstacles that may bar your way. In Emperor and Beauties, you will hardly be alone in your journey towards making your dream a reality as you will have your very own generals who will serve you and help you attain your full potential. You will start off with a few retainers by your side but as you progress through the game, you will earn much more than you will need. On top of each retainer having their own level, and specializations as unique as their appearance, you need to spend resources to make each of them stronger. Every coin you spend to level your generals up raises their power and ultimately contributes to your overall power so be sure to prioritize levelling each of your retainers up when you have enough coins to do so. Although their max levels are capped by your rank, you will hardly ever have problems with reaching that cap as the overflowing number of retainers you will acquire over a short period of time will drain the millions of coins you have as fast as you can earn them.

As each retainer has varying levels of aptitude and attributes, it is important to understand what these concepts mean and how they impact the growth in power you can obtain from each retainer. Understanding this as well will help you decide how to use pills to further boost each one’s attributes.

emperor and beauties cheats

Just to differentiate, the retainer’s aptitude determines how much attribute bonus they gain through levelling up as well as bonuses they can get out of the attribute increase through pill consumption. A higher military aptitude would therefore raise the retainer’s military attribute faster than other retainers with low military aptitude. Knowing this, you should carefully choose which type of attribute pills to give each retainer. Typically, you should consume the military attribute pills and such items on your retainers that possess the highest military aptitude and so on. Some pills and similar consumables offer random attributes, so in such cases, feel free to use those on whoever you feel you should invest most on but you may want to bank on those with higher star levels as they possess high aptitude values on a variety of traits.

You can also earn items such as scrolls, book experience, and Star Classics which you can use to level up the books of your retainers. Doing so and achieving it successfully can double the aptitude they have for the particular attribute that the book represents. For best results, focus on upgrading books that have higher level stars. Although scrolls, which are relatively easier to obtain through quests and events are based on probabilities to succeed, Star Classics are guaranteed to always work but may take a lot longer for you to obtain. In any case, be sure to choose wisely where to spend the resources needed for this upgrade as this is a little more difficult to progress than other forms of upgrades.

To further boost the enhancement of your retainers, send your favourite ones to the academy so they can earn Book experience points and skill experience points. You may have to send each one a couple of times for them to obtain enough book experience points to level up their books. You may not have a lot of skills to choose from at the early part of your game but as you progress, you will have several to choose from so be sure to start racking some skill experience points up as soon as you can. The only way to unlock additional seats at the academy is through spending Ingots which are the premium currency in Emperor and Beauties. As far as practicality goes, however, purchasing more seats at the academy is one of the best options to spend premium currency on as the sooner you unlock more seats, the faster your retainers will grow and considering that your retainers’ individual attributes reflect directly on your power, you can progress ahead of most players with this method.

4. Take Care Of Your Beauties And Children

With its title Emperor and Beauties, you should come to understand early role the vital role of the Beauties in the game plays towards helping you take steps further to reaching your goal of becoming the most powerful man in the land. As awkward as it may seem, take note that the game takes place in an era where being polygamous was not that unusual and that social opinions and acceptance never existed. In the game, one of your key activities to raise power is to collect Beauties, more commonly known as wives, and date them for a chance to bear children. Your children need special attention as well and you need to spend a little time to nurture them and marry them off when the time comes.

With regard to your Beauties, it is important to understand the basic ideas surrounding affinity and charm relative to them. Affinity, symbolized by the heart can influence your future children’s attributes and affinity, after reaching a certain level, will also unlock beauty skills to further boost your power. Given this mechanic, your beauty that possesses the highest affinity value has a greater chance of unlocking skills. You will occasionally receive a lot of items to boost a beauty’s affinity. As you will unlock more beauties eventually and random date each one of them, you may wish to spread out boosters to have their affinities increase and level up close to one another.

emperor and beauties marriage

A beauty’s charm, indicated by the flower icon, represents the amount of experience beauties gain from dates and random dates. Similar to how you would like to use the items you obtain to increase your beauties’ charm, you may also want to spread it evenly across everyone as you will always be relying on random dates as a free player and, as such, cannot always leave it to chance to date an exclusive beauty you have heavily invested on.

Be sure to spend stamina on Visit for a chance to obtain more beauties. If your luck can still be boosted through donating food or coins, be sure to do so. Every attempt to perform a visit consumes stamina which is capped by your rank. In any case, be sure to always expend every attempt as you will always receive something valuable out of it even though the chances of obtaining a beauty will be quite rare. As each attempt to visit lowers your luck, be sure to always keep an eye on it to help you decide if you want to donate some more to raise your luck before expending some remaining attempts.

It is best to focus on one child at a time although vitality refreshes separately for each child. As far as consumable items are concerned, you may want to spend them on one child at a time. You need only to reach level 10 per child, so utilize your consumables when you want a big boost in power.

5. Maximize Your Friends’ List

Like any online game’s attempt to add social interactions in the game, having a feature to add friends is always a welcomed content. In Emperor and Beauties, you should grab every opportunity to invite in-game friends as well as welcome and accept any invites you may receive. Once each day, you can send and receive performance points which, of course, are important to rank up faster.

6. Manage Affairs Prioritizing Performance Points

emperor and beauties affairs

The path towards great power heavily involves having a great deal of responsibilities and official affairs form part of your basic duties as a leader. What you will face is a dichotomous decision and it may always become a difficult decision every time. As a matter of priority, always choose to earn performance points as ranking up should always be your first choice. In the event that you are in dire need of what’s being offered if you choose the left decision though, feel free to take it. BE sure to expend every attempt to handle the affairs and if you have court tokens as well, you can choose to use them immediately so you can further boost the rate at which you gain performance points. Keep in mind that the number attempts you have here as well as similar mechanics in other aspects of the game will increase depending on your rank. As such, a lot of things in Emperor and Beauties rely on your rank level so focusing on earning more performance points above all else can earn you advantages on most every aspect of the game.

7. Aim To Accomplish Quests, Achievements And Time-Limited Events

emperor and beauties achievements

On top of the immediate rewards you receive from completing chapters of the stage as well as the Mainline quest which serves as a guide to identify what you may want to pursue first, the quest and achievement icons you can easily spot at the bottom of your screen holds an abundant supply of additional valuables from completing objectives listed down on both quests and achievements. Most likely, you will be able to accomplish a great deal of the tasks listed in quests and achievements. Quests reset daily and there are additional rewards to claim depending on the activities you engage in. BE sure to aim for earning 140 points if you can to grab all available rewards. Achievements reflect your milestones in the game and offer one-time rewards but often grant you much higher values of more common resources or more difficult to acquire items. Beyond these two, there are time-limited events you need to take advantage of as well so be sure to always check for what you can still accomplish under the Time Bonus icon at the top of the screen.

8. Check Your Inventory For Consumable Items

Though there will never be any indicators whatsoever on the item button at the bottom of your screen, be sure to always check it for consumable items which, when used, may provide you with some materials to hasten the growth and development of your account. Additionally, some of the items you can gain as a result of completing quests and achievements can replenish your attempts on a variety of activities you normally engage in. As such, using those items sooner than later can hasten your progress at the relative start of the game so you can rank up faster and earn even more attempts.

emperor and beauties inventory

That wraps up our Emperor and Beauties beginner’s guide. Although the game surely has tons more to offer in terms of content and features, we are certain that taking note of the tips and strategies we mentioned above will surely help you raise your power faster and progress through the game relatively easier. We hope you enjoyed reading through all of it and if there are some additional tips and strategies related to the guide that you discovered and would like to share with us, do not hesitate to let us know through the comment section below!


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