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BitLife Ribbons Tips: How to Get the Model Bitizen Ribbon and the Mooch Ribbon

As BitLife fans already know, the latest February updates have introduced two new ribbons: the Mooch Ribbon and the Model Bitizen Ribbon. In this brand new BitLife guide we will focus on providing you with tips, tricks and cheats on how to get these ribbons. So without further ado, let’s move on to our BitLife ribbons guide to for tips and tricks to unlock the Model Bitizen Ribbon and the Mooch Ribbon!

BitLife Ribbons: How to Get the Model Bitizen Ribbon

In order to obtain this ribbon, you will need to become a model citizen and follow all the rules that the society dictates: be honest and good and always do the right thing. For instance, call the police when you see a crime, return a lost wallet, have a good relationship with your siblings etc.

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According to some players’ feedback, staying away from addictions such as drinking alcohol, gambling or taking drugs will also help you unlock this ribbon. However, if you are trying to obtain the Addict ribbon, this might become counter-productive. The same goes for relationships with your family. If you keep them always happy, you might actually get the Family Guy ribbon and not the Model Bitizen one. So make sure to check the ‘My Relationships’ section and don’t keep your family too happy. In the end, it depends on your goals.

BitLife Ribbons: How to Get the Mooch Ribbon

In order to get this ribbon, you need to learn how to live off others. That means you should ask all your siblings and lovers for money as often as possible. Whether they actually give you money or not makes no difference. As long as you keep asking, you will still receive the ribbon. Asking your family for money will deteriorate your relationship with them. But everything is worth it as long as you get the much-coveted ribbon, right?

One additional thing you should keep in mind: even if all your family members die, you will still need to ask for money. And that means getting married or getting involved into a new relationship each year…and keep asking for money!

There are 29 ribbons that can be earned in BitLife. Hope our tips and tricks above will help you unlock the Model Bitizen Ribbon and the Mooch Ribbon! If you have anything to add, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!

Team Tevi

Wednesday 24th of July 2019

Try not to get that good of a job then Levi


Thursday 21st of March 2019

It is impossible to get the Model Bitizen Ribbon!! I always get the successful ribbon intead!! Any tips??