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Defender Z Guide: Tips, Cheats Strategies to Keep Zombies at Bay

Developed by Droidhen, Defender Z is an amazing tower defense game that allows players to set up defenses and maintain their cities free of zombies. The plot develops starting from a secret experiment that goes wrong, resulting in a deadly virus that is infecting residents. Your goal will be to use all the available weapons and keep all the ‘red zones’ free of zombies. You will be able to enjoy multiple amazing weapons that will help you fight against more than 20 different types of zombies. Apart from the main weapon, there are secondary weapons you can use to keep zombies at bay.

Keep reading and you will discover some pretty cool Defender Z cheats, tips and strategies on how to upgrade your weapons and efficiently fight against the zombie menace!

1. Learn How To Contain Various Zombie Dogs

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Since zombie dogs move really fast, you might find it difficult to keep them at bay. So it is advisable to take them out first, before they destroy your weapons. If you have to take out a single zombie dog, use your primary weapon to fire at it. If your base is getting attacked by various zombie dogs, make sure to attack the dog that it’s closer to your base. Use your Turret to aim at it. As soon as the aiming point in the Turret’s reticle is on it, use your primary weapon to fire at a different dog. The explanation is simple: turrets automatically target random incoming enemies. Using your primary weapon to fire at the same dog is a waste of time and bullets. So switch to a different target and try to take it out until you see the turret aiming at it.

2. Make Sure To Upgrade Your Turret

We have already seen that turrets automatically attack incoming enemies. And that means that you can’t control it. Dealing simultaneously with various zombies is not an easy task, especially if you are using only your primary weapon. A more efficient, upgraded turret will kill more enemies, allowing you to use your primary weapon to fire at different targets. If you want your turret to be more efficient and powerful, you will need to upgrade it. You will have to tap the Arsenal tab, then the Turret tab, and then select Research. Upgrades require copper blocks. When upgrading, you will be able to improve important stats such as CP or ATK. High CP and ATK stats will allow you to take out more enemies in less time.

3. Don’t Underestimate The Ranged Zombies

Ranged zombies can throw explosives at your base even from a large distance. They can be very dangerous, especially when combined with tanks and zombie dogs. Ranged zombies can be taken out using both your secondary weapons’ rocket projectiles and your primary gun’s grenades. If you want to take out a group of ranged zombies, just drag the projectiles or grenades towards them.

4. Upgrade, Upgrade And Keep Upgrading

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Powerful weapons will allow you to take out more enemies in less time without taking much damage. In order to upgrade your primary gun and turret you will need copper blocks. You will also need copper blocks to upgrade your turret and primary gun’s main and secondary weapons. Copper blocks can be earned by completing achievements and missions. When upgrading your weapons, their stats and firepower will increase significantly.

5. Use Your Secondary Weapons To Take Out Various Zombies

When it comes to killing multiple enemies in Defender Z, secondary weapons can become crucial. For instance, if your base is getting attacked by different types of zombies, the grenades and projectiles become valuable assets. The HP of tank zombies can be lowered using projectiles, while the grenades will allow you to kill zombie dogs, regular zombies, or ranged zombies.

If you want to increase the damage your secondary weapons inflict, make sure to upgrade them. To do so, you must tap Arsenal > Gun > “Secondary” and choose “Research”. Upgrades require Z coins for grenades and copper coins for projectiles. If you want to upgrade projectiles, tap “Turret” > “Secondary” and select “Research”.

6. Complete Missions To Get Nanometer

Nanometer can be earned by completing “Elite Zombie Attack” missions, weekly missions, achievements, or can be obtained as daily sign-in rewards. Make sure to always open the supply box. You can claim your free box by tapping the Event tab on the upper right corner. The free supply box becomes available every 24 hours.

7. Evolve Your Guns

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Evolving your primary and secondary weapons will require color-coded “X-Files”. Make sure to check out Arsenal > Research and then the “Evolve” tab for all the necessary information. You will see that, for instance, you will need red X-files to evolve your grenades. X-files can be earned by completing weekly missions or elite zombie attack/boss mode missions. You might also get some when unlocking the production facility at zone 8.

8. Use Weapon Accessories To Improve Your Firepower

Accessories can be unlocked by collecting a certain amount of fragments. Fragments can be obtained from boss missions. As soon as you unlock an accessory, make sure to attach it to your primary gun or turret. Accessories can be upgraded using “universal parts”. They are easy to get from missions, daily sign-in rewards, or the lottery. If you want to increase the stats of an accessory, tap on it and then tap the Research button under it.

9. Secondary Missions Will Win You Upgrade Materials

As you progress through the game, missions will become more and more difficult. And the worst part is that previous missions can’t be re-played. This means that finding upgrade materials will get more difficult. If, for example, you desperately need copper blocks but you keep failing as specific mission, don’t be afraid to start secondary missions. Secondary missions are easier to complete than primary missions and you can win coins and copper blocks. Starting a secondary mission is very easy: tap Mission and then Search and the radar will find random missions for you. Keep in mind that, each time you search for a mission, you will spend energy. Luckily, it will slowly refill.

And this wraps up our list of Defender Z tips, cheats and strategies. Anything else you would like to add? Make sure to drop us a line and share your experience with all of us!