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High-Octane Bike Racer Downhill Masters Gets Its Android Release

In the world of video games, the high-octane thrills of downhill biking have never really crossed paths with the joys of day-to-day life management… until now that is. Enter Downhill Masters for Android, from developer THEM Corporation, the genre hybrid to end all genre hybrids.

downhill masters

The game sees you whisked up into the life of one of three different characters as they make the journey from being hobbyists to full-on pros. The racing itself is fast, tense, and decidedly arcadey in its controls, and each course can be navigated freely to uncover the fastest possible route. New equipment and skills are unlocked frequently, so you always have something new to keep things fresh.

The core racing experience is punctuated by small glimpses into the daily jobs and hobbies of the characters. There’s Devito, a macho chef whose specialty is being all strong; Marie, a fashion designer with a thing for impressive bike tricks; and Steve, a dependable accountant and a speedy cyclist to boot.

You’ll have 50 different stages to take on as part of the game’s Challenge Mode, while the World Grand Prix will throw you into 1-on-1 competitions with 28 other champions. There’s also no need to stress over the game eating up your mobile data as you’ll always have the option to play offline.

For all your downhill biking/life management cravings, head over to Google Play and download Downhill Masters. The iOS version will arrive later this year.