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Evermerge Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Expand Your Kingdom and Unlock All Characters

May kicks off with the launch of a charming, addictive new puzzle game by Big Fish Games entitled EverMerge. The new arrival – now available on mobile – is a free-to-play game which blends merge and match-3 mechanics and is set in a fairy tale world. Besides, EverMerge includes casual simulation elements such as gathering resources and world-building.

Big Fish Games – a casual gaming company based in Seattle – is also known for being the creative force behind fan favorites such as Cooking Craze and Toy Story Drop! For EverMerge, Big Fish Games worked together with Belarus-based developer Neskinsoft for two and a half years and now the game has finally landed in the merge category, which is relatively new for mobile gaming, according to the company’s own Managing Director and President Jeff Karp.

EverMerge is set in a fantastic world where famous fairy tale and folklore heroes await to be brought back to life one match and merge at a time. The game is built around the concept of merging – find a minimum of three similar items and merge them to create a better item. For example, three merged wood logs will result in timber. Merge three timbers and you will get a wood frame and so on.

evermerge tricks

There are two types of items in the game: special items (for example boots) that when merged will eventually unlock a new fairy tale character (boots lead to Puss in Boots), and resource elements (wood, stone, sprouts, coins, gems) which help you build stuff and expand your world.

As players progress, they will unravel a roster of reinvented storybook characters including social media influencer Rapunzel, outdoor survivalist Snow White and giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan. Once you have unlocked your characters they will need a place to live, so another important task in EverMerge is to build magical castles for your new friends. What’s more, most of them seem to have a sweet tooth, so players will be required to cater to their fancies by baking all sorts of goodies including croissants, biscuits or gingerbread men.

EverMerge is a feel-good game released in a time where people from all corners of the world are in dire need of a means to escape. And Big Fish Games’ latest mobile title provides an excellent distraction with its engaging magical world and deluge of quests.

Overall, EverMerge is a fairly easy game to play, but if you’re looking for better and more efficient ways to finish levels off and complete quests, we invite you to check out our EverMerge beginner’s guide, which comes packed with tips, ticks and strategies to boost your progress!

1. Stockpile On Energy

The game welcomes you to EverMerge, an enchanted land that is covered by a mysterious fog. It is your job to clear the mist away, awaken characters that lie dormant underneath it and build them a beautiful kingdom to inhabit. To do that, you’ll have to become the best at merging and building, but also solve quests and deliver orders.

The first thing that should be pointed out in this guide is that in EverMerge mining for resources (wood, stone, corals etc) will cost you energy. You can mine supplies in one place several times, but each time it will cost you more and more energy. For example, bringing down some trees for good will take you back with 25 energy points.

Given this situation, try to make a point of accumulating energy so you can advance in the game faster. You can do this via several avenues. For starters make sure to check the Energy Shop frequently, as the game enables you to pick out a free scratch ticket with additional energy four times a day – an exclamation mark appears next to the Energy bar when it’s available. Moreover, you can watch an ad to grab some more energy.

evermerge lucky scratch lotto

If you have enough gold you can also use that to buy energy, but we advise you to be mindful of how you spend it. We recommend spending coins only twice per day, because after two or three times the price goes up to 700 gold coins, so it becomes a bit too expensive.

Next, we urge you to turn your attention to the Market where you can purchase all sort of things ranging from gold, chests and buildings to instant workers. Payment is done either in coins or gems. So another strategy for boosting the energy supply is to spend gems in exchange for additional coins and then use the resulting sum in the Energy Shop to buy energy. If you need more currency, we encourage you to complete the Daily objectives to get additional gold, as well as chests and more.

Energy replenishes itself, but it takes a healthy amount of time to do so. So taking a break from the game and focusing on something else instead is in itself a tactic that allows the game to do its regeneration work.

Unfortunately, the energy thing is probably the most frustrating part, especially in the early stages of the game, as the progression is quite slow even with the extra help. You’ll need to be patient, if you want to get on in the game and unlock as many characters as possible. However, once you reach more advanced levels this issue isn’t so bothersome anymore.

evermerge gnome rush

Occasionally there are events which may award you a 30-minute infinite energy if you complete the appropriate tasks, so keep an eye on that. Whenever they happen, make sure to participate for a chance to get your hands on unlimited energy.

In EverMerge you also have the option to spend real world money to get, for example, gems and coins from the Shop. These can be used to purchase energy from the Energy shop or goodies from the Market. You can also spend towards one of the floating gas balloons that sometimes pop up and carry bonus items.

2. Aim To Merge 5 Pieces And Above Instead Of Just 3

The basic rule around which all of EverMerge revolves is that combining 3 similar objects results in a better one. While this gets you started, in order to become more effective and gain pace in the game, it’s advised that you start merging 5 pieces instead of 3 as soon as you’re able. This merge scheme will not only have the advantage of fabricating 2 better objects instead of one, but will also provide you with more XP.

evermerge strategies

XP is a very important ingredient in EverMerge, as it’s basically the driving force behind your progression. In order to advance to the next stage, players have to reach a certain XP level (although that’s not the only condition, more on that in section 3). Performing basic merges supplies you with small bits of XP, but to earn larger chunks of XP you’ll need to perform merges of 5 and above. Indeed, it’s a good idea to aim to go bigger and bigger as far as merges are concerned to acquire more XP, as well as to score even more higher-tier items. Below you can see how the merging progression works:

• 5 items -> 2 better items

• 8 items -> 3 better items

• 10 items -> 4 better items

• 15 items -> 6 better items

• 20 items -> 8 better items

• 25 items -> 10 better items

• 30 items -> 12 better items and so on

3. Complete As Many Quests And Orders As Possible

The best way to push your XP levels up is by completing Quests – which are listed on the left part of the screen. These range from asking you to build things, unlocking characters or chests to gathering certain types of resources. At the end of each Quest players are also rewarded with coins and gems.

With this in mind, remember to always browse through the available quests to see which are the easier ones and set out to complete them. This way you gain extra resources and move things along in the game so that you can get closer to your goal of levelling up and unlocking more land.

evermerge quest

While you need a certain amount of XP to level up, you also require magic wands to clear the fog on the next available piece of land. Magic wands are rewards that come from completing Orders. Your storybook characters have a passion for sweets and so they will demand you bake them certain desserts. New and more complex recipes are added to the menu with each level. To give an example, to make Jam you need to harvest Apples and Candy from your fields.

These are resources supplied by plants which you are required to grow. Therefore, in order to make sure you always have a healthy supply of wands at your disposal, it’s essential to cultivate all kinds of plants in your garden. While mining and opening chests might offer up some of the Sprouts needed to start the process, your best bet to grab the needed amount is to be persistent in popping Pixies.

On top of magic wands, the act of completing orders also recompenses players with Bronze dust. Merge three of these items and you get a Bronze coin which is worth 1 gold coin in the game. Merge 3x Bronze coins and you will get a Silver coin (worth 3 gold coins). The maximum you could get is 90 gold coins. So keep on merging to supplement your in-game finances and maybe use the amount to get yourself some extra energy!

4. Pop The Flying Pixies To Get Extra Goodies

Pixies are the easiest way to procure the Sprouts needed to produce ingredients for orders. They are little orbs of light that will randomly float across the board. Pixies usually appear in groups of 5 and when on display you need to tap on them quickly before they float away.

evermerge pixies

Sometimes the Pixies will offer players the chance to grab other sorts of items like for example wood, low-tier axes or a Stone frame, in exchange for watching an ad. You can choose between three options, so select the one that suits your needs better.

Pixies appear relatively frequently, so we recommend checking the game as often as you are able, since popping them will guarantee a steady supply of goods.

5. Keep Your Items Well Organized

There comes a point in the game where you will find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of the items you have accumulated and finding copies will become a challenge in itself. To prevent confusion and frustration setting in, it’s advised that you first perform a zoom out the screen to get an ensemble view of the world. Then start grouping similar items together to get an idea of how many of the same type you possess.

You will want to prevent accidental merges when organizing, so to that end it would be a good idea to group items that are destined for bigger merges in a layout that prevents that from happening. For example, you can arrange 8 pieces in two separate rows of 4 pieces each.

evermerge items

Sometimes basic 3 item combos are the way to go for the simple reason that they help to clear out space. Even so, bigger merges are always better, so our recommendation is to progressively aim for them, even if they eat up more real-estate.

Alternatively, you can position item clusters of varying tiers in near vicinity, so when the missing pieces finally become available you can perform continuous merges. This works great for plants or special items such as Axes, because there’s no additional building involved that needs to be factored in when merging.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Watching To Quickly Finish A Building

Building anything in EverMerge takes time. For example, the creation of a Wooden frame requires 15 seconds with the help of standard blue worker gnome, but higher tier buildings can take a lot longer than that – a Wooden Mansion is the result two whole hours.

The good news is that the game allows you to complete any build that is lower than 30 seconds instantaneously and you can do that by tapping on the Free button when it shows up. But what about more advanced structures?

how to speed up building process in evermerge

To prevent sitting around and waiting for a construction to be finished, EverMerge will sometimes make available the option to watch an ad to reduce the time needed to erect a certain building. The feature is seldom available, so it is advised that you keep your eyes open and whenever you notice the option, use it!

This option aside, we’d also like to recommend that you start moderately longer builds before you go to bed, as to avoid having to go through the wait during the day. As you wake up in the morning, the new structures will be ready for you. As for builds that last 24 hours and up, there’s extra help at hand.

7. Get Those Red Gnomes (Instant Workers)

Red gnomes (or instant workers) are precious resources in EverMerge as they can they significantly decrease the time needed to make a building. These gnomes can be used on any item that requires less than 1 hour of building time, although they won’t work on cutting trees or mining.

There are several ways you can get Red gnomes. The easiest one is to buy them in the Market, but only if you have enough gems. Mind you, they are quite expensive, so if you don’t have the available resources, you can always strive to gather and merge hammers in order to create one. Of course, this approach takes time, so if you’re looking for instant gratification you should focus your strategy on filling your coffers with gems.

evermerge hints

Another way to get those gnomes and reach your objective faster is closely tied to luck. Sometimes as you clear new ground, already formed Red gnomes will be waiting for you as the fog lifts. Occasionally they will be blocked by trees or other items, and you’ll need to cut the obstacles down before using the workers.

Red gnomes speed up the game considerably, so we advise getting as many of them as you can onboard, especially if you are preparing to build a castle.

evermerge power build event

Note that sometimes the game hosts a Power Build event that enables gnomes to build houses 20% faster and it is strongly recommended to exploit such events whenever they happen.

8. Use Magic Crystals To Your Advantage

Magic crystals are another super useful resource which allows players to create better items by merging just two pieces. So for example if you have two Professional Hammers, just drag a magic crystal to them and they should merge to create a Red gnome, sparing you the time you would waste otherwise in creating a third Professional Hammer.

Players can procure Magic Crystals from the Market, but unfortunately they cost quite a lot (195 gems). The better bet would be to start making them from scratch. The good news is that there are only 4 progression levels you need to complete in order to get your hands on a Magic Crystal. The process starts with Crystal Splinter and then evolves to Crystal Piece->Crystal->Magic Crystal.

how to use magic crystals in evermerge

Crystal Splinters appear when you mine for resources or open chests, but overall they are pretty rare, so you’ll need a lot of patience to create a Magic Crystal. Due to this scarcity, you need to consider carefully how you are going to use these items by examining attentively what merge would be to your advantage. Sometimes if you’re lucky better pieces like Crystal Pieces may appear too, but don’t rely on that.

This concludes our beginners’ guide for Evermerge and we hope that you have discovered quite a few of useful strategies and tips that will help you unlock levels quickly and uncover all the characters. If you happen to know any other tips or tricks, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below.


Monday 5th of September 2022

I hope you still answer these. I got a question about the crystals. I merged them from the little small to the medium size and now I've got these great big ones and I don't know what to do with them other than they are taking up so much room...Help?


Saturday 27th of August 2022

I finally merged for the blue rare ball boost and I don't know how to then trade it in.

KimberLee Huravitch

Monday 4th of July 2022

I love this game even more! Information, hints, why//how to complete quest. Thank you😀


Sunday 17th of April 2022

What do you do with the ryu Sakura once it is built?

dawn waldock

Wednesday 6th of April 2022

I can’t emerge 3 of the magic crystal why is this they are the crystal you build up from the green globe crystals any ideas