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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Tier List: Our Picks for the Best and Worst Characters in the Game

Glu’s Disney Sorcerer’s Arena continues to remain as one of the most played turn-based strategy games on mobile. Holding on to respectable spots within top lists of games and maintaining largely positive average user review ratings on both Android and iOS platforms, players continue to be awed by its perfect mix of fun, strategic gameplay and, of course, the prevalence and continuous introduction of more characters from the Disney and Pixar universes.

With 70 characters to unlock and collect at the time of this writing, there are hardly any possibilities of having players use the exact same team. Whether you choose to go with your favorite heroes and villains, or opt for who are mostly deemed superior by other players, there will always be a perfect team for each and every player.

If you just started out diving into the game or still planning to, be sure to check out our Disney Sorcerer’s Arena beginner’s guide as it offers all the basics you need to know to jumpstart your adventure. The initial activities following the longer-than-usual tutorial session may practically offer the same experience for everyone. As you reach the point where you need to farm specific tokens to upgrade some characters, it can be a challenge for you if you do not have a clear idea in mind which characters within the game’s massive roster you should go for.

disney sorcerer's arena best characters

As much as every developer behind a turn-based strategy game aims to keep a balanced roster, some units simply stand out. Although there is always a lot of fun and excitement involved in terms of building your very own team to take on the multitude of challenges in the game, having a basis as to which heroes and villains may be worth more investing on, can lead to less regrets and resource wastage as you reach the end game.

Before we proceed to our very own Disney Sorcerer’s Arena tier list, we would like to stress the point that like any other tier list out there, it is still subject to opinion. We do not expect anyone to build up their teams or even prioritize farming of specific tokens based entirely on what we feel are the best and worst characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. In any case, keep an open mind and take note that we will not be covering spells in this guide. Likewise, it can be expected that some of these characters will undergo some changes in future updates for balancing purposes.

Although you can already view details of Maui, Maleficent, Hiro Hamada, Stitch, Yokai, and Zeus in the card collection, it is still very difficult to include them here without actually using them in battle. For each tier below, characters are arranged alphabetically and are not ranked. With that said, let’s delve into our Disney Sorcerer’s Arena tier list, as we give you a detailed overview of the best and worst characters in the game.

S Class Characters

These are the characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena that you must definitely save for as they are useful across most, if not all game modes and will be an asset to your team up until end game.

Aladdin [Hero – Offense – Kingdom]

aladdin disney sorcerer's arena

If you have played a lot of turn-based RPGs where you collect cards or characters, then chances are that the starting characters you will have are worth jack especially from mid to end game. In Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, however, you will come to find that some of the starting characters are well worth the investment and considering the first 9 characters you will get a hold of, Aladdin tops the list. He is easy to farm so early on, potentially ahead of most of your characters, you will be able to max his star grade out, and you should because he is very much worth the investment.

Aladdin’s skills are decent at the start and gets way better the higher up on gear tier he gets. His basic attack, Street Rat Strike, is unimpressive at first but when it gets the 50% bonus damage against slowed or stunned enemies, it becomes decent. One Jump Ahead packs decent damage and has an added value later on for its 30% chance to give Aladdin a speed boost for 2 turns.

On top of being able to speed himself up, Carpet! Can deal damage to target opponent as well as flanking ones and comes packed with a 30% chance to reduce the enemy’s speed meter by 30% on gear tier 4. Aladdin’s value shoots up a bit once you reach gear tier 3 and unlock his passive, Thief’s Cure. This gives Aladdin a 5% to 50% chance to heal himself whenever he takes damage and probability increase the lower his health goes. The heal even gains an extra time at gear tier 5, further boosting Aladdin’s survivability in battle. As far as team composition goes, Kingdom characters currently dominate the arena so that further gives Aladdin a plus in terms of value.

Dash [Hero – Offense – Downtown – The Incredibles – Downtown Hero]

dash disney sorcerer's arenaWith the full Incredibles team quickly gaining popularity, Dash is definitely a priority for you to max out if ever you want to go with full super family theme. On his own, he is beyond decent especially since speed in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, like most other turn-based RPGs, is a highly valuable factor to consider in team-building. He is Dash after all, and while most players may not see him as an S class character, we feel that he is a little above most characters in the A list.

He is one of the best offense characters in our opinion and while he may not deal as much damage per se, his speed, critical rate, chances to chain his attacks, and evasion make him very dangerous. Quick Hits have a 50% chance to chain and earns double charge per critical hit. Heads Up! Is an excellent single target damage skill with its 5x hits that can earn double charge for critical hits. This can earn a 10% critical chance per Incredibles Hero on the team.

The Dash automatically chains to an additional opponent for each charge on Dash, making it work very much like an AoE attack that works even better if there are less opponents. Lastly, Dash’ passive skill gives him 10% evasion for each charge he has. 2 charges are lost per successful evade.

Emperor Zurg [Villain – Offense – Downtown – Toy Story – Downtown Villain]

emperor zurg disney sorcerer's arenaA lot of villains in the Disney and Pixar universe, especially the main antagonists, typically sport an intimidating appearance that makes any fan want to have them before even knowing just how good they are in the game. Well, in the case of Emperor Zurg, you can definitely be sure that it is the right decision. He is not that easy to get for free-to-play players but definitely worth maxing out if you chance upon him or farm him from events.

His basic attack, Evil Aim, is decent enough with its 3 hits, and the chance to deal bonus damage based onm how high his target’s health is. His Zurg Vision, on the other hand can deal up to 25% bonus damage the lower his target’s health is. What makes this highly valuable is that if he manages to defat an opponent with this skill, he gets an extra turn. His other special, Ion Blaster is to be feared with its multiple hits, each with a 15% chance to chain to an adjacent enemy.

Emperor Zurg has 2 passive skills and both are excellent to have. Massive Ion Blast deals damage to all enemies while Galactic Evil boosts his attack power further whenever he receives damage. This has increased probability if he has Downtown Villain teammates.

Hades [Villain – Offense – Mythical – Hercules]

hades disney sorcerer's arenaAgain with the main villains, Hades certainly does not lag behind as far as awesomeness is concerned. He does massive AoE damage and has a great set of skills overall. What really makes him special is his passive that removes stun from himself and being ignite empowered whenever his HP goes below the 50% mark.

Fireball, for starters is a single target skill that can damage 2 more random enemies when Hades is ignite empowered. Further, this skill has a 25% bonus critical strike chance if opponents have debuffs on them. Combust is a powerful AoE spell that becomes unavoidable when empowered. Scorched Earth can hit multiple targets as well as it hits flanking opponents on top of the target and can also deal damage over time for 2 turns.

Mor’Du [Villains – Defense – Wilds – Brave]

mor'du disney sorcerer's arenaEvery team needs a great tank and for us, we consider Mor’Du as the best one in the game for now. Massive health points, taunt, counter, with the ability to stun and even slow down. There is hardly anything you can ask for that Mor’Du does not have.

Much like Hades, Mor’Du’s passive kicks in when his health goes down below 40% but that is alright since he does have massive HP, and with taunt among his core skills, he will definitely have Ancient Rage up and running in no time. Ancient Rage boosts his attack, removes stun, and gives him counter for a turn.

On top of that, it empowers Wild Swipe and Ruinous as well. Wild Swipe maybe as basic as it comes but does good damage when empowered. Ruinous can inflict stun on an opponent for a turn and can also slow down an adjacent enemy on top of the damage it deals to both of them. On top of Savage Howl’s small AoE damage and taunt, it can also reduce attack of an enemy.

Shan Yu [Villain – Offense – Kingdom – Mulan]

shan yu disney sorcerer's arenaOne of the reasons kingdom teams are so hot right now is because of Shan Yu. He is arguably the top character in all of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and most likely to be nerfed later on. He may not be among the top damage dealers in the game but his skill set, especially his leadership ability simply makes him a highly valuable character to build a team around on. HE should definitely be top priority for spending your tournament currency on despite having both Mor’Du and Hades on the same shop.

To start off, Shan Yu’s leadership skill boosts the speed of all kingdom allies by 5%. Again speed in any turn-based strategy game is important so for an all kingdom team roster you have a high chance of eliminating an enemy before they can even act. In addition to this, Shan Yu’s passive skill, Bow to Me!, can reduce a target’s speed meter by at least 30% on a critical strike with any of his skills. His basic skill, Sword of Shan Yu has a 50% chance to chain to an adjacent enemy to the target at gear tier 3, which is not at all bad.

Another notable skill is Now It’s Your Turn, which can give Shan Yu an extra turn when he downs an opponent. To complete his superb set of skills, Shan Yu’s What Do You See deals damage to target and flanking enemies and reduces their defense for 2 turns.

A Class Characters

These characters are the next best thing and can potentially rival the top spot characters based on how they are utilized. Naturally, maxing these unit outs is still good investment although if they do share the same function or role that the above tier-placers have, then you should upgrade them to a limit.

Big Bad Wolf [Villain – Offense – Downtown – Mickey And Friends – Downtown Villain]

big bad wolf disney sorcerer's arenaProbably the most anti-hero villain in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Big Bad Wolf is very strong against full or largely hero-centric teams. He has decent AoE damage and can self heal but despite the expected survivability falls a bit short in that area sometimes.

To start off, Big Bad Wolf’s passive lets him deal an extra 25% damage to hero characters. Defeating a hero likewise boosts his magic by 1. At gear tier 3, his basic attack, Big Bad Punch, does a guaranteed critical hit on an enemy who has less than 50% HP. Huff And Puff is a decent AoE attack that comes with a defense down debuff. The best part is that the debuff is guaranteed when hitting hero units.In Sheep’s Clothing is the special that does decent single target damage and restores 30% to 40% of damage dealt back to his health.

Jack-Jack [Hero – Offense – Downtown – The Incredibles – Downtown Hero]

jack-jack disney sorcerer's arenaUnpredictable yet powerful nonetheless, Jack-Jack is not exclusively a top pick for players who dwell on luck and probabilities. He has a wide range of buffs and debuffs but has much reduced efficiency without any other Incredibles character to work with.

Jack-Jack’s passive starts off with a 50% chance of a roulette buff that can give him a guaranteed critical, offense up, or speed up. The chance can be raised by 10% with every Incredibles hero on the team. His basic attack, Pew-pew!, has a 50% chance to inflict continuous damage for 2 turns and also leaves hiom a 20% chance to do an extra attack. This can also be boosted with more of his family on the team.

Polymorph is a strong but crazy ability leaving a lot to luck as it can randomly transform Jack-Jack and impose different attacks on the enemy. At gear tier 3, you would hope for a metal Jack-Jack as it can stun an enemy for 2 full turns. Jack-Jack Attack is also notable for shifting an enemy’s buff into the opposite debuff.

Jack Sparrow [Hero – Offense – Oceanic – Pirates of the Caribbean]

jack sparrow disney sorcerer's arenaJack Sparrow is an overall great character that does not heavily rely on others to become an effective offense unit. He can remove debuffs from self, can self-heal, and also sports a decent AoE attack.

Jack Sparrow’s passive skill, Piece of Eight, may not be much as it only has a 15% chance to reduce cooldown of Cannonball Barrage and give him a random buff, but at gear tier 5, the chance is raised to 25%. It can be further boosted by 30% if he has haste. His basic skill, Resourceful Offense can have an assist from a random teammate, and gains a debuff removal plus health restore on level 2, all subject to probability. Parlay is also decent with charm and a 30% chance to inflict defense down.

Judy Hopps [Hero – Offense – Downtown – Zootopia – Downtown Hero]

judy hopps disney sorcerer's arenaLeadership skills are always a plus on every hero especially since Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is a team-based game. In the case of Judy Hopps, though, her other skills give her more worth with haste, slow, and an AoE skill as well.

To start off, ZPD Trained gives her a shield that is 15% of the damage she deals. It’s not much but pretty okay for a basic skill. Donut Break is an AoE attack that may not pack as much damage but the 50% chance for it to inflict slow on enemies for 2 turns definitely makes it very valuable.

On top of slowing down enemies, Judy Hopps can also has a 50% chance to gain haste from her Paying Your Dues on top of it being able to chain damage from 1 to 3 enemies. Ticketable Offense is her leadership ability that grants 8% dodge to all Downtown Hero teammates.

Merida [Hero – Offense – Wilds – Brave – Princess]

merida disney sorcerer's arenaMerida may not be as straightforward as some of the heroes we considered for this tier but she can definitely pack a lot of damage based on how you utilize her. Her prowess centers around her wisps and while she may not be impressive early on, she is a very strong offense character once you beef her gears up a bit.

Will-o’-the-Wisps is Merida’s passive skill that empowers her second and third skills. It adds a 5% offense power and gives her a 10% speed meter whenever she loses a wisp. For a basic skill, My Own Hand is pretty decent as it can enemies adjacent to her target as well as earn her a wisp. Rain of Arrows make her attack twice and each wisp also enables her to perform an additional attack. Choose Your Fate is a deadly single target attack that packs a lot of raw damage along with an ignore defense by at least 10%.

Mr. Incredible [Hero – Defense – Downtown – The Incredibles – Downtown Hero]

mr. incredible disney sorcerer's arenaAs every team needs a tank, Mr. Incredible stands as among the best candidates for the role. Although there is a highly noticeable disparity between his efficiency when fighting along with his family an outside of it, Mr. Incredible is still a hero worth investing in.

To start off, Mr. Incredible’s leadership skill, Our Powers Make Us Special, grants his teammates a 2% bonus tenacity. If teammates are “Incredbile” heroes, they get a whopping 14% bonus instead. Additionally, this grants a 50% chance for an “Incredibles” teammate to receive health restore whenever debuffed. Basic attack is okay, not for the damage but for the 30% chance to inflict offense down on the target. Incredible Inspiration is a taunt that comes with a free 2 counters. Showtime! Deals damage to adjacent enemies and has a free random assist.

Mulan [Hero – Offense – Kingdom – Mulan – Princess]

mulan disney sorcerer's arenaMulan is an overall excellent offense character as well and one of her best assets is that she does very well on her own. She is strong, fast, and carries a lot of nifty debuffs in her kit as well. While some characters do outclass her in terms of raw damage, her utility skills make her a hero very much worth investing on.

Starting of with her basic, Prepare to Fight, Mulan has a 20% chance to make a follow-up attack that can reduce the target’s speed bar by 30% on top of the damage. The probability may not be much but if the speed bar reduction does kick in, it will be very advantageous for your team. With any other princess characters on the team, Mulan can assist with this attack. Soldier’s Strike does good damage but what gives it more value is the offense down it inflicts along with the 30% chance of causing silence to the target.

Fiery Distraction is definitely valuable as it can stun the primary target and has a 30% chance to inflict slow on the main target as well as adjacent enemies. Mulan’s passive skill, Honorable Warrior leaves a 30% chance for her to gain tactics whenever an enemy gains a buff and a 50% chance to gain evade when struck with a critical hit.

Scar [Villain – Offense – Wilds – The Lion King]

scar disney sorcerer's arenaScar may not have an impressive-looking skill set to begin with but once tiered up in terms of gears, his skills become very useful and effective. Some skills have dependencies that require a bit of planning but overall, his ability to disrupt enemies can make him a great team member.

Vicious Slash has no value at level 1 but at level 2 along with stealth, it has 100% chance of inflicting continuous damage. Cinder Swipe has value because of its ability to blind 4 2 turns. If that is not enough to incapacitate an enemy unit, it can come with a 50% chance to inflict defense down as well on level 2.

Be Prepared is among our favorite skills as it summons 1-2 hyenas that assist allies attacking an enemy affected by continuous damage. The life drain part may not do much but this skill also gives Scar some stealth at level 2. Scar’s Long Live The King passive ability gives him a 20% chance to assist an ally using a basic skill. If the ally is a Lion King character, it shoots up to 50%.

Simba [Hero – Defense – Wilds – The Lion King]

simba disney sorcerer's arenaSimba is a great defensive character that comes packed with a variety of support skills. He might be primarily considered for defense in Club Wars because of his leadership skill, but even outside of it, he is still a viable character to invest in.

Simba’s Royal Roughhousing is great for a basic skill not for the damage but for the 30% chance of reducing the target’s speed meter by 30%. His taunt only works for a turn but it comes with a heal for a teammate equal to 100% of his defense along with a buff extension. On top of that, Hakuna Matata also has a 30% chance to boost the entire team’s health by 30%. Downwind Dash reduces offense for target and all flanking opponents and likewise comes with a speed meter reduction of 30%. Simba’s defense gains a 2% bonus for every 1% of his health that is lost.

Sorcerer Mickey [Hero – Offense – Kingdom – Mickey and Friends]

sorcerer mickey disney sorcerer's arenaSorcerer Mickey is yet another starting character that proves very efficient all the way from beginning until the end game. He has a strong AoE attack, can assist anyone, and comes equipped with numerous debuffs to incapacitate enemies.

Sorcerer Mickey has a decent basic attack that not only deals good damage but also has a 30% chance to reduce the target’s defense. Magic Mob is definitely valuable with 6 hits each having a 20% chance to reduce the target’s speed meter by 10%. Spellbinding Swirlpool already packs quite an AoE punch but with a 30% chance to inflict slow, it becomes even more impressive. Helping Hand may not seem valuable with its 15% assist chance but considering that it is active regardless of who his teammates are, it can be very helpful.

B Class Characters

Heroes under this list are fairly decent and deserves some upgrades up to a point. Given that most S and A tier characters can be a pain to unlock and upgrade, and that they cannot cover a full team considering some roles, banking on some of these heroes as fillers for needed functions is still a viable option. Maxing out some of these heroes can still be worth it especially before getting your higher grade characters up and running.

Ariel [Hero – Support – Oceanic – The Little Mermaid – Princess]

ariel disney sorcerer's arenaSupport characters are expected to do great in healing and while Ariel may not initially pack a strong healing spell, she is still the best heal in the game. Beyond that, it is always great to have a support character that has good defense. Ariel also currently stands as the best oceanic character, so making her out is definitely worth the resources.

In the absence of a better leader, Ariel’s Strong Tides can give an 8% boost to health for all teammates. Electric Purge is effective in removing buffs on the target and even chips in bonus damage for each buff removed. Triton’s Boon has a relatively low chance of activating with its 15% chance but once it does, a random teammate will earn 30% offense, 30% speed meter increase, and attaches a slow effect on the damage he or she deals for 2 turns.

Anger [Hero – Offense – Downtown – Inside Out – Downtown Hero]

anger disney sorcerer's arenaAnger is another type of hero that can become stronger when his health drops below a certain percentage. He is pretty straightforward as most skills relate to dealing more damage. Some skills have dependencies as well but he can work well enough on his own.

Anger’s Passive activates on the first time his health drops below 50%. It causes a decent AoE damage that also removes debuffs from Anger and comes packed with a 30% chance to gain haste for 2 turns. Another notable skill is You’ve Ruined Pizza, which is an AoE skill that boosts his critical power based on the number of hero teammates in play.

Barley [Hero – Support – Downtown – Onward – Downtown Hero]

barley disney sorcerer's arenaUndeniably, some characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena have different values based on who you team them up with and while Barley is one of those characters that hardly impresses on his own, he is an excellent member of a team that has Ian in it.

Barley’s basic skill, Ready for Action!, renders 2 random allies to immediately use basic attacks against target opponent and have Barley increase magic on a random skill. Guenivere is a taunt remover that comes with a free evasion when Ian is around. Quests of Yore boosts magic of all abilities of a target ally and grants guaranteed critical strike, likewise boosted by Ian’s presence. Barley’s passive grants him immunity from fear and grants a 20% chance to reduce the defense of an opponent with the lowest health for 2 turns.

Buzz Lightyear [Hero – Offense – Downtown – Toy Story – Downtown Hero]

buzz lightyear disney sorcerer's arenaBuzz Lightyear is a decent character on his own but also has boosts if paired with Toy Story characters. He can stun and dish out some decent damage and in the absence of higher tier or better offense characters, he is a good enough investment. Unfortunately for him, though, Zurg is the only other decent Toy Story character in the game.

Galactic Punch is okay although the follow up attack only has a 10% chance of activating. To Infinity! Packs decent damage and earns its value from the stun effect that comes with it. Laser Blast comes with a free shield and can have Woody assist if he is around. Buzz Lightyear’s passive skill leaves him with a 10% chance of assisting an attack made by fellow Toy Story characters.

Demona [Villain – Offense – Downtown – Gargoyles – Downtown Villain]

demona disney sorcerer's arenaIgnore defense, AoE attack, heal block, damage over time, and debuff extension are among the things that Demona has in her skill kit. She may not impress much when you obtain her among your first set of villains, but with some upgrades she can become a pestering unit for enemy teams to deal with.

Starting off with Particle Blasts, the damage itself may not be much but packed with ignore defense and continuous damage on critical strike, it is actually pretty decent. Beyond Rocket Launcher’s AoE damage, Recite: Fulminus Venite! Packs a strong punch to the target as well as adjacent enemies. What makes it great is the heal block it inflicts for 2 turns as well as the extension of debuffs on enemies it hits.

On the ground of being all offensive, Demona’s passive lets her chip in even more damage with a 15% chance to deal damage 3 times to random enemies that comes with some continuous damage as well.

Dr. Facilier [Villain – Offense – Downtown – The Princess and the Frog – Downtown Villain]

dr facilier disney sorcerer's arenaAlthough categorically an offense character, Dr. Facilier actually excels in control and support especially for an all villains team. Beyond his leadership skill, he can actually boost the performance of his team and further tilt the balance by inflicting debuffs on the opposing team.

As a leader, Dr. Facilier boosts potency of Downtown Villain teammates by 8%. Tarot Toss can be 50% dull but can be 50% helpful with an offense down, defense down, or slow effect on the target for 2 turns. Friends on the Other Side can make a tank out of any ally or boost a tanks capacity with life drain and taunt for 2 turns. Fun and Effective, Polymorph can render an enmy vulnerable and useless for a turn.

Ian [Hero – Offense – Downtown – Onward – Downtown Hero]

ian disney sorcerer's arenaIan is an overall great attacker that comes packed with a lot of useful control and debuff skills on enemies. He is not largely dependent on other Onward characters but having both around does make him a little more effective in combat.

Boombastia is valuable not for its damage, but for the 50% chance to inflict blind on an enemy for 2 turns. With Barley, there is also a 50% chance for this to chain to an adjacent enemy. Magnora Gantuan is an absolute debuff extender that inflicts a random debuff in case the target has none. It also spreads a debuff on an adjacent enemy. His ace is Voltar Thundasir, which lodges a guaranteed 30% speed meter reduction with a damage boost for each debuff on the target.

Jafar [Villain – Offense – Kingdom – Aladdin]

jafar disney sorcerer's arenaWhile charm is always great to have and with Jafar being able to do more in a villains team, most of his other skills may not be that bad but just are not as impressive as well.

Staff of Vizier jacks up Jafar’s value with its charm for 2 turns and a 50% chance to even boost the target’s offense for the duration. Time’s Running Out may have been better with an instantaneous effect but the 50% heal block makes it okay enough. Jafar’s passive grants him a 15% chance to assist with a relatively strong Breath of Fire that also comes with a 30% chance to inflict continuous damage.

Merlin [Hero – Support – Mythical – The Sword in the Stone]

merlin disney sorcerer's arenaMerlin is an overall great support that has good enough defense as well as stun, cooldown reduction, and cleanse. The only downside to him is that you will need to spend tournament currency to obtain his tokens and unless you have maxed out Shan Yu, Mor’Du, and Hades, then he should not have dibs on those currencies.

Hi basic is okay with its defense down effect. Use your head is perhaps the ace up his sleeves with its cooldown reduction and cleanse effect. Ready or Not! Is also a great skill since it will either inflict stun on an enemy or add another stack of stun in case the enemy is already afflicted by it. His passive, which grants a 15% chance to increase magic by 10% is likewise valuable, though not that reliable.

Robin Hood [Hero – Offense – Kingdom – Robin Hood]

robin hood disney sorcerer's arenaRobin Hood does decent damage and is a great candidate for a Kingdom team. On top of ignore defense skills, he has some buffs for allies, sort of assist, and steal buffs.

Both Unbeatable Archer and Trick Shot ignore 15% of the target’s defense when leveled up with the latter having bonus damage the higher the target’s health is. Roguish Rally gives guaranteed critical to a target teammate and all flanking teammates. Robinhood can deal damage to enemies attacked by Kingdom teammates with their basic skills but its value rests on the 30% chance of stealing buffs from the target and giving it to a random teammate.

Shere Khan [Villain – Offense – Wilds – The Jungle Book]

shere khan disney sorcerer's arenaShere Khan is also a little straightforward and easy to use. His raw damage may not be exceptional but his high crit power combined with skills that can deal continuous damage make him an overall decent offense unit if among teammates who debuff a lot.

Both Just One Swipe and Element of Surprise deal 10% extra damage per debuff on the target. Law of the Jungle is a 6-attack skill with each attack having a 30% chance to inflict continuous damage. This is further boosted with a Wilds teammate. Shere Kahn’s passive, Fierce Predator further boosts his crit power by 5% and an extra 2% for every Wilds teammate.

Syndrome [Villain – Offense – Downtown – The Incredibles – Downtown Villain]

syndrome disney sorcerer's arenaSyndrome is packed with a wide variety of useful skills within his kit and in the absence of a leader for an all-villain team, his leadership skill is not that bad.

Critical Cronies grants a 4% chance to deal a critical strike. Plasma Blast as a basic skill is good for its 30% chance to boost his offense. Bracelet Bomb is an average AoE damage skill that can dish out some damage through the 50% chance of a critical strike if enemies are debuffed. Zero Point Energy is Syndrome’s best skill with stun and a 50% chance to inflict slow.

The Manticore [Hero – Defense – Mythical – Onward]

the manticore disney sorcerer's arenaThe Manticore is yet another character whose value grows based on having Onward teammates or not. She is a decent tank all on her own but outside of an Onward trio in the team may not be as impressive.

To start off, her basic skill, Curse Crusher has a 30% chance of removing a debuff from an ally at level 1 and can also grant debuff immunity in case the random ally has no debuffs. Closed for Renovations inflicts blind, can guarantee to inflict continuous damage, give her taunt, and also earn her a charge.

If charged, Fury of the Manticore can stun an enemy, and even has a 10% chance to inflict offense down on adjacent opponents. When Mythical or Onward teammates have a buff on them, The Manticore’s passive has a 30% chance of healing them for 5% of their health over 2 turns. If they are dealt damage, The Manticore has a chance to earn a boost and a speed meter increase if they are Onward characters.

C Class Characters

These characters are not at all bad and perhaps, some of them may surprisingly have better synergies on unique teams. As far as roles and skill sets, though, the characters above serve as the better alternative. If you do not have enough characters yet to build your dream team, then consider upgrading the characters you need from this list to some extent.

Keep in mind, though, that they are likely viable only temporarily and with limitations on resources, only invest on them lightly since you will most likely replace them from mid to end game.

Bo Peep [Hero – Defense – Downtown – Toy Story – Downtown Hero]

bo peep disney sorcerer's arena





She can be a decent member of a Toy Story Team but just lags behind outside of it.

Darkwing Duck [Hero – Offense – Downtown – Mickey and Friends – Downtown Hero]

darkwing duck disney sorcerer's arena





All of his skills have relatively strict conditions greatly delimiting his usefulness.

Davy Jones [Villain – Offense – Oceanic – Pirates of the Carribean]

davy jones disney sorcerer's arena





Being oceanic is probably the best reason to invest on Davy Jones. His skills are decent but still, unfortunately has better alternatives from the tiers above.

Elastigirl [Hero – Offense – Downtown – The Incredibles – Downtown Hero]

elastigirl disney sorcerer's arena





Elastigirl is a must-have for an Incredibles team but just average outside of it.

Gaston [Villain – Defense – Kingdom – Beauty and the Beast]

gaston disney sorcerer's arena





For lack of a better member for an all Kingdom team, Gaston may serve as a temporary filler. Storm the Castle! Is great with its 10% speed meter fill for all teammates and the 30% chance to grant haste but beyond that, there just isn’t anything worth taking.

Genie [Hero – Support – Kingdom – Aladdin]

genie disney sorcerer's arena





Considering his role as a support, Genie is decent. It’s just that there are better substitutes above and unless it’s a team built around Aladdin, Genie will wear out his usefulness later on.

Jasmine [Hero – Defense – Kingdom – Aladdin – Princess]

jasmine disney sorcerer's arena





Just like Genie, Jasmin is a decent character that unfortunately has better alternatives in higher tiers so unless you are going for an Aladdin team, then do not invest as much on her.

Madam Mim [Villain – Offense – Mythical – The Sword in the Stone]

madam mim disney sorcerer's arena





Casting random debuffs, spreading them, and banking on their existence is okay but these dependencies make Madam Mim have limited effectiveness in battle.

Oogie Boogie [Villain – Defense – Mythical – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas]

oogie boogie disney sorcerer's arena





Oogie Boogie is one tough cookie and has fear, buff removal, slow, and even self heal. His exceptional defense makes him ineffective to contribute at all to the damage-dealing part of combat.

Quorra [Hero – Offense – Downtown – Tron: Legacy – Downtown Hero]

quorra disney sorcerer's arena





Quorra has a decent passive and the chain and extra attack kit is good but as far as offense goes, some characters are just better still.

Sally [Hero – Offense – Mythical – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas]

sally disney sorcerer's arena





Sally works well if Jack Skellington is also on your team but to consider both of them would mean opting out better characters from higher tiers.

Scrooge McDuck [Hero – Offense – Mickey and Friends – Downtown Hero]

scrooge mcduck disney sorcerer's arena





Scrooge has chain and extra attack along with good support skills but lag behind compared to other characters above in all areas.

Sheriff of Nottingham [Villain – Defense – Kingdom – Robin Hood]

sheriff of nottingham disney sorcerer's arena





The Sheriff of Nottingham has a decent passive though has low probability of activating. He is a defense character that does not seem to showcase skills in support of that role.

Steamboat Mickey [Hero – Defense – Downtown – Mickey and Friends – Downtown Hero]

steamboat mickey disney sorcerer's arena





Taunt, silence, and stealing buffs are okay skills but considering his overall kit, some defense characters surpass him for that role.

Sulley [Hero – Defense – Downtown – Monsters, Inc. – Downtown Hero]

sulley disney sorcerer's arena





Taunt and Fear are his greatest assets and while he is decent till mid game, you are bound to replace him for end game.

The Horned King [Villain – Offense – Mythical – The Black Cauldron]

the horned king disney sorcerer's arena





The Horned King can be a powerful ally but setting him up is somewhat tedious and takes time. Chances are that he will be gone before he even sets up.

The Queen of Hearts [Villain – Offense – Mythical – Alice in Wonderland]

the queen of hearts disney sorcerer's arena





Summoning a card soldier may be okay for the early game but along with the rest of her skill, the Queen of Hearts just does not have enough to keep up with the demands of mid to end game.

Violet [Hero – Support – Downtown – The Incredibles – Downtown Hero]

violet disney sorcerer's arena





Defense Up and Shields are great team buffs and stealth increases Violet’s survivability. She is great for a full Incredibles team and while she is a decent support character, going for one with heal is actually the preference.

D Class Characters

Sadly, these are the characters who may still you good in the early game or perhaps specialize in some game modes but if you have a choice like have or be able to secure the characters above, then you should not bother with them. It may happen that you will obtain some of these characters’ tokens or you may have already invested on some of them. If you can, move on to other alternatives and only settle for these units when you do not have a choice.

Baloo [Hero – Support – Wilds – The Jungle Book]

baloo disney sorcerer's arena





Captain Hook [Villain – Offense – Oceanic – Peter Pan]

captain hook disney sorcerer's arena





Frozone [Hero – Support – Downtown – The Incredibles – Downtown Hero]

frozone disney sorcerer's arena





Hopper [Villain – Defense – Wilds – A Bug’s Life]

hopper disney sorcerer's arena





Jack Skellington [Hero – Support – Mythical – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas]

jack skellington disney sorcerer's arena





Jangles The Clown [Villain – Defense – Downtown – Inside Out – Downtown Villain]

jangles the clown disney sorcerer's arena





Jessie [Hero – Offense – Downtown – Toy Story – Downtown Hero]

jessie disney sorcerer's arena





Kronk [Hero – Defense – Kingdom – The Emperor’s New Groove]

kronk disney sorcerer's arena





Monterey Jack [Hero – Defense – Downtown – Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers – Downtown Hero]

monterey jack disney sorcerer's arena





Pete [Villain – Offense – Downtown – Mickey and Friends – Downtown Villain]

pete disney sorcerer's arena





Pocahontas [Hero – Support – Wilds – Pocahontas – Princess]

pocahontas disney sorcerer's arena





Rafiki [Hero – Support – Wilds – The Lion King]

rafiki disney sorcerer's arena





Randall Boggs [Villain – Offense – Downtown – Monsters, Inc. – Downtown Villain]

randall boggs disney sorcerer's arena





Sergeant Calhoun [Hero – Offense – Downtown – Wreck-it Ralph – Downtown Hero]

sergeant calhoun disney sorcerer's arena





Tinker Bell [Hero – Support – Oceanic – Peter Pan]

tinker bell disney sorcerer's arena





Woody [Hero – Support – Downtown – Toy Story – Downtown Hero]

woody disney sorcerer's arena





Yzma [Villain – Support – Kingdom – The Emperor’s New Groove]

yzma disney sorcerer's arena





That’s the end of our Disney Sorcerer’s Arena tier list. Again, keep in mind that as new updates are implemented and new characters come in, existing characters may be boosted or nerfed, all for the sake of balancing things out. As our tier list much like any other is very opinionated, we welcome your views and opinions on the list we shared. Feel free to voice out your comments, reactions, or suggestions down below!


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