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Monster Legends Beginner’s Guide (2020 Update): Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Jumpstart Your Adventure

Socialpoint’s Monster Legends continues to be one of the most popular and successful monster-collecting and breeding strategy RPGs on mobile. Being a month shy to celebrate its sixth anniversary, the game has gone through a lot of updates and developments over the years. This game has more than proven to have an abundance of content, features, and events to maintain most of its users as well as attract even more over time.

Monster Legends goes well beyond the usual monster battler game as it offers more than just collecting and battling. The strategic aspect of the game extends beyond merely managing a trio of monsters to use in combat. Customization for each one is available to a great degree, given the moves, runs, and artifacts they have.

As you more importantly need to cater to your role as a monster breeder, ensuring a continuous and efficient flow of food and gold, along with ensuring sufficient space within your home, becomes a regular activity you consistently need to engage in. There are more than enough activities to partake in as you dive into the world of Monster Legends and it is never late to start your adventure today.

monster legends strategies

Even for experienced RPG enthusiasts and monster-collecting fans, Monster Legends still offers plenty of new features to discover and learn about. It may seem overwhelming for total beginners, but the initial tutorial sessions can quickly set you up to understand the core concepts of the game. Beyond that, there are numerous helpful information you readily access from most screens. Monster Legends makes it so that you can progress even if you are offline and away from the game.

However, you can progress a lot faster if you actually strategize well around cool down periods and other counters. If you are searching for more efficient ways to make good progress in the game, then check out our detailed Monster Legends beginner’s guide, as it provides everything you need to know to jumpstart your adventure.

1. Initially Follow The Goals

In most other RPGs, the priority is usually given to the main game mode of the game, which is the adventure mode in the case of Monster Legends. This is because what you need to focus on first is earning experience points to level up your account and unlock the rest of the other game modes. What follows is that you get to take advantage of whatever benefits you can obtain from the other game modes, making for a much quicker progress as you move further in your adventure.

monster legends goals

We have mentioned earlier that Monster Legends is not entirely about adventuring and battles, making it very important for you manage your time across progressing in the adventure, and tending to your home island along with its inhabitants. As a beginner, you may easily be confused as to which activities you should tend to first, and to help you with that predicament, you can always check out the goals you need to accomplish.

You can tap on the “Goals” icon at the left side of the main screen to view the list of objectives you can accomplish. There are numerous goals presented at once and for starters, you can naturally expect each of these objectives to be easily accomplished. The reason for prioritizing this beyond the added rewards they give you is to secure a firm grasp of the game’s basic features. As you proceed to focus on a goal, you will naturally be taken across various activities to the point that you will be able to manage well on your own eventually. Every objective you can find within the goals window naturally fall within the usual activities you engage in. These lists serve as a guide for you to identify certain areas in the game you may have forgotten to spend a bit of time on.

Once you hit level 15, Daily Missions and Achievements will be unlocked, bringing in more objectives for you to accomplish and rewards for you to claim. Daily Missions are typically very easy to accomplish and clearing each one earns you an extra reward. Achievements serve as milestones you reach across various aspects of the game and offer one-time rewards. These are typically tiered and clearing the first objective within each line unlocks a more challenging feat.

In any case, make it a habit to consistently check objectives from within the goals menu to see which ones are easily accomplishable. The rewards you can obtain from clearing objectives will greatly contribute to your overall progress in the game.

2. Be Sure To Have All Elements Represented

Most turn-based strategy RPGs employ the “rock-paper-scissors” approach in terms of providing advantages and disadvantages across units in the game on top of their unique stats and set of skills. In Monster Legends, monsters are primarily classified based on their element or elemental affinity, and there are 9 elements in the game that follow the cycle of advantages and disadvantages.

monster legends monstagram

It may take a while for you to memorize which elements are strong or weak against others, but there is a helpful guide at the upper right corner of the pre-battle screen that you can visit before tapping on the “fight” button.

Just to summarize, the cycle is Thunder, Water, Fire, Nature, Magic, Metal, Light, Dark, Earth, and finally back to Thunder. Thunder is strong against Water types but is both weak versus Earth attacks. Advantages and disadvantages equate to a 50% increase or reduction in damage and using a specific elemental attack against a monster of the same element also reduces skill damage by 50%.

Do note as well that most monsters have 2 elements and can have a mix of skills across these elements. For starters, you should consider having at least 1 strong monster that represents each element although later on, you should bank on at least 2 for each element. Enemies in battles will naturally be composed of teams that cycle through all the available elements. Even if it takes a while for you to secure a decent monster for specific elements, ensuring that you have one on the ready will always be advantageous.

3. Be Selective When Upgrading Monsters

There are close to 700 monsters to collect in Monster Legends and the roster just keeps on growing. You may not have a lot to begin with but depending on how much time and dedication you commit to the game, your collection can grow rapidly in just a matter of days. Beyond each monster’s elemental affinity, each one can also be classified according to their rarity, which may either be common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary or mythic. Naturally, higher grades are more difficult to obtain but starting stats, learnable skills, and maximum levels all relate to the gap in power and efficiency of monsters from one grade to the next.

how to upgrade monsters in monster legends

For beginners, it is okay to invest in rare grade monsters as you will have access to higher grades a little later in your progress. As far as elemental affinities go, there will also be a certain level of progress you need to meet before being able to hatch monsters belonging to some elements so there will be a limit to the number of monsters you can focus your resources on at the start.

The most basic way to upgrade your monsters is by feeding them. The amount of food needed with each level up exponentially increases as well, so you constantly need to ensure that you have a steady stream of this basic resource. Meeting certain levels evolve your monsters although initially, each one will have a level cap of 10. Depending on the monster’s element, you will need to build and upgrade temples to increase their level limit.

4. Remember To Equip Runes As Soon As You Can

Once you reach level 15, you will have access to a way to boost your monsters and effectively customize how they perform in battle. Once the Runes Building becomes available, be sure to head into it to check your available runes and equip them on your most important monsters. Do note that you will need to spend gold to remove an equipped rune if ever you decide to replace it later on so be sure to plan ahead before deciding.

monster legends runes

Runes can boost a monster’s stamina, life, power, speed, or even gold production. Some runes affect the whole team as well instead of just themselves. For the most part, speed is a popular runes especially since first attacks and more turns in a turn-based RPG can really tilt the balance of the battle in your favor.

In terms of farming, though, some monsters can be used with gold runes at home to boost your profit stream. Some runes of level 5 or above can also be mutated to boost more than 1 stat. It has its limitation, but feel free to explore the possibilities once you have obtained enough runes.

5. Be Sure To Expend Your In-Game Stamina

Although what we recommend is to always balance your time across your island home and engaging in battles on the adventure map, it is important to fully utilize every bit of in-game stamina you have. Regardless of your level, you can only have a maximum of 10 stamina in Monster Legends. This gets consumed with every battle you engage in on the adventure map and dungeons. Once it decreases, however, you start replenishing it once every 10 minutes.

monster legends stamina

It can be understood that proceeding continuously with the adventure takes time and a lot of hard work. As such, you do not need to push yourself that hard to quickly replay levels that you failed to beat before. Naturally, clearing each stage for the first time has its own merits, most specifically the roulette that can reward you with a lot of valuable resources, which includes monster eggs, some ow which are hard to obtain anywhere else.

Just the same, if you can come back stronger before taking on the level, then feel free to do so. Otherwise, it is okay to expend stamina on previously conquered levels as well as open dungeons.
Dungeons typically keep up with your level and party’s strength making each one a lot more challenging than other battles. There are various modes available within the dungeons so be sure to always check in whenever you can. Resources and other great rewards are up for grabs based on how many nodes you coquer and how deep within the dungeon you can get. Depending on your performance, you can easily tell if you need to make adjustments or enhancements to the team you use.

6. Keep Your Islands Tidy And Productive

One aspect of Monster Legends you need to pay a lot of attention to right from the start is your island itself. There are a lot of buildings you need to build and upgrade within it and you will heavily rely on its production of food and gold to sustain your progress in the game.

Of course, there is limited space to work with within the island but more islands can be purchased later on. As new islands cost a great deal of money, you should start off by tidying up your first island to more easily find the structures you are looking for and to maximize space usage.

Even as you peek into the goals you have at the start of your adventure, you will quickly notice that a lot of it relate to building new structures. On top of gold needed to purchase each building or habitat from the shop, it will also take some time before each one finishes construction. For starters, you will only have two workers to build and upgrade structures as well as clean up objects.

how to boost production in monster legends

It costs 50 gems to unlock a third one but given that gems are premium currency that are hard to earn, you may want to save them for something else. In any case, make sure that your workers are always busy and also take note of completion times. It can be hard to manage them at first but once you get a hold of taking notes, you can maximize their efficiency.

You can drag and drop each structure anywhere within the deployable area of an island. When you tap on each structure, arrows appear around them and signify that you can drag them anywhere on the island. If you do not have stamina left to engage in battles, spend some time to rearrange structures to maximize space and ease up collections as well as other activities you do with them.

Pay attention to the shop icon at the lower right side of your main screen. An exclamation mark means that there are still structures that can be built and for the most part, maximizing the number of buildings and habitats you can build are important to speed up your progress. Take note that some buildings aand habitats are locked behind certain level requirements while some can be built multiple times as your level increases.

Construction of important structures are far from the end of ensuring that your island home performs at its peak capacity. Each one can be further upgraded to boost their effects and for starters, you would want to invest gold in some basic structures early on to reap their rewards sooner. Habitats can hold more gold and monsters when upgraded. This will ease out on how soon you need to check in just to collect gold earned by your deployed monsters.

Upgraded farms naturally produce more food, needed to level up your monsters. Given that you can never have enough food and will constantly be needing it, upgrading a farm at a time is also important. Another set of basic structures you need to upgrade sooner than later are the temples that extend the level cap of your monsters. Given that you should be focusing on monsters belonging to different elements, consider cycling through the tower upgrades.

Before you actually build or upgrade any building, take note of how much time it completes the construction. What you would want is to go for those activities that require less time if you will be playing up until their completion. For those that require several hours or more, you may want to consider those when you are about to go offline, especially when you are going to be away from the game for a while.

Do not forget to squeeze in removing rocks, shrubs, boulders, and trees within your island as having more space to work with is always an advantage. Trees and shrubs take much less time so if you are going to spend some time on the game you can potentially have your workers continuously remove these objects 2 at a time.

With the growing number of structures you build and the number of new ones made available at the shop as you reach new levels, you will eventually run out of space in your island. Rather than scan through the surrounding islands and check for which ones are affordable for you, you can tap on the shop and the island icon within it. This will show you the next 3 islands arranged from cheapest to most expensive.

7. Be Sure To Participate In Multiplayer Battles

Being able to duke it out with other players through arena matches or similar features makes every RPG complete, most especially turn-based strategy ones. While some players actually enjoy it more, some, most especially beginners, are hesitant to engage in it more so when they have just started playing. While completely understandable, and considering that Monster Legends is close to celebrating its sixth year, the multiplayer mode it has makes it easy enough for new players to progress in with its league method of matchmaking.

monster legends battle tips

You have a maximum of of 15 attack points at any one time, which gets consumed with each battle you engage in. Before you begin, be sure to set an attack team and a defense team by clicking on the “change your team” button below the screen. Monster used for the attack team can no longer be used for defense so choose wisely.

You will be presented with 3 opponents to fight and you can earn a lot of trophies from some of them while others will be easy wins. You can spend 5,000 gold to refresh the choices but beating all 3 will instantly do that as well. Each match you win also takes you through a roulette for special currencies you can exclusively obtain from the multiplayer battle.

As you earn more wins and trophies, you will up the leagues and be paired with stronger opponents. In any case, be sure to stay active in the multiplayer matches as you can easily lose trophies especially if your defense team is not as strong as your attack team. Remember as well to update your rosters whenever you have upgraded more powerful monsters.

8. Frequently Visit The Library To Help With Your Collection

Your Monstagram, which can be accessed via the magnifier icon at the top left area of your screen is actually useful in giving you some details about the available monsters in Monster Legends, most especially the ones you have in your roster to help you decide which ones you should invest your resources in.

monster legends library

Beyond that, you can also unlock The Library once you hit level 15 and you will then begin to earn rewards for completing certain monsters within the same book. Take note that each book is divided into chapters and completing all monsters, ranging from 4 to 8, in a chapter earns you valuable rewards. On top of monster eggs and gems, you can also earn cells of The Keeper, which is a legendary monster you won’t be able to obtain anywhere else.

Relative to collections, you should know that while there is an element of randomness involved in obtaining some eggs from your adventure, some eggs that are more within your reach can be obtained through the Breeding Mountain. You should always take note of the monsters you breed to be able to focus on the ones you need for your collection. In any case, there are also some guides on how to breed though we will not be able to cover that within this guide.

9. Add Some Friends For Extra Stamina

From the company’s name itself, you can already tell that Socialpoint aims to liven up the social aspect of its game by encouraging players to attract and support more of their friends who play and enjoy the same game. In Monster Legends, when you link your account to Facebook, you will be able to instantly see friends on Facebook who also played the game, along with their respective scores for each stage.

how to earn extra stamina in monster legends

Beyond the comparative information you can see, you can also send and receive stamina from each friend once every 12 hours. Stamina is a very vital commodity in Monster Legends so any means that let you earn more of them should be an opportunity you should not pass on. You can also invite more friends as having more sources of free stamina is always good and there are achievements tied up to the number of friends you have as well.

10. Watch Some Ads To Boost Your Progress

For one, video ads have long since been an integral part of free-to-play mobile games and though video ads are mostly available on mobile games that offer very little to sell through microtransactions, you will actually be glad of the existence of video ads in Monster Legends. There are no ads that randomly pop up in the game and each one is entirely voluntary to watch. Just the same, chances are that you may wish for more of these ads to help you progress through the game at a much faster rate.

how to boost progress in monster legends

To start off, every time you need to wait for a construction, upgrade, or production to finish with any of your structures within your island home, watching an ad can trim down an hour from it. This is very helpful especially if you are in dire need of more food, or if you have gathered too many eggs and you need to hatch them immediately. Just as an example, epic eggs take more than a day to hatch, so watching as many ads as you can to rush the process can be a vital sacrifice to make.

Beyond that, always keep an eye on Monsterwood and the availability of perks you can obtain by watching ads. You can play videos within this feature to instantly obtain large amounts of food and after playing 4 within the day, the fifth one provides a roulette reward you 100 gems, among other valuable rewards. There may also be tasks and surveys available for you to help you earn gems faster so be sure to take advantage of it if you can spare the time.

Monster Legends certainly holds a lot of content and features that simply cannot be extensively covered in a single guide. For now, this is where we will end our Monster Legends beginner’s guide as we are confident enough that what we have covered here will sufficiently endow you with enough knowledge to jumpstart your progress in the game.

Again, we would like to stress the value of time and commitment that you can invest in the game. By that, we mean quick intermittent log ins to collect and repeat processes and to exhume stamina and battle points. We hope you enjoyed reading our guide and if it so happens that you discovered some tips or strategies we have not mentioned here, you are very much welcome to share them with us in the comment area!