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Toy Story Drop! Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Solve All Puzzles

The fourth Toy Story movie is coming up, and Big Fish Games has just released Toy Story Drop! on iOS and Android to help us contain our excitement. The game is a match-three puzzler featuring all your favorite characters from the film series, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and, of course, the adorable Aliens! Andy is on his way back from Cowboy Camp, and it is up to you to help the toys prepare for his return. Solve dozens of puzzles in order to collect Playset pieces!

The puzzles start out easy as the game teaches you the ropes. The difficulty level ramps up quickly, though. Soon, you will find yourself struggling to finish puzzles or collect batteries. If you find yourself stuck in any of the levels, don’t worry. Just read our Toy Story Drop! guide for tips, cheats and tricks in order to solve every puzzle!

1. Create Powered Pieces

If you have played other match-three games before, you would be familiar with powered pieces. These are pieces that have special abilities when you use them. You can create powered tiles by matching four or more pieces of the same color. The more you combine, the better the effects will be. Check out the list of powered pieces below, so you have a better idea of how to use each one in Toy Story Drop!

toy story drop cheats

Rocket – Match four tiles in a square pattern to make a Rocket. Using this will clear tiles the normal way, but it will also send out a Rocket that will destroy a random target tile. Target tiles are those that you need to clear as part of a level’s goal.

Jack in the Box – Match four tiles in a row or column to create this. Using the Jack in the Box clears an entire row or column depending on how the piece was made.

Bouncy Ball – Match 5 pieces in an L or T shape to get the Bouncy Ball. Using it creates an explosion that takes out surrounding pieces.

Disco Ball – Matching 5 pieces in a straight line creates a Disco Ball. Swap it with any piece in order to destroy all instances of that piece from the board. Tapping on it will clear all the batteries on the board instead.

2. Mix And Match Powered Tiles

Now that you know how to create powered pieces, it’s time to combine them. Using two powered tiles at the same time will result in better effects, allowing you to clear even more tiles from the board. First, clearing two Jack in the Box tiles will clear both a row and a column. You can also combine a Bouncy Ball with a Jack in the Box in order to clear three rows and columns. Two Bouncy Balls used together will result in a bigger blast.

Combining a Jack in the Box or a Bouncy Ball with a Rocket will make the Rocket take the other powered tile with it when it flies to the random location. Combining a Disco Ball with other powered tiles will create multiple instances of that power up all across the board.

3. Take Your Time

toy story drop tips

You don’t really need to worry about solving puzzles right away. The limiting factor here is the number of moves you can make, so feel free to take your time. It is best if you analyze the entire board first and consider the different moves available. Never make a match for the sake of just doing something. You can at least clear tiles that would set up for a better combo later on. The higher the level of the puzzle, the more thought you will have to put into planning each move.

4. Save Your Boosts

At the start of each level, you are given the option to take a boost with you. These boosts can help you clear the levels, but they are limited. If you are not planning on spending real money, it is best if you avoid using your boosts unless you are really stuck. Always try to clear levels on your own first. Most of the time you would be able to solve puzzle without using boosts. If you have tried a couple of times and you still can’t clear a particular level, then it’s alright to use a boost. At least you will have a better idea on how to solve a puzzle and which boost to take with you once you have attempted to solve it a few times.

5. When To Use The Claw And Saucer

toy story drop tricks

There are two additional boosts in Toy Story Drop! that can be chosen while you are playing a level. These are the Claw and the Saucer. The Claw allows you to swap any two tiles on the board. The Saucer clears a single tile on the board. Even though these seem useful, they are also limited. Don’t use them if you feel you can complete the level if you just tried again. The only time you should use either of them is when you have failed a level multiple times and are sure that clearing or swapping one more tile will help you in finally solving a puzzle.

6. Use Coins Only When In A Pinch

Coins are the game’s regular currency. You earn 10 coins every time you clear a level. That’s not a lot considering how much you need to spend. That is why you should hold on to your coins for as long as you can. Spend coins only when you have tried solving a puzzle multiple times and are sure that you can actually complete it if you purchase those last five moves.

7. How To Unlock New Locations

toy story drop guide

Unlocking new locations require batteries. One way to get batteries is to purchase them using coins, but since it’s so hard to get coins as it is, you should avoid spending them this way. The best way to get more batteries is to simply replay old levels repeatedly. You get free batteries even if you replay a level, so you can just keep grinding. Once you have enough, you will be able to unlock a new scene.

There are also bonus adventures available in the game. You get to watch hidden scenes involving the characters if you complete their respective playsets. Each playset has multiple parts. The Porkchop Express playset, for example, has four pieces. You just need to keep replaying levels in order to unlock these bonus scenes from your favorite characters.

It’s time to help the toys through over a hundred puzzles in Toy Story Drop! Make sure you follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will be solving puzzles one after the other! If you have anything to add to our list of tips, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comments!


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