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Jetpack Jump Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Jetpack Jump is Kwalee’s latest sports-themed game for Android and iOS devices. Following successful releases such as Draw It and Looper!, the UK video game developer is back with another exciting mobile game. In Jetpack Jump, you get to play as a triple-jump athlete, but there’s a twist. You get to use a jetpack to boost your jump. It may sound like cheating, but the jetpack can only do so much. You will need skill and precise timing if you want to succeed. The mechanics are pretty simple. Your character starts out on a straight track. All you have to do is tap to make your character jump.

Since this is a triple-jump event, you will need to jump three times. Once you land, your character will still slide a little further due to momentum. Your final score is the entire distance you covered including that last slide. The longer the distance you travel, the more money you get at the end of each attempt. Read the rest of our Jetpack Jump guide for tips, cheats and tricks if you want to get a super high score!

1. Aim For Perfection

In Jetpack Jump there are four possible ratings for each jump: Bad, Ok, Great, and Perfect. Naturally, you want to avoid getting a Bad jump if you want to make good scores. The only way to get the best scores is to always hit a Perfect jump. To do this, you need to time your taps. The first tap has to be exactly when your character runs on top of the red line. For the second and third jumps, you need to pay attention to the two circles. Tap at the exact moment that they overlap in order to get the Perfect rating. It takes a bit of practice to get the timing correct, but once you have it, it will be easier to pull off next time.

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If you find yourself always missing that Perfect jump, you may be tapping too late. You need to anticipate your character’s movements. That means you should tap about half a second before you see the circles overlap in order to account for the delay in your movement.

2. Maximize Your Jetpack Boost

After your third jump, you will be able to use your jetpack to boost yourself. Tap and hold on the screen in order to use up fuel for your jetpack. Make sure you do this as soon as you third jump is done. This is to ensure you are able to maximize the use of your boost. If you wait too long to tap and hold, you won’t be able to get as far.

Use up the entire tank of gas when you use your boost. Don’t bother trying to save any of it for the latter part of your jump. Depleting your fuel as soon as you finish your jump is the best use of the boost. The goal is to get as high up as you can with the jetpack. This will increase your bouncing distance once you land. You will find that you will fall short if you use the fuel later or try to use it in small bursts.

3. Don’t Forget Your Upgrades

You’re probably wondering what to do with all the money you earn from your jumps. That money can be used to upgrade your character. You can upgrade the height of your jump, your jetpack, and your offline earnings. Spend it on the first two if you play often. It doesn’t matter which one you prioritize since they both help you get a better score. Just try to keep it even since the costs go up as the upgrade level increases. The only time you should upgrade your offline earnings is if you find yourself away from the game for long periods. You will always earn more money if you play actively, so offline earning isn’t worth upgrading unless you don’t have time to play.

Make sure you always check out the upgrades. You will sometimes see “FREE” on one of them. When you tap on it, a video advertisement will play, and you will be able to upgrade that option without spending a dime. This is especially useful at higher levels when the cost of upgrading becomes too high.

4. Multiply Your Earnings Through Ads

At the end of each jump, you will get the offer to double or even triple the money you earned. Of course, you will have to watch a video advertisement first before you get the extra cash. It’s usually a good idea to accept this offer whenever it’s available, but if you messed up and got a bad score, feel free to skip the offer. Always accept the offer if you get a triple bonus or if you come across the hat while jumping. The hat gives you bonus money when you get it during a run, and you can multiply that bonus by accepting the ad offer.

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Another way to multiply your earnings is by watching another ad when you log back into the game. All your offline earnings are presented to you when you log back in. You will be given the offer to multiply this amount by watching an ad. Always accept this offer when you have been away for a long time as it is a great way to earn a massive amount of money that you can use for multiple upgrades.

Make sure you are connected to the internet while playing. The game can be played offline, but you won’t be able to take advantage of any ad offers. This is especially important when you are logging into the game after being away for several hours. If you log in and you don’t have internet, there is no way to get the ad offer again even if you reconnect while playing.

5. Time-Lapse For More Money

If you don’t feel like working hard for your money, there is a way to earn a whole lot. Pour your upgrades into offline income, close the game out, then change the date and time settings on your device. Just move it forward a few hours then log back into the game. This will trick the game into thinking that several hours have passed, and you will be presented with the equivalent amount of offline earnings. Spend all your new money on upgrades, then change the time again. Keep doing this until you are satisfied. Don’t forget to correct your device’s time settings once you’re done, though.

You are now ready to compete with the best triple-jump athletes in Jetpack Jump! Remember everything you learned from our guide above in order to get top scores!


Saturday 13th of July 2019

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