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If isn’t the perfect casual game for the summer, we don’t know what is. Available on Android and iOS platforms, Voodoo’s new addictive game takes one of the most fun summer activities and turns it into a competitive sport. The mechanics of are pretty simple. You take the waterslide and try to be the first one to reach the pool. Of course, it won’t be as fun if it’s just about speed. You get to bump competitors off in order to get ahead.

You will also need to think of creative ways to use the twists and turns of the slide. It doesn’t matter how you get to the pool as long as you get there before anyone else does. The game’s vibrant colors make it all seem easy, but the competition can get pretty tough. If you find yourself struggling to make it to first place, just check out our cheats, tips and tricks for winning every race!

1. Think Outside The Slide tips

Yes, you all start out from the top of the slide. That does not mean you have to stay on it. Some stages allow you to jump off from the slide then just glide down towards the water. There are no rules against this, but keep in mind that this is a risky move that can get you in more trouble. Make sure you are prepared to quickly maneuver yourself into the right position in order to make it safely to the pool. Don’t worry if you fail the first few times. Once you master making that trip outside the slide, you will be winning more matches.

2. Don’t Go Too Far

While we do advice you to take a lot of risks, one thing you should avoid is to try to head straight for the finish line by jumping off the slide. You can’t really travel too far when you jump off, so you will most likely fall short. The jumps are meant for you to cut to the lower parts of the slide faster. Once you have tried jumping and gliding a few times, you will be able to accurately determine how to far you can really go.

3. Get Behind Other Players

Controlling your speed in this game all depends on your positioning. Some portions of the slide help you speed up while other parts slow you down. You are faster in the middle of the slide and are slower on the sides. When you stay directly behind another player, though, you slide much faster. Use this to your advantage. Speed yourself up by staying behind a player, then quickly overtake them when you go through a turn. Timing is key here. You need to know which parts of the slide will help you overtake then grab the opportunity when it comes up.

4. Kill Other Players For Money cheats

The game rewards you with coins every time you manage to bump off another player from the slide. Just ram into them when they’re at the edge to send them flying. Just make sure you hit them because you might end up flying when you miss. This won’t automatically result in your disqualification from the race, though. You still have a chance to glide down to the slides below, so just act like you did it on purpose when you miss.

Don’t get too carried away with killing off other players. Remember that your goal is to get to first place. It’s fun watching them fly when you ram into them, but you also need to focus on your own path down the slide. You can’t realistically kill everyone to win the race, so you may end up falling behind if you goof around too much.

5. Unlocking Skins And Locations

In Aquapark. io the coins you picked up from bumping off other players can be used to purchase new skins. Right now, skins only consist of skin color changes, but Voodoo tends to update their games with new skins often, so you can look forward to more options soon. If you want to unlock new locations, you just need to keep winning. Every five victories will take you to a new location, with even more twists and turns than the previous ones.

Get ready to make a big splash in! Follow our tips, cheats and tricks above and you will surely win more races! If you happen to know more hints for the game, please let us know in the comment area!


Tuesday 10th of March 2020

How do you get the gold witch skin?


Sunday 23rd of February 2020

you can turn it off in app settings


Monday 5th of August 2019

How do you get the glider I can't get it?


Wednesday 31st of July 2019

I can’t get past the third location. No matter how many wins just rotates back through those three. Frustrating. Also what good are the coins? No where to spend them that I can find.


Monday 22nd of July 2019

How can I be a different color person? Did they do away with that?