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Area F2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Each Match

Qookka Games’s new action mobile game, Area F2, has achieved a very successful launch and has been highly regarded by fans of the FPS genre. As the first and currently the only close-quarter battle (CQB) on mobile, Area F2 is a guaranteed hit for fans of the phenomenal FPS, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on PC and consoles, not exclusively because of similarities in features and mechanics, but also because of the overall quality that Area F2 has packaged itself in as a mobile game. If you are a fan of FPS games, and enjoy highly competitive and cooperative gameplay, then you should definitely check out what Area F2 has to offer.

The game sets you and 4 other players against another team for a 5-vs-5 shifting battle of attack and defense. Unlike most other FPS games that they place on bigger battle arenas or levels, Area F2 sets itself apart by locking you in close quarters. Each player can choose from among a wide variety of agents with unique skills and specializations.

In each match, each team gets to take on the role of an attacker and a defender. Walls, windows, ceilings, and doors can be destroyed by attackers and, in contrast, can be reinforced by defenders. Various equipment open up a near-infinite possibility of team combinations and strategies, ensuring that no 2 matches will have the same events and outcome.

how to dominate enemies in area f2

Even for veteran FPS players, especially those who have not played any CQB game before, Area F2 certainly has a lot of mechanics that must be learned. In truth, the in-game tutorial that sets you through an attack session and a defense session may seem wanting, but there are plenty of opportunities for you to polish up your game before partaking in ranked matches. Like most team competitions, Area F2 is best played with a full team of people you know well, whether friends in real life, or consistent enough teammates you meet and team up with in-game.

Regardless, there is still a ton of fun and excitement playing with random people as you continue to perfect your shooting skills and tactical prowess. If you find yourself lagging behind in points or perhaps feeling a little down with the contributions you are making per match, then stay with us and read this Area F2 beginner’s guide. We have compiled a detailed beginner’s guide for Area F2, which comes with numerous tips, cheats and strategies to help you dominate each match!

1. Spend Some Time In The Boot Camp

Area F2 is definitely one of those games you can easily pick up and enjoy. If you can run, shoot, and have a good command of the basic controls, then you can probably have fun engaging in matches. You should not, however, expect to earn a lot of points packed with just the basic knowledge of what you can do. Likewise, having only a good sense of the basic controls may not earn the love and appreciation of your teammates, and securing the MVP title is also probably out of the question.

area f2 boot camp

As such, beyond the quick tutorials and some familiarity with the basic controls, you should train yourself more in the art of sieges and hone every bit of skill and strategy needed before you dive into matches and play against other players.

There are actually many game modes immediately available in Area F2 for each player to improve and fine-tune their skills and expertise. To start off, you may want to visit the boot camp, which you can access by tapping the start button on the main screen and selecting it from the available game modes. You can choose to go into training or to rerun the tutorial session. Feel free to go for another spin on the tutorial if you feel the need to but what is important here is to spend some time on training.

Training gives you the liberty to hone your skills and expertise in a general sense given that you can familiarize yourself better with the controls and sensitivity of your aim. Beyond that, you can freely choose from among the available agents which one to use so you can familiarize yourself better with each one. You can choose to train on any of the 4 available locations. This gives you plenty of opportunities to thoroughly familiarize yourself with each area from the perspective of both an attacker and a defender.

2. Adjust The Controls To Suit Your Preferences

Every game developer naturally aims to provide the best buttons layout and control settings that provide the most comfortable and efficient setup for players to enjoy and revel in the game. As always, no same control setup will cater to everyone in the absolute sense, which is why having a feature to customize the control settings and button layout is appreciated by most experienced and veteran players.

area f2 controls

If you feel that the default button layout and control settings do not entirely work for you or at the very least can still be improved on, be sure to visit the settings menu by tapping on the gear icon at the upper right corner of the screen. There are actually numerous settings that you can tinker with but the most important one for now relates to controls and sensitivity. Note that under the control settings, you have 3 default choices to pick from, banking on whether or not you prefer having fixed buttons for movement and firing or not.

Choose to modify your preferred control settings by tapping on the “customize” button. You actually have a lot of freedom as to how you can make changes to the general layout. In addition to each button’s location, which you can drag and drop or move via the virtual d-pad at the top of the screen, you can also make adjustments to the button sizes and opacity or visibility. Remember to save the changes you have made before exiting.

Another important point you can make adjustments to is the sensitivity of your movement and aiming. Take note that there are separate settings for both the camera and the aiming down sight (ADS) that you can freely adjust to cater to your preference.

Keep in mind that all adjustments you have made within the settings should not end simply after exiting the menu and saving the changes made. Instead, you should test it out on the field so be sure to run through a quick session in training to check if your current settings work for you. If not, you can always hop back to making more adjustments via the settings menu and then taking it for another spin on training.

3. Get To Know Each Agent Better

On top of Area F2 being the only CQB FPS game on mobile at the moment, one of its key selling points come with the roster of highly distinctive agents you can choose from as you engage in each match. Although only a few are permanently unlocked for you at the early part of the game, special limited events make each one available to try for a few days.

Eventually, however, you will have to grind and save resources to be able to unlock each agent one by one. As these may take a long while, it is best to identify the agents you are most comfortable using as so you will know which ones you ought to be saving for moving forward.

area f2 agents

Before jumping into the next battle, be sure to check the Agents tab on the left side of the main screen. Unlocked or otherwise, take the opportunity to get to know each agent better on both sides. As far as stats are concerned, take note of each one’s armor, speed, and difficulty. While the first 2 ones relate to both you using them and taking them on in battle, difficulty only relates to you as a user. Beyond stats, it is important to know what each agent can arm himself or herself with as far as guns are concerned, but more importantly, the gadgets they can deploy in combat.

While there are numerous sources that may tell you which ones are the best agents to use and which ones lag a bit behind, everything comes down to preferences and play style. For beginners, taking note of both stats and possible loadouts are important to find agents that suit to your style of playing along with preferences and even experience. On the other hand, taking more time to identify each agent’s strengths and limitations will give you a much better idea of how to deal with them in the battlefield.

Beyond viewing each agent on the agent roster, however, and taking note of each one’s stats and loadout, it will be better to secure a first-hand experience of using them and actually engaging them in combat. Prior to diving into Intense Battle or PvP, you may want to obtain more actual experience on Easy Training, where you can experience real combat scenarios with a team of players against A.I. opponents.

4. Try To Memorize Each Map

With currently 18 agents that you should be sufficiently familiar with on top of the 2 novice ones, the road to being an expert in Area F2, much like any competitive FPS game, requires a good level of familiarity with the arena as well. Currently, Area F2 holds 4 distinct maps and while each one may not be as huge as the battle arenas in other FPS games in terms of area, the amount of details each one contains can be a little trickier to work around with.

area f2 map

One unique feature of the battle arenas within Area F2 is that there are various aspects or parts of the building that can be reinforced or destroyed. Before the start of each round as well, players get to choose spawn points, opening up a wide variety of possibilities as far of strategic maneuvers and controlled engagements are concerned. As such, taking a bit of time to get to know important details of each map can give you a huge advantage whether you are an attacker or a defender.

As an attacker, rounds start with you deploying your drone or UAV to stealthily penetrate through the buildings and locate the enemies as fast as you can. While doing so, there will be numerous turns and even shifts in floors as you maneuver the drone through the stairs.

For beginners, it may become a challenge for you to even take note of the path your UAV has travelled, and that goes whether or not you have successfully located and tagged the enemy defenders. With some level of familiarity as to the layout of the building, along with the immediate surrounding grounds, you can more quickly get to the target or even be able to strategize around numerous alternative ways of getting there.

Knowing each building inside and out also provides a lot of advantages for you as a defender. Beyond the doors and walls that you should secure, keeping a good memory of each possible area where drones can sneak in will prepare you better for them. Naturally, you have to eliminate drones as quickly as you can to avoid the attackers from keeping tabs on you and your team. Your counter-tactic against drones are the various cameras scattered within the building that you can view and cycle through to spot where attackers are coming from. Without a good mental image of the building’s layout, information you gather from the cameras will not be of much help.

5. Communication And Coordination Are Keys To Winning

There are many FPS games in the market that players can actually enjoy on their own and while Area F2 is evidently a highly team-centric game, it may happen that some beginners may not as easily grasp just how much coordination and communication matters in each match. As much as you would have to look after yourself first, your team’s hope for a victory relies on each one’s ability to not just survive, but also be able to support his or her teammates.

area f2 tactics

Once you enter your match and begin to be taken to the pre-battle screen where you choose your starting point, do not shy away from enabling both the mic and speaker located at the upper right corner of the screen. If you feel a bit inexperienced as far as leading a team is concerned, do not worry as much.

There are bound to be random players you will meet who may not be necessarily more experienced in the game, but will nonetheless take point in the match. In any case, it is okay to be a good follower early on as you observe how members of your team behave. After a few matches or so, you are bound to identify the exceptional teammates from the average ones based on their actions within the game.

Communication must always be present throughout the match and in case the you cannot engage in voice chat effectively, at the very least use the other chat feature that provides quick messages for everyone to hear. Playing matches, especially competitively can be a very challenging experience especially among random players but keep in mind that as you communicate and coordinate with more players effectively, you can gain a lot of friends online whom you can always form squads with.

6. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

Regardless of how you perform and whether or not you secure a victory in each match, you are bound to secure rewards you need to be able to afford shopping for more agents that can be unlocked as well as various skins and cosmetics. In addition to outright rewards, however, more can be earned by accomplishing missions.

There are 2 types of missions in Area F2 that you should seek to accomplish regularly. The first one are daily missions that reset each day and the other set are progress missions that serve as milestones for your overall accomplishments. Both can be accessed by tapping on the “checklist” icon at the right side of your screen.

how to earn more rewards in area f2

Both types of missions actually fall well within the activities you would normally engage in as you play the game. In any case, a quick look at the objectives once you start the game up is an important habit to make to ensure that you will not miss out on any potential reward.

For daily missions, each objective met will earn you coins as well as activity points. You would want to earn as many activity points daily as the extra rewards within the chests that you can unlock at the bottom of the screen offers even more gold as well as a highly valuable ticket. Progress Missions are based on your level so chances are that you will not miss out on anything as far as the objectives go.

Keep in mind that nothing limits you from engaging in matches and racking up resources and experience points in Area F2. As such, you can actually make a lot of good progress even prior to engaging in PvP matches and even ranked matches. In any case, Ranked Matches unlock once you reach level 5 so hopefully with the simple tips that we enumerated here, you will be prepared well enough for when you are able to duke it out with other players.

This is where we will end our Area F2 beginner’s guide. We hope that you picked up a lot of the basic stuff that we discussed in here and that you will take the time and patience needed to follow them as you make progress in the game. If you have a lot of experience in Area F2 and have discovered some tips and strategies other than the ones we mentioned here, you are very much welcome to share them with us and our readers via the comment section!