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Eclipse Isle Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate the Battle Arena

NetEase Games hardly needs any introduction especially to long-time gamers as the company is home to several top-notch mobile titles. Since it started being active in the mobile gaming industry in 2015, NetEase Games has published many successful titles and currently holds over 40 games in its app portfolio. Cyber Hunter, LifeAfter and Rules of Survival are just some of the games that top the list off of NetEase Games’ offerings, with each one having been downloaded a couple million times from the Google Play Store alone. Like most of their games, the top ones as far as downloads are concerned, maintains highly positive average review ratings. With its accomplishments and lasting impressions earned, NetEase Games has earned a massive following and established a reputation that makes each and every new game they release practically instant hits on both the App Store and Google Play.

Eclipse Isle is the newest battle royale game from NetEase Games and showcases a host of new elements in addition to well-established game mechanics for a perfect mix of real-time action strategy combat. With numerous heroes to unlock and master, each with their own unique skills and play style, Eclipse Isle mixes in a touch of the MOBA genre into it. The anime-themed design and overall visuals are top-notch and you can definitely feel, within a few minutes of gameplay, that a lot of thought and hard work were invested into the design and creation of the game.

eclipse isle arena

Just a couple of weeks after its official launch and Eclipse Isle has already reached over 100 thousand downloads, marching up in ranks on top lists of games in several countries. IF you enjoy both battle royale and MOBA games or looking to venture into it, the look no further as you will definitely enjoy diving into Eclipse Isle as much as any new or experienced gamer who plays it.

Like every hero’s introduction in every isekai manga, anime, or light novels, Eclipse Isle begins with your hero falling into a manhole and getting magically transported into another world. Take control of a wide variety of heroes and battle 59 other players in an arena where an eclipse continuously poses a deadly threat to everyone. Your quest is to discover the mysteries that lie within the Eclipse Isle by winning against all other combatants and standing victorious across a series of battles. Eclipse Isle guarantees that no two matches will be the same and with coop mode available as well, the thrill of new experiences and learnings from each succeeding battle will keep you coming back for more.

The controls and features of Eclipse Isle may take some time to get accustomed to, especially for players new to battle royale or MOBA games. The extensive in-game tutorials really help a lot as far as getting a good grip of both mechanics and control goes but with the numerous things you can do as you dive into battle can best be learned through actual matches. Whether you have just started playing the game or have gone deep enough into it and looking for more efficient ways to win more matches, be sure to read our Eclipse Isle beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies to help you jumpstart your competitive adventure.

1. Complete All Tutorial Stages

First things first, it would be ideal to select being a rookie when asked about your gaming experience as soon as you start the game. Even if you have indeed played a lot of games before and even if you consider yourself to an experienced or even a pro at battle royales and MOBAs, Eclipse Isle is still a unique game all on its own and definitely has some unique things to offer you likely have not seen in any game you have played before. More so, if you are a total beginner, then it’s the definite choice to take as tutorials are a must for you to be at least half-ready when you step in the battle arena.

eclipse isle tips

Once you complete the introductory phase of Eclipse Isle, which stands as the first part of the tutorial, you will be free to engage in the 60-player PvP match. Despite having a basic idea of the controls and mechanics, it will still be far from enough to guarantee that you will be fully knowledgeable and equipped enough do well in an actual match. Participating in one will surely be beneficial, but before you jump right into the fray, control that itch and spend a few more minutes to complete the rest of the tutorials.

The tutorial can be accessed through the button just above the match button at the right side of your screen. There are four parts in the tutorial with the first one completed by the time you see it and each one holds rewards after its completion. Each part can be accomplished pretty quickly and beyond the petty rewards, it is important for you to go through each stage of it to have a firmer grasp of the controls as well as have a better idea of what to find within the unique environment that Eclipse Isle holds. Surely, going through the entire tutorial will better prepare you for what lies ahead in the actual matches you will partake in later on.

2. Try Out Each Hero As Much As You Can

There are currently 10 heroes available in Eclipse Isle right now although you will not be readily able to use each one of them on the early part of the game. It will take some grinding, and, of course, a lot of playing hours to unlock all of them. Just the same, you are guaranteed to have at least 2 heroes for starters, and will have plenty of opportunities to try other characters out for a limited time.

Levelling up earns you rewards where you get to pick one from three choices. In these instances, always grab the opportunity to nab a free trial of whichever hero becomes available as it would be much more worth it to take that hero for a spin to help you decide later on if you would want to prioritize unlocking that hero or someone else once you have enough gold or crystals to do so. Given as well that there is a limited period of time to test run that character, make the most out of it and try different strategies playing as that hero.

eclipse isle hero

Each hero in Eclipse Isle is packed, not just with unique skill sets, but attributes as well. These differences make each hero more suitable to one type of strategic approach or playstyle over others and while there may soon be established techniques for each one of them, you will have to find out on your own how each one could work for you. You would want to try as many heroes as you can to find one that suits your preferences in battle which may differ as well if you play solo, with a partner, with a full squad, or hopping across all variants. You should come to discover that there will definitely be a hero most suitable for how you want to play whether you enjoy being an all-out brawler, a strategic support hero, or keeping good distance and banking more on defensive tactics.

Regardless of how you want to play it, you may even grow fond of more than one hero eventually, so be sure to take every opportunity to discover which ones will be your avatars in the battle arena.

Beyond testing out heroes to try and learn how to better utilize their skills in combat, experienced MOBA players know and understand that half of the reason you would want to know what each hero can do is to have an idea about how to strategize against them in combat. The more you play each hero, the better you will understand their strengths and corresponding weaknesses. At some point, exhausting all ideas on how to play each character effectively will also give you an idea when a player you engage in battle is no expert in using that hero. To some extent, that would be a main determining factor on whether or not you will choose to engage others in combat.

Understand as well that while each hero in Eclipse Isle is designed to be unique on their own, the combination of heroes whether as pairs or as a 4-man squad exponentially brings up the number of possible strategies that can be built around them. As such, take note of what each hero can do not just on their own but with how skills, buffs more specifically, can impact the outcome of every combat engagement you will come across.

3. Plan Ahead On Every Match You Engage In

Eclipse Isle is definitely not a game designed to see which, from among the heroes is most powerful but rather, which strategies attached to each hero can earn you the privilege to be the last man standing. For one, all heroes are designed to be as balanced compared to all other heroes as much as possible. As such, strategy will be your primary key to raising your chances of securing a good, clean victory in each match you participate in.

What better way to impose strategies than to tailor one right off the bat and have a good plan in mind even before you jump from the airship down to the fray that lies below. In general, three main approaches stand before you at the start of each match and while level of expertise may seem to dictate what your choice ought to be, it is still largely based on what you are most comfortable with. You can jump off ahead for an early start as soon as you are able to, you can wait for a good location where tons of loot are potentially available, or be the late-comer and jump at the last moment on the farther stretch of the isle.

eclipse isle strategies

The early jumper approach is typically suitable for very experienced players who can make do regardless of what they are able to grab once they land on the ground. They can be lucky enough to equip themselves early on and overpower everyone else who may not be as geared up as they are when confrontations take place. If you want a largely probable action-packed session right at the start of the match and want in on the chaos that would most likely ensue as you drop, then by all means, jump ahead of the pack.

A more careful approach for experienced players and beginners alike center around targeting a specific area on the map that goes well within reach from the path of the airship. Areas with a lot of structures naturally hold a lot of resources so you can raise the possibility of being better equipped before you get yourself tangled in combat.

Like the first option, you may want to take a good look at your surroundings right after you jump off as knowing whether you will be alone on your chosen area or not should be a decision point for your strategy when you land.

Typically, this option will be a lot safer than the first one and can be a wise choice for most players. The only potential danger is if some enemies land ahead and travel to your area of choice armed to the teeth to try and eliminate you before you can nab some decent equipment.

Last, but not the least, is the patience run where you wait till the very end of the airship’s flight before you jump off. This tactic is potentially the safest and is basically fit for beginners. The idea is to stay away from any potential engagements as much as you can and bank on the chance of grabbing whatever you can in the surrounding structures you can find close to where you land. This is the kind of play where you will most likely see the number of players slowly dwindle before you even begin to encounter another soul on the arena. As far as turtle tactics go, this is a great fit for people who want to take things slow and be on the defensive for the most part of the match.

You won’t be sure of what would work best for you until you have tried and tested each of these approaches. Whatever your initial preferences may be, do not hesitate to give each drop tactic a shot as you may discover more fun and excitement as you play a different role and set of strategies on each match you partake in.

4. Know How To Use Your Environment Strategically

Regardless of which character you choose to play with, and the unique set of skills that come with him or her, learning how to use the environment itself will form part of your arsenal as you engage in every match. Beyond the items and equipment that abound across the entirety of the isle, you should pay close attention to means of transportation, hiding spots as well as traps and obstacles that you can use to your advantage whether offensively or defensively.

Camping is probably not a great option considering the randomly striking eclipse that poses constant danger. In the event that you see oncoming enemies and there are barrels you can hide in, take advantage of it to set up an ambush. Much like bushes or anything you can find cover in, doing so requires actually not being seen in the act of hiding. Likewise, in cases where you need to flee from an encounter and replenish some of your lost health back, do so only when you are safe from being assaulted. Any safe spot works well for regaining some lost health back and strategizing on a counter-tactic but remember to not overuse it in ways like staying idle for an extended period of time.

eclipse isle environment

There are various rides you can use available throughout the isle and as you may have been accustomed to just running around on foot, keep in mind that mounts are there to be fully utilized. A good example is when you want to stop by a certain building to grab whatever you can and move on to the next area fast. Always keep an eye out for a ride and once you secure one, make sure to dislodge on a spot where you can easily get back to it if things turn sour. Whether it is a full squad of enemies you need to flee from or an impending eclipse in the area you are in, having a ride handy can save you from a lot of inconvenience and trouble.

Surely enough, you will encounter a lot of areas in the game where there are obstacles that can damage you when you touch it. If you will be sticking around in areas with those around, take note of their locations as you may be able to lead opponents through those spots for added injury and potential disorientation. In addition to actually looking after yourself and standing watch over potential enemies, make it a habit to explore the environment to get to know how hazards can be utilized to work for you.

5. Always Be Conscious Of The Eclipse

Like all other battle royale games, one intrinsic element to push for a last man standing scenario is to constantly shrink safe zones on top of the time limit within which everyone else must be eliminated for you to win a match. Unlike in most battle royales where storms or danger zones push from a spherical shape inwards, eclipses in Eclipse Isle make one random area on the map toxic and countdowns can commence on separate areas consecutively. With this, it will be a greater challenge to predict the next hazardous spot or have a solid idea of finding an area that will be safe for the next two or more countdowns.

eclipse isle tricks

Given this scenario, you can expect that there will be more movement and relocation in the game and much less camping and idle times within each match. While the eclipse naturally poses danger to you and the rest of the competition, there are certainly ways to use even the eclipse itself to work for you.

It is a common tactic for experienced battle royale players to take advantage of earning kills from other players fleeing from the perilous areas around them. It is almost a guarantee to find some players get caught in the mantle of the eclipse and while the slow life drain caused by it may not be enough to stop them in their tracks, they become easy pickings from players in the safe zone waiting for the unfortunate ones. Keep in mind, though, that while waiting for targets crossing between the eclipsed areas to the safe zone you are in, other players may also have their sights on you. Just in case, be sure to situate yourself to have as few sides open as possible if you are preparing to ambush while avoiding to be on its rear end at the same time.

6. Know When To Fight And When To Flee

While the biggest chunk of fun and excitement in battle royale games come from encounters between players, more so if there are more opposing players or groups in a confined area just reveling in the chaos of sorts. There may be a bit of luck involved in the outcome of these encounters as you may just happen to be everyone else’s favorite target but every encounter can be controlled to some extent, with some presence of mind and a bit of self-control in hand.

eclipse isle tactics

Most especially in team play, you have to be weary of every encounter and learn to assess the situation fast to decide if you should continue to engage or escape and fight at another time and place. Consider the advantage of position given where you are relative to defensive points close to you. While taking note of the eclipse as well, you should always stay conscious of how it can impact you if the encounter area is close to it. Numbers within the opposition are, of course, easy deciding factors. If there are more of them, then the smarter choice would be to fall back but again, if you are confident of the gear and items you have, then you can dip a bit into it to sort of test the waters provided that there is a plan B as soon as things go south.

As you, like many players, will most likely be inclined to always engage, feel free to do so for fun. If you are yearning or playing to win, though, then it would be best to let strategic rationality dominate and think things through before you decide to engage in every encounter you find yourself in. There are points to be earned with numerous different feats you accomplish within matches. Eliminating players naturally hold the most part of it. In the end, though, the biggest achievement lies with your rank and if you are more for ranks and rewards, then play to win and let fun tail in as a close second.

7. Add Friends And Join A Guild

You will certainly have to engage in team play at some point in time and experience the more thrilling aspect of battle royales as cooperative gameplay presents a whole bunch of interesting strategies and mechanics that make each match even livelier than solo play. While you can always jump in and be paired with random people, devising a strategy on the go with players whom you are not familiar with as far as expertise and preferences are concerned, will be harder than the usual. There are ways and means to communicate with teammates, which is a great to have as you play with different people, but having a firm idea of your next approach in a match always comes off better if each member of the squad is familiar with everyone else.

eclipse isle guild

To ensure that you have people whom you may consistently team up with, make an effort to add friends through the random players you encounter as well as accepting invites from others. Be sure to apply for a guild with many active members and invite or accept invites before jumping into a match. Keep in mind that each match you participate in, especially with some guild members earn you activity points that literally translate to rewards that can grow based on everyone’s performance. Star coins, a boost to earning more experience points as well as another boost to earn more coins are up for grabs so be sure to join one as soon as you can to start unlocking more heroes for your collection.

That is all we have for now, as far as or Eclipse Isle beginner’s guide is concerned. There are certainly still a lot of tips, tricks and tactics you can learn as you dive further into the game but some lessons are truly best left to actual in-game experience. If you know additional tips or strategies, that we haven’t included in this guide, feel free to share them with us via the comment section!


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Thank you for these tips. :) I've been playing the game for 2 weeks now and I think these are really helpful. :)