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Dungeon Crash Tips & Tricks to Collect More Heroes

Dungeon Crash is a relatively new game by Firefly Games that’s available for iOS devices, namely the iPhone and iPad. While we provided a strategy guide for the game last month, we’ve decided to revisit it due to the recent update Firefly Games just rolled out. This is the “ultimate fantasy RPG” that pits you against orcs, elves, goblins, dragons, and other beastlies making life hard in the Kingdom of Berman. You’ll be traveling through different locations and defeating powerful monsters, hoping to save the kingdom and re-forge the Pandora sword.

Our exclusive Dungeon Crash strategy guide can help you in collecting more heroes, so read on if you want to have more, and better heroes in the game.

1. Claim The Free Summons In The Tavern

You’ll be able to summon new heroes free of charge – yes, free of charge – inside the Tavern. You can summon normal, or common heroes up to a maximum three times a day, though you’ll have to wait at least ten minutes in between each summon. You can also summon expert, or rare heroes once, and only once a day. Lastly, you can summon luxury, or very rare heroes once every two days. But that’s just part of it – once you use the free expert and luxury summons one right after the other, you’ll be rewarded with a super rare hero after a given number of summons.

To keep it short and sweet, you want to take advantage of the daily summons – that’s one of the best, if not the best way to get more heroes, especially rarer ones.

2. Score Three Stars On A Level

If you’re able to complete a level without any one of your heroes falling in battle, you’ll get a perfect three stars. That makes it essential to try your best to keep your heroes alive. But why do you want to collect as many stars as possible? The reason is the opportunity to open bonus chests – each chapter comes with three, and you’ll need to have enough stars in order to unlock them. Oftentimes these chests come stocked with diamonds, and you will need diamonds if you want to get more rare heroes.

3. Collect Hero Shards

Once you’ve made your way a bit in the campaign, you’ll encounter hero shards for the first time. These are incomplete pieces of lost heroes, and if you find all shards for one hero, you can go to the Hero Store and recreate that hero. Go to the Soul section on your hero list the moment you’ve gotten the first shard of a hero so you know where the shards drop. Take advantage of this and you just might end up with some formidable heroes.

4. Login To The Game Daily

It’s as simple as logging in to the game at least once per day. For each consecutive day you login, you’ll get a daily login bonus, which often includes diamonds. The bonus may also include soul gems, which could be traded for hero shards, so either way you will get some nice rewards for logging in at least once a day.