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Dungeon Crash Tips, Cheats & Strategies: A Quick Guide to Success

Dungeon Crash is Firefly Games’ latest iOS role-playing game, and it’s interesting that they’ve used the word “crash” instead of “crawl” – guess it’s to underscore the intensity of the game? In the game you get to fight a wide range of monsters, including orcs, elves, goblins, and dragons – and the in-game Kingdom of Berman has several scenic locations you can explore as you fight off these monsters. The description of the game also comes with an in-depth backstory, talking about a magical sword named Pandora that had once locked all evil beings in dungeons. With the bond of that sword broken, your goal is to send the monsters back to the dungeons and to keep the kingdom of Berman safe from their threat.

There are a lot of smaller, finer details about this game besides what we mentioned, apart from the usual RPG mechanics where you assemble a team of heroes and upgrade them as you go along. No two RPGs, after all, are alike. So with that said, here’s a quick Dungeon Crash strategy guide you can refer to regardless of which point of the game you’re in.

1. How To Expedite Your Leveling-Up Process

There are so many cool items in Dungeon Crash, but the coolest of these items will remain locked until you’re at a certain level. And while it may sound daunting to try to reach that level, you can actually do it without having to wait that long.

What special technique or cheat would you need to pull off to this end? It’s not really a cheat, and it’s actually a very common technique – it’s called grinding. In other words, this is heading to a dungeon you’ve already beaten and replaying that dungeon. In this game, just go to the dungeon you’ve beaten, tap on it, and choose “Auto-Battle 5x” until you’re all out of food. Leave the dungeon and see how many items you’ve unlocked, as you would have likely leveled up significantly during this “grinding” or “farming” process.

2. Auto Battles Mean More XP

Not too many auto-battle features on RPGs are that useful – many of them, in fact, make use of weak and rudimentary computer AI. The auto-battle feature on Dungeon Crash, however, is very useful. The more you replay a dungeon with Auto-Battle, the more experience points you’ll gain. It’s also a good idea to use your gems to cook more food, so that way, you can keep your heroes fed and allow them to keep auto-battling it out as your level rises rapidly in just a few minutes.

3. Awaken, Evolve, Enhance, Upgrade

The first three are three similar-sounding, yet ultimately different ways to make your heroes better. And they all may need certain items, such as evolution gems, in order to pull off successfully. Regardless which you choose, they all improve your heroes’ stats. Choose any one of the three options, tap on any items you don’t have enough of, and the game will give you hints on where you can find those items.

Additionally, you will eventually get a chance to upgrade weapons and armor, and all you’ll need to do this is gold. Weapons can also be awakened to improve their base stats.

4. Win Boss Battles And Fight In The Arena To Get More Rare Stuff

The more you compete in boss battles and arena fights, the more likely you would be to win rare heroes and weapons. Always be sure you’ve got a strong team before heading into either option.