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Torque Burnout Tips, Cheats & Guide: 4 Hints for Pulling Off Perfect Car Stunts

Over the past few days, we’ve covered a few racing games, and League of Monkeys happens to have a new one for iOS devices – Torque Burnout. This game is described as an unashamedly over the top ‘driving’ game that combines elements from other racing games. But there’s a reason why the word ‘driving’ is in quotes – you won’t be racing as much as you’ll be doing donuts and drifting. You can choose from a range of different cars that have their own handling abilities and customization features. And the graphics in this game are quite impressive – the game delivers on its promise of “gorgeous smoke, bursting tires, and flaming engines.”

Okay, maybe it’s really not a racing game, considering that you’re mostly doing tricks such as donuts and drifts. But that’s the game’s selling point, and what makes it different from other titles in its category. So with that being said, here are some Torque Burnout tips and tricks that you may find useful if you’re trying to pull off the next big stunt and get the crowd going.

1. Don’t Mind Those Smaller Buttons

The controls in Torque Burnout seem to be quite complicated – you’ve got the gas pedal, and you’ve also got two brakes, two more hand brakes, as well as two arrows that allow you to go left or right. That’s a lot of controls, to be quite honest, and as it appears in the game, the controls don’t seem to have much separation from each other, even on a larger-screened iPhone 6/6 Plus or 6s/6s Plus. There haven’t been too many reports from gamers trying Torque Burnout on an iPad, but it may be better to stick to the basics, and not have to worry about the smaller control buttons.

2. Allow Yourself More Space To Operate

Looking for a surefire way to pull off an impressive donut burnout? What you need is a lot of room to operate – with more room, you’ll be able to add more speed to your stunts, and with more speed, you’ll be able to push yourself forward faster. That only means wilder stunts in the arena, and you know how the crowd loves wild stunts. The key here is to work the gas pedal if you’re looking for bigger stunts and more significant bonuses.

3. Make The Most Of Your Tires In Freestyle

During freestyle levels, you’re free to pull off as many wild stunts as your tires can handle. As your tires may not be able to take all that strain for several minutes on end, it’s best to let loose with your big moves right off the bat.

4. Wild Doesn’t Have To Mean Undisciplined

Though, we did use the word “wild” twice in the above tip, that’s used to refer to the nature of the stunt, and not the technique you use in pulling it off. For more nitro boosts in Torque Burnout, you’ll need to string some tricks together – I guess you can call this the game’s combo mechanic. In other words, you’ll want to keep it as clean as possible, with no crashes, no deviations from what a donut or drift is supposed to be, just clean, smooth technique. Alternate the main brake and hand brake while you’re spinning and you’ll have a better chance of a nitro boost.