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lluminati: MLG Clicker Tips & Cheats: 4 Tricks You Need to Know

Quantum Games’ brand-new title called Illuminati: MLG Clicker is arcade clicker game, which is available for Android and iOS devices. According to the developer, you should play this game if you’re a true MLG Zen, and that you should tap, and buy memes to get more Illuminati. There’s even a marijuana reference, as Quantum says the game will increase your quickscope skill by 420 percent. So what’s this game all about really? Well, the game’s premise is based on Illuminati jokes and memes on the Internet, and its mechanics involve endless clicking.

We hope that was helpful enough for you, though it shouldn’t take you too long to get a hang of this game once you’ve downloaded it. But should you run into trouble along the way, or if you’re just about to start playing, we recommend reading these Illuminati: MLG Clicker tips, cheats and strategies.

1. Alternate Your Left And Right Fingers

The two-finger technique works in this game, and that’s a great thing given the game’s tapping mechanic. In fact, you can alternate more than just two fingers, and four fingers would actually be the most ideal way to go. Have one hand cover the top part of your screen and another hand cover the bottom; this allows you to have greater coverage for the memes that appear, and makes it easier to spot the memes that appear in the middle.

If you’re playing on a tablet, you can even enlist your friends’ assistance so that there is more than one set of hands working the display. With everyone tapping at the same time, you can earn an unreal amount of Illuminati without trying too hard.

2. Buy The Beardie Power-Up To Get Rid Of The Pop-Ups

Some iOS gamers have noticed a very annoying quirk with the game. Every ten seconds you’ll get Game Center pop-ups, and that can indeed be quite irritating and distracting. The pop-ups, according to some, become less frequent over time, but the best thing to do to get rid of them ASAP is to buy the Beardie power-up. Many claim to have gotten rid of the pop-ups this way, so go give it a try.

3. How To Use Beardie

As we said above, Illuminati is the game’s currency – with 500 Illuminati, you can buy Beardie, who has a much greater purpose than simply killing the pop-ups we were talking about earlier. Once you see him on your screen, tap him so you can get a temporary 2x multiplier for your taps. And if there’s more than one Beardie and you tap on all of them, that could multiply your tap value exponentially; for instance, three consecutive quick taps give you a multiplier of 8x.

4. All Subsequent Upgrades Multiply Your Tap Value

After buying Beardie, you’ll notice that all the other upgrades you purchase afterwards will do something similar for you. They allow memes or items appear on your screen, and tapping on those items will give you the upgrade. Try to combine these tap upgrades so you can get some ridiculously large multipliers and bonuses.


Tuesday 11th of April 2017

if u click with more than one finger it makes ur score go a lot higher