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Skeletomb Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints Every Player Should Know

There are just too many in-depth, sophisticated dungeon crawlers out in the mobile space these days, but if you’d rather play a simpler, retro-style less intense one, you might as well give Skeletomb a try. This fantastic Punk Labs game for iOS and Android lets you to “choose from many unlikely heroes” as you have them go against the elements; you can either play in Endless mode, or play in Adventure mode, which follows a storyline. You’ve got a plethora of heroes you can play as, and as far as the graphics go, you’ll notice a distinct retro flavor to them, just like those adventure-based PC RPGs from decades past.

Even if Skeletomb is a retro-styled arcade title, it’s not the easiest game in the world to pick up right from the get-go. And that’s why you may need to check out list of Skeletomb tips, tricks and hints before beginning the game.

1. Changing Directions Is Tricky

It sounds easy at first – tap to go forward and slide to change directions. But as many have experienced, it does take a while to get used to moving around in Skeletomb. This is especially tricky, though, if you’re trying to move forward again after earlier going in a sideways direction. In this case, you’ll need to tap first to turn yourself to the front. We suggest devoting lots of time to this seemingly simple movement, as the mere split-second it takes you to change directions could be the difference between staying healthy and/or alive and getting hit by an enemy.

2. Don’t Save The Trees

The trees in Skeletomb serve a dual purpose – they aren’t just there to serve as obstacles to get in your way and give you more of a challenge. If you destroy a tree in this game, you’ll more often than not receive some coins. And that doesn’t just apply to trees – other items can be destroyed, and they can also yield some hidden coins if you get rid of them. The trick here is to try tapping on an obstacle if you see one – it may not come with any hidden loot, but it just might.

3. Keep Going Forward

It might sound like a good plan to stop every now and then to kill those smaller enemies, such as bats and skeletons. But they aren’t worth your effort. What you should be doing in this game is to move forward and gather more coins. The more coins you collect, the more new characters you can unlock, so don’t bother dealing with a lower-level monster if it’s going to cost you some ground, therefore costing you some progress.

4. Tap As Quick As You Can

While Skeletomb is not one of those endless clicker games, there are some instances where you shouldn’t just tap on your screen, but tap as fast as possible. Super-fast tapping could allow you to get rid of a whole row of trees, or could also help you when dealing with a rapid succession of arrows or other obstacles in your way. It may be tiring, but it’s all worth it in the end.

That’s all for now, as far as our list of Skeletomb tips and tricks is concerned. We will update this guide whenever we come up with some new hints, so be sure to check back!