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Qubes Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

As we’ve observed and pointed out several times before, Ketchapp games seem to follow a pattern. They’re endless-play games that appeal to a broad range of mobile users – hardcore gamers play these to cleanse the proverbial palate in between RPG or other high-end game sessions. Non-gamers, too, tend to get hooked on these titles because they’re so simple. These games are also available on both Android and iOS, and come with fast-and-furious descriptions on the Play Store and App Store. Qubes follows the traditional Ketchapp “blueprint,” and all you need to know about the mechanics can be found in the game description – tap to change the bouncing ball’s direction, and gather coins to unlock new balls.

These Ketchapp games usually have two main goals – top your highest high score or somebody else’s, and unlock as many new characters or items as possible. And that’s where our collection of Qubes tips, tricks and cheats come into play – check them out if you want to unlock more and score more.

1. Chase After The Orbs

Your ball generally takes a downward path on the Qubes, as you tap to change direction as the game says you should. What can you use to help you find the right path down? It’s those colored orbs you may see at a distance from where you’re at. The moment you see these orbs, start bouncing towards them and collect them, so you can get a quick glimpse at a map detailing the best suggested route downwards.

2. Tap Right Before You Drop

As your ball falls from one Qube to the next one, you’ll want to take advantage of the few split-seconds separating the ball’s fall from the previous Qube from its fall to the next one. Tap on your screen before your ball touches the next Qube, so you can make a smooth direction change upon landing. And make sure your timing is good, as a slight delay may end your game as you fall down a bottomless pit of sorts.

3. Play Around The Qubes’ Perimeter

We strongly suggest having the ball bounce on the outside of each of the Qubes. These are typically the longest paths, therefore the ones that will keep you going for the longest time. This may not result in a substantial increase to your score, but at least you’ll be getting there faster and easier.

4. Take Breaks

Is your game beginning to suffer for some reason or another? You may be getting fatigued or frustrated. And that may require you to step aside from your mobile device and take a break for about 30 minutes or so. Take it easy, rest your mind and your fingers, and return after that half-hour feeling reenergized and ready to take on the Qubes once again.

5. Buy Custom Balls To Break The Monotony

The coins you earn in this game can be used to buy customized balls, but they all play the same way as the standard ball does. But if you want to break the monotony for a bit, and perhaps add some pizzazz to the plain old ball you start with, these balls could really help you change things around.