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Traffic Rush 2 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Traffic Rush 2 is a new mobile, which is currently available only for iOS devices. This game is made by Donut Games, and it’s the follow-up to the hit game “from the early days of the App Store,” a title that had made it to Apple’s All-Time Top Paid iPhone Apps several years ago. There are truckloads of unlockable vehicles in this game, such as monster trucks, limousines, fire trucks, and much more. You can challenge your friends’ high scores and watch crash scenes that Donut Games describes as “whacky”. But what do you do exactly in a game like this? Putting it in simple terms, you control all the vehicles that weave in and out of the intersection, making sure that they don’t crash as there are no stop lights and the cars don’t change lanes.

Managing traffic – yes, that’s what you’ll be doing here – may sound like a tough thing to do. But isn’t that how it is in those casual games that offer easy mechanics but difficult mastery? Fortunately, we have compiled a useful list of Traffic Rush 2 tips and tricks you can check out if you need help managing those busy streets.

1. Focus On Tap And Swipe Mechanics

Tap and swipe – that’s all there is to it when it comes to the basics of controlling the cars. Tap on a car to stop it, swipe it to start it again; timing is important here, and this tap-and-swipe mechanic is touched on in the tutorial. However, that tutorial won’t tell you that you can swipe a moving car if you want it to go faster. Remember this when playing the game, so you don’t have to make two moves to get a car going at a faster speed.

2. Understand The Coin System

Swiping cars will sometimes result in them dropping coins. Those coins get picked up when another car drives over them; that will have you earning the coin, as it gets added to your collection. And once you’ve reached 100 coins, you can then buy a new car and unlock it.

How else can you earn coins in this game? For one, you can earn them as free gifts. Sometimes, you’ll have a chance to open three doors out of a total 16 doors in a box. Each door will have a coin prize, but the value of the prize would vary per door. Watching ad videos also gets you 20 free coins easy.

3. All Cars Behind Will Stop When You Stop A Car In Front

This is automatic – everyone stops when you stop the car in front. But you should be careful when doing this, as there’s always the chance of accidentally swiping a car forward when it’s behind another vehicle. That could easily result in an epic pile-up, and while the game says those are “wacky,” that’s not what you want to achieve in Traffic Rush 2. Remember, you’re trying to manage traffic the right way, not to cause big pile-ups.

This is our collection of Traffic Rush 2 tips and tricks for now. In case you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to contact us!