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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Strategy Guide & Hints: How to Collect Free Crystals

As we promised, we’ve got another Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes strategy guide, and it’s about gathering crystals. In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes crystals are the premium currency, and you will use them for buying the Chromium Data Cards that allow you to unlock heroes for the Light and Dark Side campaigns. As a quick reminder, this is a new game from Electronic Arts for Android and iOS, and it’s the official game of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the upcoming Star Wars movie. You can collect Jedi and Sith characters alike, build powerful teams, and win battles by coming up with a good strategy. And when it comes to collecting characters, you can do so from all Star Wars films, may it be the prequel films, the original trilogy, and even animated TV programs – that’s pretty much everyone in the Star Wars universe, each having their own attacks and abilities.

Now, that we’ve given you a brief recap of the game, let’s take you to those tips and help you in gathering more free crystals in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

1. Login Every Day And Complete Daily Missions

We told you about this tip when talking about how to collect more heroes, but we’ll say it again – by logging in every day, even without playing, you can collect daily rewards, which often contain crystals. Don’t worry much if you’re busy – simply logging in will still allow you to keep your streak of daily logins. Also, complete the daily missions if you could – completing these missions, which are oftentimes quite easy, could typically earn you a whole lot of free crystals.

2. Complete Campaign Missions In Normal And Hard Mode

Don’t be content with completing the campaign missions in Normal mode. Once you’re done with that, complete them in Hard mode as well. Either way, you can get some of free crystals, probably not as much as you may expect, but free stuff is free stuff. Keep on unlocking more new missions and play them in Normal and Hard mode to give you a shot at earning those free crystals faster.

3. Complete Achievements

Achievements, once completed, are another great way to get free crystals, on top of all the other free stuff the game normally rewards you with. Some of the achievements may sound a bit too daunting, but if you grind it out (pun not intended), you may be able to get there sooner than you think.

4. Just Play Well

That’s right – just play well. It may sound as simple as that, but playing well in all aspects of the game is probably the most consistent, if general ways for you to get free crystals. To be specific, you can try to rank as highly as possible in Squad Arena, as getting a high ranking could get you a truckload of crystals per day. The moment you’ve got a chance to fight for free, go fight and go for the win so you can climb up the rankings and get more crystals.

Do you need some additional tips and tricks to progress in the game? If so, we advise you to head over to our general Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes strategy guide. You can also check out our second set of tips for the game, which contains some nice tricks on how to collect more heroes.