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Dumb Ways to Die 2 Strategy Guide & Tips: Scoring High in Drown Town

You’ve mastered Freezerville, which is an icy series of mini-games, and done the same at Dumb Dome, where the mini-games resemble athletic events. So what’s next in this Dumb Ways to Die 2 strategy guide for iOS and Android players? The third and last part in this series will focus on Drown Town, which, as you may guess, involves water-based challenges. Join us now as we cover the last set of mini-games and help you survive Drown Town.

Depth Charge Free Diving

This is another tilting mini-game, and this one happens to be arguably the most sensitive we’ve covered so far. As such, you’ll want to tilt your device very slowly and gently and try to stay close to the center. Again, avoid reaching the edges, and be very sure you’re tilting ever so gingerly. But don’t be afraid if your character’s head comes in (slight) contact with a mine, as that wouldn’t kill him off just yet.

Dolphin Rodeo

Now, we’ve got more tilting here, and this time, Dolphin Rodeo has tilting mechanics that are very sensitive, close to Three Ton Clean and Jerk in terms of sensitivity. But what makes this challenge difficult is the presence of a dolphin, which keeps on moving and leaping, not unlike a bronco at a rodeo. In here, go about things like you would riding a bike – tilt the opposite direction of where the dolphin is tilting, but do so very gently.

Dumb Life Saving

This is the mini-game where you have to save multiple characters’ lives, and things can get tricky here. It’s recommended that you push the characters from one edge to the other, but not quite, then push them back again; this is probably the best thing you can do to prevent them from floating away.

High Dive

Once the dotted line is right above the pool, press and hold on your device’s display. The dotted line will move faster as you progress, but that doesn’t make this mini-game any less simpler or easier.

Hundred Meter Piranha Freestyle

This is a tapping mini-game, which suggests simplicity, but it can be a tough one, as the piranhas will only go faster as you progress and the game starts moving faster. In here, using two thumbs will probably serve you best.

Killer Whale Dentistry

Cleaning the killer whale’s teeth can be done in a number of ways, but you’ll probably want to swipe in small circles, gradually covering all of the whale’s mouth. You can also swipe in larger circles or swipe left and right, as these would also work just fine in most cases.

Running Beside The Pool

For this mini-game, tap the moment your character’s foot is on the floor. You’ll only get thrown off if you observe how the character walks, as one leg covers more ground than the other leg.

Shark Jumping

Shark Jumping in DWTD 2 doesn’t refer to the phenomenon of television shows becoming ridiculous and overblown. This is actual shark-jumping you’ll be doing in this mini-game, and unlike Patchy Ice Figure Skating, you have a lot of room to play around and your reflexes wouldn’t be tested too much. Just make sure you’re tapping before you hit the circular rope around the shark.