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Dragonicle Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Dominate All Challenges

X-Legend Entertainment has recently added a new title to its broad portfolio of MMORPGs. Like Laplace M and Aura Kingdom 2, players can expect Dragonicle to be an adventure of equally epic proportions. Having massive content and features is an understatement when used to describing Dragonicle as it contains most, if not all, the usual features players love and enjoy about RPGs as well as bits of its own original content.

Despite the plethora of buttons and icons on the game screen, the auto mode feature and one-click system in Dragonicle makes it a relatively easy enough game to pick up and play. The pace at which your character grows and the story progresses is tremendously fast in the early hours. Reaching level 100 and going beyond that can easily take place within a day of adventuring.

Considering everything and despite its numerous seemingly complex features, Dragonicle is designed to be as enticing for complete MMORPG neophytes as much as it is to veteran MMORPG enthusiasts. As much as the initial hours of your dive into the world of Asran may seem like a cakewalk, the real challenges that follow it will put your skills and strategies to the ultimate test.

dragonicle strategies

Whether you are just starting your journey in this game and looking to grasp all its features and content fast, or if you are deep enough into it looking for more efficient gameplay strategies, read on as our Dragonicle beginner’s guide has everything you need for a fast progression in your adventure!

1. It All Starts With The Right Class For You

Having character classes to choose from is a basic feature that comes with every MMORPG. For most players, especially beginners in the genre, the most common question that usually pops up relates as to which of the available classes is the best one. In Dragonicle, just like the rest of the other RPGs, the answer remains the same.

Every person has his or her distinct preferences and play style. More commonly than others, players enjoy being able to deal huge amounts of damage and be the proverbial MVP in every team-based endeavor. On the other hand, some players enjoy less offense and more defense, being able to survive longer than all other players in a party.

There are also those who enjoy staying at the sidelines providing as much support as they can to the team, whether through boosting their allies’ capabilities or trimming down the enemies’ capacity. In any case, the choice you should go for and the best class for you will always be the one that most suitably matches your preferences and play style.

paladin class dragonicle

Dragonicle provides players with 4 distinct classes to choose from. Contrary to the generic MMORPG or RPG conventions, the classes provided does not necessarily equate to the usual ones you will find and instead banks on the idea of making different classes with unique sets of stats and skill while maintaining each one to be able stand independently on his or her own. All 4 classes are gender-locked but can each be customized to give your avatar a personal touch.

The Paladin is perhaps the most basic class to consider for beginners especially those who prefer to play a little more defensively. Despite being able to dish out decent damage, the Paladin sports the highest defense values among all the classes. The Paladin also holds a variety of AoE skills, making him a suitable tank against both mobs of enemies and bosses. If you are the type who prefers heading into battle at the frontlines, then this class is the top pick for you.

Much like the Paladin, Assassins also engage and excel in close combat. As yet another front liner in battle, assassins are expected to have decent amounts of defense as well, but not as sturdy as Paladins. On the other hand, an Assassin can eliminate his targets a lot faster than Paladins can with his superb damage outputs. If you enjoy charging into battle and shredding enemies every step of the way while relying on fast reflexes and dodges to stay alive, then you should go with the Shadow (Assassin) class.

shadow class dragonicle

While Mages are among the more common classes found in any RPG, the Mages in Dragonicle are built differently. Mages typically excel in dealing AoE damage and have very low defensive attributes but the Mages in Dragonicle excel in crowd control.

Choosing to play as a mage does not necessarily give you an advantage in terms of offense or defense but will instead give you more AoE skills that come with additional effects that can incapacitate mobs of enemies. If you enjoy more team-play and want to be able to provide support to your team, then the Mage is the perfect class for you.

mage class dragonicle

Last, but definitely not the least, are the Archers, who are the second ranged combat classes in Dragonicle. Archers can deal the most damage against single enemies as well as mobs but are at the bottom of the list as far as defense stats are concerned. Despite the low defensive attributes, however, being a ranged combatant, especially in team battles, will leave Archers at a relatively safer spot than other classes. If you are the type who prefer dishing out loads of damage from a safe distance, then Archers are the way to go.

Your choice of which class to consider may also be influenced by how much you value team plays as opposed to solo adventures. Despite each class being well-rounded enough to be able to hold well on their own, the above are the distinct features that influence how each class can perform based on the player’s play style.

archer class dragonicle

Again, there are no right or wrong choices to make as far as choosing classes are concerned. In the event that you realize that you want a different class after picking another one, Dragonicle leaves you with enough character slots to create and play all 4 classes.

2. Prioritize Progressing Through The Main Quest

No MMORPG is complete without constantly having tons of quests on hand set in a seemingly never-ending adventure. Dragonicle provides players with an engaging enough storyline to follow and this can be progressed through by following the main quest objectives. In addition to learning more about the lore surrounding the land of Asran, the pursuit of main quests helps you understand the rationale behind you going on a long and challenging adventure.

The main quests are your primary source of XP to reach new levels as well as your main source of gears and basic resources. While traditional RPGs may swerve more towards grinding away and farming mobs of monsters to reach higher levels, Dragonicle makes it so that the most amount of XP and progression gained comes from the accomplishment of quest objectives.

Initially, you will only be presented with a single quest objective found at the left side of your screen. Once you make a bit of progress, the list will continue to expand until the point when you would have to scroll to see all available quests for you to accomplish. Regardless of how many quests there are, the main quest, which should be your top priority, will always remain at the top of the list. As much as you can, you should continue taking on and accomplishing these quests until the level requirement or the difficulty of the challenge requires you to take on other quests.

dragonicle main quest

Dragonicle makes it tremendously easy for even the newest of players to make good progress through quests. As new game modes and features become available, some main quest objectives will tour you through each of them and the best part is that tapping on the quest almost automates everything.

Initiating a quest enables your character to travel to where you need to be. NPCs you need to start a conversation with as well as enemies you need to take down can practically complete without much effort. With regard to quests that relate to performing upgrades and enhancements, it can be done with a click of a button.

Whenever there are instances when you need to reach a certain level or gain more power to continue pursuing the main quest, the best options are presented to you once you try to initiate the quest and a click of any option essentially takes you to the game mode or feature.

3. Perform Upgrades And Enhancements Whenever They Are Available

Reaching new levels certainly provides your character stat boost and increase in overall power and the rate at which you reach new levels is tremendously fast on your first day. Reaching certain level milestones also uncover new features and mechanics, largely relating to more enhancement and upgrade options to exponentially increase your power.

Dragonicle certainly has a plethora of upgrade and enhancement options available for players to revel in. In fact, the overabundance of these features can even begin to overwhelm MMORPG neophytes as new upgrade opportunities pop up one after another as you progress through your adventure. While quests can always lead you towards the accomplishment of upgrades and enhancements in their introduction, you will have to make a habit of always performing upgrades as soon as they become available on your own.

Fortunately for beginners, and even experienced players for that matter, Dragonicle makes it extra easy and convenient for everyone not just to know of any available enhancements, but also to take them to which window or feature they need to be in to perform an upgrade. There is an upwards arrow “PW Up” button that you will almost always see at the right side of your screen. Clicking on it reveals available areas or features where you can do something that leads to an increase in power.

upgrades and enhancements in dragonicle

For starters, one of the more basic, and somewhat generic means of obtaining power is through gears that you equip on your character. There are 14 slots on the character screen that you can fill up, although only 6 of these slots are basic gear slots. You will have the basic gears completed in a matter of minutes after you start your adventure and acquiring more and better versions of each come naturally as you progress. Each one can be enhanced using only gold but the enhancement level will be capped based on the gear’s quality.

One of the great things to take note of is that enhancements are permanent and will automatically transfer to the new gears you have equipped. Even in the case of shifting or changing pets, magic weapons, partners, and so on, there are no wastage of resources you invest. With this, there is no point in holding off on enhancement resources and it is always best to consume them sooner than later.

To manually check other enhancement and upgrade features, be sure to explore the menu through its icon at the right side of your screen. The character, dragon soul, magic weapon, partner, outfit, and smithy each present ways and means of earning you more power so long as you have the necessary requirements to do so.

4. Join A Clan As Soon As Possible

Clans, guilds, alliances, factions, as well as other loosely similar player groups is an expected and integral component of every online game, most especially games in the RPG and strategy genre. As online connectivity presupposes the idea of cooperative and competitive multiplayer gameplay alike, the purpose of clans goes beyond merely supplementing the social attributes of the game. Clans elicit more participation from each player and, as such, is expected to provide additional perks and rewards for those who actively engage in activities and events.

Dragonicle, like most MMORPGs, is designed in such a way that story quests and various game modes can keep players engage and make progress all on their own. Despite the abundance of single player content, though, a fast and efficient way of progressing and earning more power demands access and taking advantage of everything Dragonicle has to offer within its vast world. As such, being a member of a clan becomes a must, and the sooner you align yourself with one, the better it will be for you.

dragonicle clan

There is always an option to create and head your own clan instead of applying to the hundreds of other existing clans. For beginners, however, we recommend joining one instead as leading a clan of at least a hundred members can be a very grueling task. You can check the clan icon from the main menu as soon as it becomes available. You will be presented with a list of clans with vacancies and you can readily apply to any of them. Some clans may have requirements but, more often than not, you can join in as soon as you apply.

Signing in daily is your most basic responsibility when joining a clan. You can sign in through the icon at the lower left side of the main clan window. You can check for messages from the clan leader via the clan notice board and be apprised of upcoming clan events through the calendar at the lower right side of the page. Clan events are special game modes you can engage in as a member of a clan. These events often come with exceptional rewards that are difficult or impossible to obtain from anywhere else.

Yet another valuable feature in Dragonicle that comes packed with the clan feature is the clan vault, which you can check through the warehouse tab in the clan page. The vault is where you can donate T4 Purple gears that you no longer need to earn warehouse points. Warehouse points, in return, can be consumed to claim other gears from the vault donated by your fellow clan members.

dragonicle clan vault

In essence, this is a feature that is more advantageous for newer players as most hand-me-downs donated by fellow clan members who have adventured further than you will prove to be a big help as far as securing better gear is concerned. Make sure to be wary of feeding gears to your pets that would have otherwise been donated to the clan vault.

Every bit of activity you engage in as a member of a clan earns you merits and these merits can be used to upgrade clan skills. As vague as the concept may sound, clan skills actually only impact your character and is a feature that can be upgraded based on your needs. Different stat attributes in the clan skill page will be unlocked after reaching certain level milestones and you can invest in stats freely so long as you have sufficient merit points. This essentially leads to being able to customize your character as far as character build is concerned.

5. Accomplish As Many Daily Tasks As You Can

Progressing through the story campaign certainly contributes to your growth and progression tremendously. At some point, the level requirements or the power you need to have to continue on with your progress can have a wide gap with what you have on your current status. In some cases, it may seem like a long grind is right ahead of you but in the world of Dragonicle, it means you now have an opportunity to revel in a variety of daily game modes and dungeons.

Considering that there are plenty of icons on your screen as you play Dragonicle, you can easily distinguish which ones require your attention. Surely enough every icon and feature in Dragonicle is worth looking into, but those with red indicators on their icons tell you of prizes and rewards waiting to be claimed as well as activities with limited periods or attempts that you can still partake in.

dragonicle daily tasks

The daily activities can be accessed through the “Daily” icon at the upper right side of the screen. There are plenty of activities to engage in each day, which can easily be accessed through the “Go” button at the right side. Note that there are several tabs daily activities page so be sure to check on each one especially those with indicators on them.

Most daily quests have limited attempts and the most distinguishing attribute to categorize them is that some can be equally accomplished efficiently regardless of your level or power. Some, on the other hand, may present more benefits the better you perform at them. Once you have cleared enough daily quests to be able to proceed pursuing a main quest, it is recommended to proceed with the latter first and head back to accomplishing daily quests once you hit another stump.

6. Pursue Accomplishment Of Goals For Additional Rewards

While we consider the main quests as the most important set of objectives to prioritize for you to progress faster in your adventure, and while the daily quests and other extra content serve as your go-to place to meet some requirements relative to the main quest, Dragonicle provides even more targets for you to reach, ensuring that there are always higher achievements and milestones to have you keep striving to become stronger.

accomplishing goals in dragonicle

Most goals in the game are listed on the left side of the screen, below the main quests. In some cases, you will accomplish some of these targets while pursuing main quests. To have a better view of available goals in Dragonicle, you can instead click on the goal button above the quests. Note that the goals presented in your screen are usually replaced with higher level versions of the same goal in most cases as these goals are often attributable to milestones you reach across all aspects of your journey.

The goal page is presented in separate tabs although the first tab encompasses all available goals. Familiarizing yourself with each list is important to guide you towards what to expect and for you to initiate on pursuing some of these goals in a less linear approach later on. Each objective completed earns you a set of rewards, and completing a certain number of these targets also earn you extra rewards you can claim at the left side of the page. Earning certain goal points are required to reach a different goal stage or phase, which comes with a tremendous increase in your  character’s stats as well.

7. Expend Daily Attempts In The Arena

MMORPGs are types of immersive games that typically offer a mix of single player content, as well as cooperative and competitive multiplayer aspects. For beginners, the usual approach is to focus on the single player content first and amass more power and gameplay experience.

Once the player is comfortable enough with the controls and mechanics, the next immersion focuses on the competitive multiplayer aspect of the adventure where teaming up with other players on co-op dungeons and learning how to contribute to teamwork becomes the focus. Finally, there is the PvP exposure where your character is pitted against other players on a duel.

dragonicle arena fight

More often than not, the PvP aspect of most games not centered around the idea is where beginners are likely hesitant to partake in. If you are a total newbie to MMORPGs, it is understandable to be cautious about engaging in the arena, most especially real-time combat.

In Dragonicle, however, not all arena combat involve real-time duels. Thereare actually plenty of game modes you can find in the arena and the first one, Demon Crusade, is easy enough for you to go through even on your first day. Demon crusade gives you 3 opponents to duel. The matches are completely A.I.-controlled and you can even skip the actual battle and see the duel result. You have 10 attempts each day to battle and you can readily see the opponent’s power levels before the match.

dragonicle duel

Any opponent with a green-colored power can be beaten so there are plenty of chances to win early on. Note that even having a slight advantage in power here ensures victory for you. Every battle you engage in earns you honor points, which can be exchanged for a variety of resources at the honor shop. Reaching certain milestones in terms of rank earns you extra rewards as well.

8. Take Advantage Of Events And Other Freebies

Accomplishing main quests and goal objectives as well as engaging in a variety of single player and multiplayer activities and dungeons in Dragonicle are certain to fill your every need for all the resources you continuously gather to improve and enhance your character. As much as the abundance of opportunities to earn these resources is evident, earning even more rewards and freebies can never be an unwelcomed treat.

dragonicle drill

Dragonicle provides plenty more opportunities for active players to maximize their growth and progression in the game. One of the simplest and most basic way to earn extra resources is through the Drill. The Drill is an extra feature in Dragonicle that lets you earn idle rewards even if you are offline and away from the game. You can access this feature early on through its icon at the lower left side of the screen.

The drill is comparable to what happens in most idle RPGs, your character fights off an infinite supply of monsters, earning bits of resources every step of the way. What is great about this feature is that the rewards you can earn from it can further be increased. Joining 3 other players, belonging to a guild, and increasing your VIP level are examples of feats that can boost your earnings for this feature.

dragonicle charts

You will easily notice a lot of icons at the upper right corner of your screen. While some lead to additional game modes and dungeons, some of these icons relate to time-limited events and other sources of free rewards that you can claim.

The charts is a great example of where you can earn bound diamonds regardless of your activities. Charts simply tabulate player rankings within the server and everyone’s accomplishments earn rewards for all players. Once you click on the “Charts” icon, you can tap on the gift boxes at the left side of each tab and be taken to a list where you can finally claim free bound gems. Chances are that free gems will be available for you to claim here so be sure to keep an eye for indicators.

9. Do Not Depend On Auto Mode Entirely

Auto mode has certainly become one of the most convenient and cherished features in most mobile games. Although some players may not like the idea of simply watching your character play on its own, Dragonicle, for one, makes it certain that you should not be dependent on auto mode all the time.

By default, auto mode in Dragonicle is activated. If you noticed early on, your role in the early quest is limited to tapping on quest objectives and upgrade buttons as auto-pathing and auto battle leaves you at a very comfortable spot to veer away from. Although loading screen tips and so will inform you about the use of the dodge button, even the boss battles at the early part of your adventure will let you survive without relying on it.

At some point, however, the gap between your hero’s power levels and the power level of the challenge will tighten. In certain occasions, even having an advantage as far as numbers go will make it impossible for you to win on auto mode. At this stage, you should know that it is time for you to start taking over the controls as even a couple of dodges and manual movements can go a long way.

dragonicle auto mode

As a beginner, you may be hesitant about manual controls but you should know that you are guaranteed to perform better than the A.I. even if you are a complete newbie. For starters, auto mode will never ever avoid getting hit by an attack. It does not care about those red warning signs on the ground, indicating an impending special attack from the enemy. Auto mode unleashes a skill as soon as it becomes available, devoid of any timing or strategic considerations in doing so.

There are still plenty of mechanics and features worth diving deeper into but for now, this is where we end our Dragonicle beginner’s guide. We are fairly confident that the various tips and strategies we shared with you in this article will enable you to apply the same across all other features and content that you will unlock moving forward.

As much as Dragonicle is very forgiving in terms of how much time you can spend in its virtual world, you should know that effort and time invested in the game directly influences the rate at which you will grow and progress in it.

If you have spent a lot of hours exploring the vast world of Dragonicle and have your very own tips, tricks, or strategies to share, or if you want to share your unique experiences in your adventures, feel free to drop as one or a few down in the comments!


Friday 6th of May 2022

How do i delete a character that i do not want any more?


Monday 5th of September 2022

@Erin, you have to go to the main title screen, then click on the character. At the bottom of the screen you should see a button that says "delete" with a trash can next to it. You can also create a new one by hitting the "+" icon on the left-hand side of the screen.


Wednesday 9th of March 2022

something is wrong with my rebirth


Monday 5th of September 2022

@amena, make sure you have completed all of the requirements to rebirth! For some reason if you can't and you have, try re-loading the app.