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Dragon Quest Tact Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Strong Team and Beat Every Challenge

Square Enix is a gaming company that requires little to no introduction to long-time gamers across all gaming platforms as it remains to be one of the biggest names especially attributable to the RPG genre. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts are just a trio of the numerous popular franchises that fall under the company’s wide and continuously expanding portfolio of games.

On mobile, Square Enix has been active since 2011 and has launched and maintained 110 games under its app portfolio. SINoALICE, Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe, and Dragon Quest of the Stars are just some of the mobile titles we played, enjoyed, and discussed here at Level Winner. With over 80 million aggregate downloads across its apps on the Google Play Store alone and continuously maintaining largely positive average user review ratings on both Android and iOS platforms, we can be certain that every game launched by Square Enix, most especially within the RPG genre will go well beyond what RPG fans and enthusiasts clamor for.

Dragon Quest Tact is Square Enix’ latest published title available on both iOS and Android platforms. The game is certainly a blast for fans of the popular Dragon Quest franchise, but will likewise be a solid treat for turn-based strategy RPG lovers who want a healthy mix of simplicity and depth in their adventures.

defeating enemies dragon quest tact

The game features a cute and colorful cast of monsters from the Dragon Quest series, each with its own unique sets of attributes and skills. Though some elements of the game are comparable to that of loosely similar games on mobile, Dragon Quest Tact showcases a myriad of unique features and mechanics guaranteed to provide new experiences even to experienced and veteran strategy RPG enthusiasts.

Dragon Quest Tact provides a quick and easy enough to follow tutorial session before sending you in to adventure on your own. With movement, attack, and skill use as the basic options in combat, the gameplay is simple enough for players of all ages to enjoy and revel in. Dragon Quest Tact also comes packed with an auto mode that lets you sit back and let the A.I. take care of your party through the whole battle. Considering everything, you can make good progress in your journey within the world of Dragon Quest Tact all on your own.

If you have, however, found yourself stuck in a particular challenge then read our comprehensive Dragon Quest Tact beginner’s guide below, as it comes with loads of tips, cheats and strategies you need to dominate each battle!

1. Reroll For The Best Monsters

The units under your command are at the core of what makes any strategy RPG engaging and exciting. As there are tons of monsters to collect and upgrade, one of the prevailing challenges to confront you in Dragon Quest Tact revolves around choosing which monsters to invest time and resources in for a steady progression across all the game’s content.

While some players may find more fun and excitement going with whichever monsters they pull off the gacha and wander through Dragon Quest Tact’s world and check each monster within their roster through play-testing them in the battlefield, some prefer going for a rather advantageous start by rerolling for the best possible starting roster of monsters. If you are new to the idea of rerolling, we will be giving you a quick rundown of its advantages and how to go about the complete rerolling process. If you are one to rather go with whichever set of monsters you pull of your first 10x gacha, then you can skip this part.

Scouting for monsters through the gacha costs 300 gems each or 3,000 for a 10x pull, unless you have tickets for each banner. At the start of your adventure, though, you will be gifted with enough gems to do a 10x pull although the scout feature will only be unlocked after clearing episode 1 of chapter 2. Be sure to remember claiming your gem rewards by clicking on the “present” icon at the upper right side of the screen and once you unlock the scout option at the bottom of the screen, you can use your 3,000 gems to try your luck on the Regular SP Scout Banner.

rerolling for the best monsters dragon quest tact

After doing a 10x pull off the gacha, this is the decision point on when you have to choose between continuing on with your adventure or resetting everything and going for another roll. If you like what you get off the 10x pull, then you are free to continue on and move forward, else you will have to wipe your data and reset your progress.

Conventionally, resetting on an Android device is done by going to your device’s settings and app information and finally clearing all data. For iOS devices, you will have to uninstall and re-download the game from the Apple App Store again. With Dragon Quest Tact, however, things are a little faster and simpler.

At the home screen, click on the menu button at the upper right side of the screen and click on the “Back to Title” button. Once you are at the title screen, tap on the Data Management button and then the “Delete Play Data” icon. A confirmation message will appear and you will need to click on the “Yes” button. After the data has been cleared, you will have to play through the tutorial again as well as the campaign stages until you unlock the scout feature.

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With rarity grades ranging from C all the way to S, you would naturally want to obtain at least an S-grade monster. These are very difficult to obtain but do note that you can be fortunate enough to pull 2 S-grade monsters from one 10x gacha. Naturally, not all S-grade monsters are valued absolutely equally and some are more preferred than others. Although we have yet to come up with our very own tier list for Dragon Quest Tact, the S-rank monsters you see at the banners are definitely worth having. Wight King and Killing Machine are typically at the top of the ranks, Squidzilla and Great Dragon are likewise viable options.

It will take a while of adventuring through the story mode and accomplishing feats for you to earn your second set of 3,000 gems. Be sure to take advantage of the scout banners that allow you to retry if you do not like the pulls. You can see a retry notice at the upper left side of the banner. You can more easily secure another 2 pieces of S-grade monsters from this in a matter of retries. Note that while you may be inclined to go for different monsters, securing extra copies of monsters are important as well.

2. Progress Through The Story Mode

Dragon Quest Tact’s introductory phase actually takes place within the initial chapter and stages of the story mode. While there are bits and pieces of information to delve into as far as the game’s story and the world’s background is present, continuing on with the main game mode provides more quantitative benefits that can certainly help in your progression.

The story mode in Dragon Quest Tact is divided across different chapters and each chapter is subdivided across different episodes. Before you dive into the episode, you can see the recommended combat power (CP) to complete the stage as well as the required stamina to challenge it. Each episode comes with a trio of stage missions that determine the end reward you will receive. There are added benefits to clearing stage missions the first time but if you fail to do so on your first attempt, you can readily try again at any time.

story mode dragon quest tact

Beyond basic resources, gems, and monsters you can acquire through progressing across the different chapters and episodes, the monsters you use in combat also earn experience points. As levelling each one up will be your primary means to get them stronger, actually letting your favorite monsters dive into combat is a practical way of making them more powerful. Likewise, you also earn EXP that contribute to ranking up your player rank, which earns you an energy refill and increased max stamina above everything else.

Another important reason for you to prioritize progressing through Dragon Quest Tact’s story mode is that progression through the chapters and specific episodes serve as the sole key in unlocking the rest of the games content and features.

Naturally, each other available game mode holds valuable rewards for you to earn as well as challenges you should experience as soon as possible. As the most basic game mode in Dragon Quest Tact, the story mode should serve as your training ground as well into developing or finding chemistry between the members of your monster team.

3. Aim To Have A Synergistic Team

Although you will occasionally obtain more monsters to add to your growing army from completing chapter stages and pulling from the scout gacha, it will still take some time before your 5-unit team of monsters will achieve its final form. If you have expended some time on rerolling as well as retrying off of your first two 10x pulls, then you will have about 2 to 4 S rank monsters within your team. As a beginner, you may be more attracted to considering a full team of monsters belonging to the highest rarity but even if you secure enough of them, it will not necessarily follow that you will have an unstoppable party of monsters.

While S grade monsters do possess much better stats and typically employ better skills as well compared with their lower rank counterparts, there are various points or factors to consider in building an efficient and synergistic team. Dragon Quest Tact provides a variety of traits on each monster that makes team-building all the more exciting and at the same time challenging.

One major classification of monsters in Dragon Quest Tact is the family they belong to. A family works much like a race and often ties up to some leadership skills that monsters have. While some leadership abilities apply without any restrictions whatsoever, some of the more effective ones boost specific stat attributes of a particular family. Examples of these leadership skills are Emperor Slime’s ability to boost slime defense by 30% and Great Dragon’s ability to raise dragon breath potency by 20%. On the other hand, Wight King raises spell attacks by 10% while Troll King lowers enemy’s attack by 10%.

party members dragon quest tact

With both family and leadership skills in mind, working on a synergistic theme banks largely on a theme you create in mind as you consider the 4 other members of your team to support your leader and at the same time benefit from his leader skills. Initially, this will be very challenging to do as you will likely struggle to have all the pieces you need. At the very least, though, centering on a top monster to work around with is a great start.

Another critical point to consider is the role that each monster in your team has. There are basically 5 different roles that monsters belong to in Dragon Quest Tact. These are the attack types, magic types, defense types, support types, and debuff types. Now, unlike in conventional strategy RPGs where a good mix of different roles apply equally across all team builds, the same concept in Dragon Quest Tact will be largely based on the leader skill and general theme of your roster.

A squad with Killer Machine at the helm may have no need for a magic type monster while a squad led by Wight King will have no need for attack types in contrast. Support, defense, and debuff role types are still welcomed, though.

Monsters in Dragon Quest Tact do not have elemental affinities per se, each one has skills that have elemental attributes or status ailments that can be inflicted on targets and likewise have different levels of resistances against each one. Dragon Quest Tact provides 8 unique elements and 13 different status ailments. Be sure to check the resistance tab of each monster on their page, which you can access via the “Party” icon at the bottom of the screen.

One major consideration to keep in mind in the world of Dragon Quest Tact is that one top tier monster cannot guarantee success through each battle. On the other hand, a well-coordinated and highly synergistic team of mid to low-tier monsters can beat a team of monsters stronger than them. In this line, consider banking on a team with more synergy instead of simply choosing the highest rarity ones much like the auto-recommended party setup in the “Edit Party” feature of the game.

4. Spend Your Resources Carefully When Upgrading Monsters

Like all other RPGs, Dragon Quest Tact is packed with various resources to help strengthen your army of monsters. Although there are plenty of means for you to secure every resource you need, each one is finite and the need for upgrade materials will practically have no end. Given that your end game team will most certainly be very much different from your starting team of monsters, you should begin to be very selective when choosing from among your units which ones to invest resources in and which ones to park.

Upgrading monsters or units is not black or white, meaning that some of the units you will use in battle will need to be strengthened to some extent as well. The idea here is that with the limited resources in your hands, you should only invest heavily in monsters that you are certain will be part of your team for a long time and while each member certainly needs a boost every now and then, only use resources on those units who are just there temporarily.

To start off, having monsters gain experience and reach new levels as you take them in combat is a great incentive. At some point, however, you will have to let some monsters earn additional experience points to have your team’s CP within the recommended levels. You can do so using EXP codex items that you earn from various sources across your adventure.

ranking up dragon quest tact

It is especially worth saving these resources when you just obtained a new monster who will have to join your team. As newly acquired units will be at level 1, you will have to catch them up to the rest of the team in terms of level, in which case you will have to feed them with EXP codex.

Monsters can only be levelled up to a certain cap and once the cap is reached, the experience points earned in combat will all come to waste. To ensure that this does not happen, you should rank up the monsters in your team before they reach their respective level caps. Each rank up requires a set of 4 different stones and orbs as well as gold and the rarity of these resources differ from one grade to the next.

Upgrade costs will be higher for higher grade monsters and subsequent rank ups. At the rank up page of the monster, you can tap on the upgrade materials you are missing to see the list of available places where you can farm for them.

Monsters can also be awakened to unlock additional skills. Awakening a monster can be a difficult feat most especially for A and S grade units since you will need extra copies of the unit for them to earn awakening points and reach new heights. You can also have monsters learn new abilities using ability scrolls and tomes can increase the potency of the learned abilities. Monsters can also be equipped with a duo of gears.

5. Expend Attempts On Other Game Modes

Dragon Quest Tact provides more adventures to engage in on top of the story mode. Most of these dungeons are locked at first but as you progress through the main story, more and more game modes are unlocked.

Although you can earn a wide variety of items and resources through completing episodes and accomplishing missions, different game modes within the adventure either provide you extra means of obtaining more of specific resources you need or provide rewards difficult or impossible to obtain anywhere else.

daily dungeons dragon quest tact

Under the adventure page is where you can find the training quests which houses various dungeons where you can farm for your basic needs. The daily dungeons each provide a single entry per day but do not consume stamina. This is where you can earn basic necessities like extra gold and EXP. the rank up, equipment, and upgrade ability dungeons are additional sources of other common needs that you can run through as much as you need at the cost of stamina.

The event section of the adventure provides various challenges that you should take on as soon as they become available. Some of these events are only available for a limited period of time and most event dungeons let you earn rewards that are difficult to earn anywhere else.

6. Do Not Rely Heavily On Auto Battle

The auto battle mode in Dragon Quest Tact is a very convenient way of plowing through the early content of the story battle as well as the initial levels of the dungeons. While auto mode will certainly make progression fast early on, some challenges will ultimately become overwhelming enough in that you have to take matters into your hands and manually command each unit.

auto battle dragon quest tact

While each monster in your squad will move, attack, and use their respective skills on auto mode, the lack or complete absence of strategy makes them perform a lot less efficiently in combat. You might initially feel that auto mode can perform better than beginners, but even a complete newbie can tremendously perform better than the A.I. from the formation and placement of each monster itself down to utilizing attacks and special skills in combat, even the slightest hint of tactics will make your team a lot more formidable than leaving them on auto mode.

Beyond the disparity in performance, some stages within the story campaign also has treasure chests that you can check to claim added rewards. Naturally, doing so will deviate from the standard approach of eliminating enemies as fast as you can and, as such, will not form part of the tasks you can delegate to auto mode. In any case, you can always replay levels with a treasure chest that you missed. On the chapter page, episodes with unclaimed treasure chests can be distinguished easily from the list.

7. Accomplish Missions For More Rewards

The instant rewards you receive from each battle you go through as well as the dungeon runs you complete ought to be well enough to satiate your almost unending need to power up your favorite monsters. Beyond all those items, EXP, and resources, however, Dragon Quest Tact provides even more rewards for you to earn through the accomplishment of various missions.

You can very much accomplish numerous feats as you go on an adventure without even knowing specifically what the objectives of the missions are. For efficiency, though, it is best to familiarize yourself with each mission accomplishable for you to be able to pursue them accordingly. Note that all mission objectives directly relate to the usual activities you should engage in as you play the game and the lists provided should likewise serve as your guide towards progressing more efficiently.

Missions can be accessed via its icon at the lower right side of the home screen. Missions are categorized into 4 groups namely: Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, Feats, and Event Missions. Daily Missions are the easiest of the bunch and comprised of a consistent set of tasks for you to accomplish each day. All these can be accomplished within minutes later on but for starters it is best to get to know each item on the list.

missions dragon quest tact

Weekly Missions are very much the same, expanded to consider the feats you accomplished for a particular week. Feats are like achievements that serve as your milestone considering overall progression across each aspect of the game. The Events Missions are objectives tied up to time-limited events and these usually come packed with rare items or special currency as rewards.

Relative to all the missions above, be sure to take note of the Beginner Mission objectives. You can check the list through its icon at the upper left side of the screen. Beginner Missions do not have a time limit within which you must accomplish each task. Just the same, however, the S-Rank Scout Voucher you can obtain after completing all 9 objectives can tremendously help you through Dragon Quest Tact’s numerous stages and challenges.

Dragon Quest Tact certainly hold a lot more features and secrets we have yet to discover ourselves but surely enough, the tips and strategies we shared with you in this guide will sufficiently improve your progression in your subsequent dives into Dragon Quest Tact’s world. If you have spent a great deal of time into the game and have uncovered some unique tips or strategies in addition to what we presented, do not hesitate to share them with us, fellow players!