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BitLife Twilight Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Twilight Challenge

The past year has seen BitLife players get particularly busy on weekends, and that, as any longtime player should know, is because of the challenges that Candywriter launches on Saturday afternoons or evenings. For the next four days from the time the challenge is launched, you’ll need to create a new character (in most cases), then have them live their virtual lives in a certain way in order to complete the requirements. Many of these challenges were general ones at first, but recent ones have leaned very heavily on popular films, TV series, and other pop culture references.

Staying true to the recent trend of BitLife challenges inspired by pop culture, the latest such event pays tribute to one of the most successful young adult book and movie franchises of the 21st century — the Twilight saga. Now your mileage may vary when it comes to the merits of the books and the films, but regardless on where you stand on the matter, and regardless whether you identify as Team Edward or Team Jacob, this challenge will put you in the role of the series’ heroine, Bella Swan, when it comes to most of the five requirements.

bitlife twilight challenge requirements

That said, check out this new BitLife guide and read through it if you want to complete the Twilight Challenge in as little time and with as little rework as possible — while avoiding the dollar-per-pop Time Machine as well!

Be An Unattractive Female Born In Phoenix

The Twilight Challenge’s first two requirements seem very straightforward — be a female born in Phoenix. However, there is one particular statistical requirement that you’ll need to keep in mind, and that’s to make sure you re-roll until you get a character with Looks of 40 or lower, or simply set your Looks to < 40 before creation if you have God Mode. Those with this inexpensive premium feature may also want to set Fertility to high, in order to take care of one of the other requirements.

female born in phoenix bitlife

Now you may be wondering why having below-average Looks is important when Bella Swan’s actress, Kristen Stewart, is attractive by most standards. That’s because it happens to be one of the prerequisites for joining the Goths once you reach middle school — we’re not sure why that is the case, but it is what it is, and the good thing is that you don’t need to pay attention to too many other things in the lead-up to middle school. And that brings us to the very next requirement of this BitLife challenge.

How To Join The Goths Clique

As we mentioned above, being unattractive is one of the two main criteria for becoming eligible to join the Goths clique in middle school or high school. That would also mean avoiding those random scenarios that would allow your Looks to improve substantially. You should also have a low Happiness score, which is more understandable, considering the stereotype of goths as dour individuals with little to no conventional sense of humor.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should also be depressed, but in order to ensure your Happiness is low enough, we recommend not spending any time with family members, not making any friends, and ignoring your pets — also, a pet’s death will always result in a significant drop in Happiness, regardless whether you spend time with them or not.

goths clique bitlife

If your Happiness is still relatively high, you can simply attempt to join sports teams or certain clubs (e.g. Academic Decathlon, Student Council) despite not being athletically and/or academically qualified. Get rejected enough times so that your Happiness drops below the 25 percent mark, and once you get there, simply select the Goths in the Cliques menu, hang out with them without permission, and you’re all set.

Also, there’s no need to worry if you get rejected by the Goths clique in high school after getting in during your middle school years. That won’t nullify the requirement — joining once will be enough!

You’ll Need To Complete The Other 3 Requirements Before Turning 20

The other three requirements in BitLife’s Twilight Challenge are relatively easier, but you will be facing a bit of time pressure, as you need to accomplish them all before turning 20. We’re not sure if it’s a quirk, given that it doesn’t explicitly say you need to have a child before the age of 20, but we ran into some trouble when our test character’s marriage-related requirements were nullified by the time she turned 20, even if she did marry the first boy she dated at the age of 19. Having a daughter at 20 fulfilled that requirement, but sadly, the other two remained unchecked afterward, hence forcing us to restart from scratch.

love interest bitlife

That said, you don’t need to be picky when it comes to dating — if someone asks you out, go for it, and if you still haven’t been in a relationship by the time you’re close to high school graduation, you can use the Date function under Activities to look for prospective partners. After you find a boy to go out with, build up your Relationship bar through conversations, compliments, and, provided he’s not saving it for marriage, making love.

Ideally, you should tie the knot at the age of 18, and while it may require a bit of quitting and restarting, you can propose to your boyfriend without a ring (or with a very cheap, albeit genuine one), provided the location is romantic enough. (Somehow, the beach qualified as romantic enough during our second go-around with our ersatz Bella!)

marriage proposal bitlife

In order to afford a better ring, you can start working part-time jobs in high school, and make sure you get a full-time job after high school graduation. As for the marriage itself, make sure you tie the knot before you turn 20, and always go with the cheapest option — courtroom or church wedding with no honeymoon. Prenups aren’t relevant here, just as long as you’re married by age 19 and not a year later.

Likewise, you’ll also need to have your first child by 19, as we cautioned above. Once pregnant, you can keep quitting and restarting after hitting on the Age button until you get a daughter — name her Renesmee, and that should do it. You’ve completed the Twilight Challenge, and you’re free to choose one of the four prize chests for a new set of shades or eyeglasses or a new hat.