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Doodle Jump 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Break Records and Unlock Everything

Lima Sky has finally released the long-awaited sequel to its hugely popular game, Doodle Jump. Expected to be at least as successful as its predecessor, Doodle Jump 2 comes packed with new challenging levels, more characters, and even some new monsters. Doodle Jump 2 looks and plays very much the same as the first game set in an entirely new world and continues to provide its simple yet challenging gameplay that is highly addictive as well. If you have played and enjoyed Doodle Jump on Android or iOS before, then you will certainly be hooked on Doodle Jump 2, currently available exclusively on iOS platform.

Playing the first Doodle Jump game is not a requisite for you to be able to fully enjoy Doodle Jump 2. There are no tutorials provided in the game and you can dive straight into action as soon as run the game. The controls are as simple as they come: tilting left and right moves your character while tapping the screen makes you shoot the enemies above. The goal in every level is to reach higher grounds to earn points and collect stars to unlock new levels.

To be honest, Doodle Jump 2’s interface and mechanics make it a very simple and straightforward game for players of all ages and expertise to pick up and play. As easy as it is to learn the all the ropes, it is a difficult game to master as well. The constant goal in Doodle Jump 2 is to climb as high as you can through jumping on platforms. There are power-ups and traps along the way and there are monsters as well that add to the numerous obstacles ahead of you. Every bit of height you reach earns you points and stars scattered across the level can be collected to unlock new levels.

If you have just started playing Doodle Jump 2, chances are that you will find yourself hooked into it especially as you continue to break new personal high score milestones time and again. If you are looking for more efficient means of breaking records and earning stars, then we have you covered as our Doodle Jump 2 guide comes with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to stamp the leaderboards and unlock everything!

1. Practice With Your Device’s Sensitivity

You can very much play and progress through Doodle Jump 2 however you want and still find yourself reaching new milestones from time to time. Enjoying each run does not necessitate accomplishing something as well as Doodle Jump 2 is likewise designed to be suitable for casual gamers. If you are aiming to be among the best players and set scores on the top of the leaderboards, though, then a systematic approach towards mastering every aspect of Doodle Jump 2 should be followed.

As it goes, the first thing you need to secure a firm grasp on is your device’s sensitivity, especially considering that tilting your phone or tablet is the only way to move your character left and right. Although the early part of the initial levels will leave a lot of rooms for error or so as precision and planning will not be as critical, every step you take towards reaching greater heights slowly and steadily reduce your options, making it more and more important to strive for accuracy.

adjusting device sensitivity in doodle jump 2

Tilting your device left and right is easy enough to move your character and the width and number of platforms you can jump on early on leaves little room for slip ups. But then, there will naturally be situations when the intensity of every tilt you make becomes critical. For one, there will be instances when you will have to jump from one end of the screen to the opposite end. This calls for quick and heavy tilting. In contrast with such scenarios, there will also be times when you only need to make slight and careful swerves to avoid bear traps, monsters, or numerous other perilous obstacles that come your way.

As the earliest parts of the first level are the easiest, be sure to familiarize yourself well with your device’s sensitivity in these areas. Beyond testing the intensity of each movement, you should practice on preventing tilts as well. It can seem simple enough to just jump in place in Doodle Jump 2, and there will also be times when you have to do so especially in areas where there are moving platforms. If you move even the slightest, it just means that you need to practice a bit more or perhaps need to hold your device in a different manner.

Your first quick goal when you start playing Doodle Jump 2 should be focused on mastering the sensitivity and ensuring that each jump you make is precisely how you would have wanted it. Initially ignore the score or even the stars until you do and set a different run for either of the latter goals.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

Doodle Jump 2 is a game designed to provide players with fun and challenge and despite its light and cartoony, kid-friendly appearance, it does provide trying tests beyond what most players can perceive. At the onset, precision and quick wits are naturally tested, but what players tend to miss is that the levels are also designed to test your patience.

More often than not, experienced and even veteran players of the game or loosely similar ones do not falter due to lack of skills. Rather, players are likely to end runs prematurely because of small, careless mistakes that are a product of rushing towards higher grounds. The actual rush you get from speedily climbing through the levels does provide an extra layer of excitement. However, it can be intoxicating to the point that you can become reckless as a result of it. As such, if you are aiming to secure higher scores or nabbing more stars, then you should make it a habit to take as much time as you need as you make progress through each level.

doodle jump 2 tricks

There are no time limits within which you must make a move or progress climbing in Doodle Jump 2. You can very much just continue jumping in place and stay in the same spot unless a higher platform is well within the reach of your jump. This is where you can check as well how stable you are holding your device as being able to jump in a straight line can be a difficult feat for players with shaky hands. Playing Doodle Jump 2 for several minutes or so may not be as exhausting compared to some mobile games but if you have climbed far enough, then considering rest stops is a good way to go.

Another reason for you to regulate your pace in your runs is to provide you a bit more time in some cases to plan on your next move. As you continue to play Doodle Jump 2 and earn a firmer grasp on the controls as well as the height of the character’s jump, being able to plan a few steps ahead of each jump will come naturally at a faster rate. For beginners, though, it should be expected that planning your next consecutive jumps before actually doing it naturally takes a little more time and experience.

3. Keep Your Sights Above Your Character

To some extent, Doodle Jump 2 can be compared to endless runner games in that moving left and right is a core activity and mechanic of the game for you to through a level. Likewise, the basic strategy of keeping your sights ahead of the track can also be suitably applied. By force of habit, especially for beginners, you will tend to keep your eyes centered on your character. This is largely because you want to ensure that your character is moving as close to how you want to make him move and that every jump towards a higher platform is a successful one.

While there is nothing wrong with that mindset given that a misstep and missing a platform can immediately bring your run to its end, efficiency dictates planning a bit ahead of each move before actually doing it. To do so, you need to know what lies above and map out your path mentally as you move your character about to follow that imaginary path.

doodle jump 2 strategies

Depending on your device, it is possible to vividly keep track of your character using your peripheral vision. If you mastered your device’s sensitivity to every tilt you do, as well as the consistent height of the jump your character makes, then you should be confident enough that your character can successfully jump onto the next platform while you are tracing the path towards the higher platforms.

It may take a while to get accustomed to this strategy but it will pay off once you get the hang of it. Again, planning ahead does not necessarily have to be done quickly. Referencing the previous tip, you should still try to bide your time in areas where you can continuously jump in place.

4. Avoid Falling For The Same Trick Twice

One important characteristic of each level in Doodle Jump 2 that you should keep in mind is that none of it are randomly generated. This means that no matter how many tries or attempts you execute on a level, you will still go through the exact same scenario as far as the placement of platforms, power-ups, and monsters are concerned. This means that with each fail comes a new learning, which should be your main aid to avoid falling for the same trick twice.

While not impossible, it is highly improbable and somewhat unnecessary for anyone to try and memorize the entire layout of each level in Doodle Jump 2. Repetition will naturally familiarize you to the early part of each level but what you should take note of are the areas where your run ended, most especially the very tricky ones.

doodle jump 2 hints

It will be difficult to remember specific areas of the game based on the continuity of the level itself most especially the higher you go on each level. Instead of trying to capture specific area layouts in your head, you should instead take note of your score in the exact location where your jumping adventure came to a halt.

If you made a mistake, you should readily be able to identify how to avoid making the same one on your subsequent run and once your current score comes close to the previous one, then you know that you are likewise nearing the fated spot where you previously failed to overcome.

5. Remember That You Can Shoot Monsters

Doodle Jump 2 makes it so that you the early part of every level is littered with a lot of platforms in that you will make consecutive jumps one after another with relative ease. In contrast with numerous platforms, power-ups, and traps scattered across each level, monsters are comparatively a rare sight.

In addition to that, monsters are initially very easy to avoid and you can also stomp on them to kill them and serve as your stepping stone towards reaching the next platform. This is one of the reasons why you will mostly forget that your character in Doodle Jump 2 can fire a projectile out of his snout to eliminate enemies above him.

shooting monsters in doodle jump 2

Seeing one monster at a time will most likely make you choose to just go past it instead of shooting it down. Doing so almost always saves you time and is also the easier option in some cases. Shooting enemies can be angled in different directions depending on how far from the center of your screen you tap on to shoot. In this sense, shooting down monsters require a bit of aiming, made a bit more challenging given that your character won’t stay put and will keep on jumping.

As your character will never cease from jumping, you also run the risk of crashing into a monster above you and ultimately ending your run if you try and shoot it but fail to do so. The multitasking aspect of shooting while maintaining the tilt balance of your device can also lead to accidental side movements that can send you falling down and ending your run prematurely.

Despite the difficulty of aiming at monsters while jumping and taking into account the risks involved, being able to utilize your character’s ability to shoot and eliminate monsters can tremendously boost your efficiency and can lead to higher scores and more stars as its ultimate effect.

Doodle Jump 2 is designed in such a way that you can play it with one hand and placing your thumb at the ready to shoot down monsters is a relatively easy feat to do as well. Again, it takes a while to making it a habit to always be ready to fire but once you get used to it, you will easily notice the added benefit it can bring.

6. Go For Stars Or A High Score, But Never Both In One Run

The goals in Doodle Jump 2 can basically be divided into 2 categories. The first one is to secure a high score, which can be limited to breaking your own record as an indication of how good you have become in the game, or a stamp in the leaderboards where you can compare your achievements with friends and other players for bragging rights and so.

While on its own, high scores ought to provide a strong motivational driver, you can also aim to collect the needed stars per level for you to be able to access the next one. Scores naturally reset on every new run but the stars you collect are permanent for the level. Stars are perhaps the only randomly generated item on each level and you do not necessarily have to break your previous record on the level to earn additional ones.

getting a high score in doodle jump 2

Although you can go for runs where you can chase after stars and at the same time reach new record-breaking high scores, it is best to focus on one goal per run. If you are raring to unlock the next level, then you should prioritize grabbing every star you come across with.

Doing so adds an extra layer of risk as some of the stars scattered across the level are in critically dangerous spots that you can otherwise choose to ignore. In contrast, targeting to top your personal best in terms of points as well as aiming to place higher on the scoreboard means that you should consider stars as mere distractions and focus solely on reaching farther up the level.

7. Ignore Distractions

Every level in Doodle Jump 2 is littered with a lot of unique objects that either help you on your adventure or serve as an obstacle to deter you from soaring higher. There are plenty of power-ups that boost the pace your ascension and at the same time ignore traps and obstacles along the way and there are numerous objects and monsters that hinder your progression.

Beyond both power-ups and obstacles on each level, there are also items that serve as a distraction. For starters, not all platforms you see can be used as a means of ascending higher up the level. There are platforms that instantly break once you step on them and likewise do not cause your character to jump, resulting in a fall that can lead to an untimely end of your run. These breakable platforms sport a different appearance across different levels but you can easily identify them with a crack at the center of the platform.

distractions in doodle jump 2

As you continue to climb higher up the level, you may also notice names appearing at the right side of the screen. These names indicate the recent points reached by other players in their runs. While fun to look at and likewise occasionally motivating, if you feel like your current run is better than other players’ runs, spending even split seconds to look into these names can distract you from keeping an eye on the actual hazards scattered within the level.

To ensure that each run you perform is aimed more perfectly towards your goal, which is either a high score or more stars, you should make it a habit to consider the broken platforms and names at the right side of the screen as distractions.

Better yet, you should pretend that they do not exist at all, treating breakable platforms as air. In this sense, and relative to dividing runs between high score attempts and star-fetching for new levels, you should consider stars as distractions as well if your aim to set a new high score.

8. The Left And Right Edges Are Connected

With Doodle Jump 2 being a 2-dimensional game, much like its predecessor, players are inclined to think and feel that everything is as what you see. In connection with the level’s layout, what you would typically assume is that there are invisible walls set at the extreme left and right sides of the screen. It comes as a surprise, but the opposite edges of each level in Doodle Jump 2 are actually connected much like in the original Doodle Jump game.

To put it into a logical perspective, it’s as if you are climbing a stout, cylindrical tower presented in an absolute 2D fashion. If you have played Doodle Jump 2 for quite a while before reading this, then the sudden change in perspective can lead to a new adjustment period and utilizing the advantages of being able to break through the edges may take a while to get used to.

connecting edges in doodle jump 2

If you think about it, though, having this feature in Doodle Jump 2 presents plenty of new opportunities for you to map out more possible paths to take on each level. As an example, it may happen that you are on the right side of the level and need to avoid a trap or a monster in the middle of it. Instead of tilting left carefully to avoid the obstacle, you have the option of tilting right instead and transporting your character to the left side of the level, past the impediment that may even be a challenge to jump over on in some cases.

That sums up all the tips and strategies we have for Doodle Jump 2. We hope that you learned a great deal from each topic we discussed as well enjoyed every bit of it. Beyond all these tips and strategies, practicing regularly will certainly take you a step farther up the high score charts and closer to unlocking each new level.

If you have spent some time adventuring through Doodle Jump 2’s levels and have some extra tips and strategies you want to share, do not hesitate to let us know about them via the comment section!


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Question really. What is the purpose of collecting the gold nuggets in Level 9 of DJ 2?

Friendly Fire

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@Carol, Dunno How many broken platforms do you have?

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Wednesday 7th of July 2021

If you tap using two fingers, you can shoot two pellets or whatever at the same time (almost). Also stars are mainly found near dangers like bear traps and monsters and spikes.

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I think that it is good