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Evil Nun 2 Walkthrough Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Escape from Your Unholy Captors

Developed by Keplerians Horror Games, Evil Nun 2 is the prequel to the developer’s previous game Evil Nun, where you take control of a young boy as he escapes the clutches of the wicked Sister Madeline and her trio of fowl cronies: the rotund Gummy, the muscular Mr. C, and the long-necked Roosto. You must carefully sneak around Eagle’s Junior High School and find not only an exit, but also a way to incapacitate your captors so they do not interrupt your escape plan. You are given two options to deal with the mutant chickens and their master, but either way, they must be dealt with. You have three tries to escape before Sister Madeline puts her plan into action.

If you are looking for some tips, tricks and strategies to finish the game as soon as possible, then stay with us and check out our Evil Nun 2 walkthrough guide below!

evil nun 2 gameplay

Evil Nun 2 sports four difficulty modes that primarily affect how your kidnappers behave during gameplay, as well as some changes directed towards the player:

Ghost: your captors do not react at all to your presence, not even recapturing you should you bump into them. However, an ad will play every couple of minutes disrupting gameplay. You can “disable” the ads by turning off your phone’s internet access before starting the game. Either way, this mode is great for practice runs, but bear in mind that you can still lose the game through carelessness.

Easy: Should they spot you, Sister Madeline and her goons will chase you down and catch you if they get close. They will also investigate any suspicious sounds like dropped items or opened vents. Getting caught by Gummy will not end the game, but he will pin you down and force you to tap the screen to escape before someone else can catch you.

Normal: Both your captors’ sense of hearing and movement speed are improved, and Gummy will alert Sister Madeline to your presence before running towards you.

Hard: Your captors’ attributes are at their highest, and unlike the other game modes, you only get one life so try not to mess up.

evil nun 2 code

In all difficulty modes, you start the game in a small room next to Sister Madeline’s bedroom, with the nun and her chickens sleeping nearby. This gives you a small head start for your escape before they wake up so act fast. You also start with a trap that you can place directly beneath you, and any enemy who trips it is briefly stunned. You can watch an ad before starting a game to start with five traps, and if you run out of traps, you can watch another ad during gameplay to get three more traps.

The first thing you have to do is carefully exit your room and look for a four-digit code on Sister Madeline’s desk. This code is randomized on each playthrough so write it down to help you remember it later. Next, head back to your room and go to the corner closest to where you started, where you will find one of two components for the Egg Gun. Pick it up.

evil nun 2 cages

Once you have the gun component, go to the other side of your room to find a secret compartment located behind Gummy’s cage. Enter it to find a small “hub” that lets you travel to various places around the School. This hub also has the other component for the Egg Gun and a workbench to assemble it. The Egg Gun, true to its name, fires eggs, and can hold up to five eggs at a time.

You can reload the Egg Gun by equipping it and interacting with a nest atop the secret passage, or by watching an ad. At first, you will only have access to the Garden and the School but later on you can open the gates leading to the Attic and the Church. You can use the hub as a “storeroom” as you’re ferrying items between areas.

evil nun 2 hub

Once Sister Madeline wakes up, she and Gummy will patrol all five areas of the game one at a time, while Mr. C and Roosto guard the main hall. Sister Madeline and Gummy will enter and leave through specific doors in any given area, which are indicated with the phrase “You can’t go any further. It’s dangerous.” Stay away from these doors as much as possible. The two terrors will split up from time to time, but Gummy will always follow Sister Madeline out of a given area.

Time your visits to minimize the chances of getting spotted. There are vents and crawlspaces scattered around each area, but opening the vents is noisy. While Gummy and company can’t follow you in, Sister Madeline can. You can hear their footfalls as they travel so keep your ears open. As a last resort, you can hide in select closets to evade your pursuers, provided they didn’t see you enter them. You can exit at any time, preferably after you know they’re a good distance away from you.

evil nun 2 vent

From this point onward, the guide will split into two sections: Finding an Exit and Dealing with the Chickens. There are two methods to deal with the chickens, depending on whether you visit the School or the Garden first, and items specific to those methods will only spawn once you choose to enter. We will leave it up to you on what method you prefer.

evil nun 2 closet

1. Open Says Me: Finding An Exit

Regardless of what method you choose to stop Sister Madeline and her flock, your main objective is to leave Eagle’s Junior High.

evil nun 2 garden

In the Garden, the trapdoor is located in a corner close to some greenhouses, and your first objective is to turn off power to the four greenhouses inside, one of which can be unlocked later. Each greenhouse has a circuit breaker and switching them off is indicated by the glass turning red.

Once all the greenhouses have been powered down, head to the wooden shed nearby, but be careful as the two doors that Sister Madeline and Gummy use to enter are rather close. In the wooden shed is a metal shelf containing a battery, which you’ll need to disconnect with wire cutters located somewhere in the Garden. There are four places where the wire cutters can spawn in:

• On a broken wooden shelf next to the shed;
• In the shed, on a wall-mounted shelf next to the battery;
• In a small vegetable garden just outside the shed, resting on the ground; or
• On a stool inside the locked greenhouse.

evil nun 2 battery

Once you have the wire cutters, head to the battery and use the wire cutters to disconnect the battery. Make sure that you’ve turned off power to all four of the greenhouses otherwise you will shock yourself and lose a life. After you’ve disconnected the battery, bring it to the hub for later.

evil nun 2 ruler

In the School, you will appear near a restroom on the first floor, and you must go to the second floor to find a broken ruler. Keep in mind that one of the entry doors is next to the stairs. The ruler can spawn on one of the teachers’ desks in the classrooms, or on a shelf close to the blackboard in the chemistry lab/Sister Madeline’s classroom. When you find the broken ruler, bring it to the hub and move to the gate leading to the Attic.

The attic switch is broken, but you can use the broken ruler as a makeshift lever to gain access to the Attic. Bring the battery with you and head to the Attic. As for the greenhouse in the Garden, take note of whose name is written on the greenhouse door. While you’re at the School, look for the blackboard whose name matches that on the greenhouse and check the teacher’s desk: the key should be found in the desk drawer.

evil nun 2 attic

In the Attic, go to the center of the room that is lined with two sets of stairs. The stairs to your left has a crowbar hanging nearby, but ignore that for now. With the battery in hand, climb the stairs to find a desk with a broken telescope and an unpowered switch. Connect the battery to the switch but do NOT use the switch just yet. Go back downstairs and pick up the crowbar, and head back to the hub. Use the crowbar on the bent bars leading to the Church to gain access, but head back to the School first.

evil nun 2 telescope

Back in the School, check one of the classroom desks for a pair of glasses, which will only spawn in once you’ve connected the battery. Normally, the desks you can interact with are arranged in an alternating fashion, but the desk you find the glasses in will not follow that order, making it easy to notice. Pick up the glasses, throw them to the ground, and pick up the lens that pops out of the frame. Bring that lens to the Attic and use it to repair the broken telescope. Once that’s done, you can go to the Church.

evil nun 2 church

evil nun 2 lock

When you enter the Church, keep in mind that you’ll need to knock over a vent to enter, and one of the entry doors is just across where you start. Make sure the coast is clear before going in the Church. Once you’ve entered the Church, head to the altar to find a locked chest at the far end. The code to unlock the chest is the same one you found on Sister Madeline’s desk. Enter the code to unlock it. Inside the chest is a femur, and here is where you need to act fast.

evil nun 2 ice cream

On the second floor of the Church is a window showing another nun pigging out on ice cream, who we will nickname “Sister Sweet-tooth,” and another window with a bell on the windowsill. With the femur equipped, ring the bell to distract Sister Sweet-tooth and run up to the second floor. Open the upstairs window and use the femur to knock over the box of ice cream. After you’ve done that, head to the Attic and back to the desk with the telescope and switch.

evil nun 2 delivery

You’ll get a view of the street and Sister Sweet-tooth getting another delivery of ice cream. As Sister Sweet-tooth heads back to the Church, flip the switch when she’s on the gutter. This will blow out one of the lights nearby and spook her, making her drop the front door keys into the gutter which will drain into another gutter in the Garden.

If you fail to flip the switch in time, you can head back to the Church to throw her ice cream off her desk again, but you only have fifteen tries before you run out of lights to blow out. You’ll know you’ve spooked her in the right place when your camera follows the keys to the Garden. Head to the Garden gutter and fish out the keys, which will unlock the front doors in the main hall.

evil nun 2 keys

Now that we’ve covered how to get out of the School, it’s time to discuss the two methods to deal with Sister Madeline and her chickens.

2. Chemistry Experiments: A Knockout Combination

evil nun 2 eyedropper

If you decide to enter the Garden first, your character will decide to make a sleeping potion to knock out his captors. Besides the battery, you will need to locate an eyedropper somewhere in the Garden: it can be located either on the wooden shelf next to the shed or in a wheelbarrow across the locked greenhouse.

A recipe for the sleeping potion is located on the other side of the shed: it uses 4 drops of water, 3 drops of ink, and 2 drops of “green potion,” all of which can be harvested by the eyedropper at the School. You can mix the ingredients at the flask in the chemistry lab, and the ingredients must be placed in order. If you get something wrong you can empty the flask and start again. The ingredients can be found in the following places:

evil nun 2 school sneak

Water can be found at a broken toilet in the restroom across the one you enter in. It’s the only stall without a door, and you might have to crouch to collect water.

• A bottle of ink can be found in a random school desk.

• The green potion can spawn in one of the small lockers on the second floor.

evil nun 2 chemistry

Collect each ingredient and add it to the flask, and you’ll know you did it right when the potion starts billowing green smoke. Collect the potion and head to the Church.

evil nun 2 holy water

Once you’re at the Church, pour the potion in the holy water font close to the altar. Though the game will say “poisoned,” in practice it will only knock out anyone exposed by it. Get the Egg Gun, making sure that the gun is fully loaded, and interact with the font. This will “poison” the eggs, but remember to collect the eggs before leaving the Church. Once you’re back at the main hall, use the modified Egg Gun to knock out Sister Madeline and company, and you can safely escape.

evil nun 2 knockout

3. Demolitions Expert: Explosive Solutions

evil nun 2 stripe

If you enter the School first, your character will decide to rig bombs to kill the chickens in order to escape. When you first enter the School, head to the second floor and look for a locker with a red stripe across the door, keeping in mind where it is. After you have collected what you need from the School, use the crowbar from the Attic to open the locker, which will have a broken clock inside. Take it.

evil nun 2 shovel

Your next task is to go to the Garden to find two items: a screwdriver which is located either on the shelf near the shed or in a closet located inside the greenhouse and a shovel which is also located in the greenhouse or lying in a corner across the shed. Once you have collected those items, go head to the Attic to find a metal detector, which can be found behind a couch close to the desk, or in a small room close to the central area.

evil nun 2 padlocks

At the Church, there is a small room near the holy water font which has a desk, a closet, and a trapdoor with three padlocks. Each padlock has a corresponding key of the same color, and this is where you use the metal detector to locate those keys. The metal detector will beep faster the closer it is to a key, with its dial going from green, to yellow, to red, the closer you are to the key in question:

evil nun 2 key search

• The yellow key is buried somewhere in the vegetable garden, which you can uncover with the shovel. You want to have the metal detector’s dial in the red to ensure you’re digging in the right spot, and while it is possible to dig up the area without the metal detector’s help, it will take time.

• The red and blue keys are located in the Church, and while you don’t necessarily need the metal detector to find them, they can be hard to spot. The metal detector can come in handy.

evil nun 2 dynamite

Once you have all three keys, unlock the trapdoor to find three bundles of dynamite. Why a Church would need dynamite is anyone’s guess, but get a bundle and bring it to the hub. Next, bring the screwdriver and head to the Church’s second floor, where you’ll find a short wall with four screws. Use the screwdriver to unscrew them and the clock on the opposite side of the wall will fall off. Head back downstairs and collect the clock mechanism from the now-destroyed wall clock.

evil nun 2 clock screws

Combine the broken clock, clock mechanism, and the dynamite to make the bomb. You’ll have to manually detonate it, but don’t worry, it has a five-second fuse and its ticking will attract any chickens who hear it before detonating. The explosion can take out all four of your kidnappers, but just in case you don’t get them all, you can salvage the bomb mechanism from the explosion. If you run out of dynamite you can watch an ad to get a new one.

evil nun 2 bomb

4. Snooping And Sneaking In School

evil nun 2 sneaking

Since Sister Madeline and Gummy can only be in one place at once, consider making a distraction before heading to a different area. This should buy you more time to do necessary tasks before they continue their patrols, though just be wary as they might end up cornering you if you don’t have an avenue of escape. If you have to return to the main hall for whatever reason, there’s a small crack between the secret passageway’s door and the wall allowing a small glimpse into your room to avoid getting caught by your kidnappers.

evil nun 2 door crack

The game also uses several sound cues to indicate your current status: a piano chord means you have been spotted while a soft piano piece indicates progress. Besides footsteps, be aware of the sounds of doors opening and closing as this indicates the location of at least one of your pursuers. The chickens will also cluck every now and then and Sister Madeline will say “I thought I heard something” if she catches a suspicious sound. If you’re ever spotted, use obstacles to slow down your captors’ advances so you can outmaneuver them and find safety. If you have enough to spare, place traps as you run to slow them down and buy yourself some time.

evil nun 2 branches

When you first enter an area, consider opening all the vents you can find. They make a sound when opened, but remain open even if you leave the area. If nothing else, you can outmaneuver the chickens through these vents and only have to worry about Sister Madeline pursuing you through them. However, a pair of “vents” in the Garden will open temporarily before closing again, making them difficult to use but preventing Sister Madeline from following you through them.

evil nun 2 escape

And that covers our walkthrough guide for Evil Nun 2! We hope that our collection of tips and strategies will help you survive the horrors of Eagle’s Junior High School. If you guys have any tips or tricks that we may have missed, be sure to let us know in the comment section below! Good luck and have fun!