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Doodle Jump Cheats: 5 Essential Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Doodle Jump has received some glowing reviews from tech publications, and there’s little wonder why. Lima Sky LLC’s popular title does come with a lot of replay value and can be very addictive. Your goal is to jump up a sheet of graph paper, which comes with multiple platforms and a number of power-up items you can gather to help you in your quest. You’ll also see other players’ scores in the margins, which gives you something to aim for in this casual, yet slightly in-depth game.

The game also comes with its share of weird and unique obstacles and different types of platforms that can even explode in some instances. So if you’re addicted to this game like many others, but can’t quite get the score you desire, we advise you to check out the following Doodle Jump tips and tricks.

1. Classic Mode For Casual Gamers

We did say that Doodle Jump is a casual title, but then again, its mechanics are more in-depth than the average casual-type game. If you’re the type of player who wants a “lite” version of Doodle Jump, you can play Classic Mode, which reduces the difficulty level substantially, as it doesn’t come with any blue tiles. However, you don’t get to use the jetpack power-ups, which is to be expected as a limitation in this “lite” version.

2. Which Are The Most Useful Power-Ups?

When trying to get the highest score possible, you’ll want to use the right power-ups, but of course, some power-ups will prove more helpful than others. For starters, you’ve got the Rockets and Super Rockets, and you can also benefit from the use of Trampolines, Springs, and Propeller Caps.

3. How To Fire At Your Enemies?

One thing you may not have noticed is that you’ll be shooting upwards when you tap anywhere below your character. This allows you to quickly dispose of enemies, as you won’t have to touch the display in a certain direction so you can aim at your foes. This also works with the projectile shooter, as tapping below your character will cause the shooter to fire upwards.

4. Change Themes If You Need A Change Of Scenery

Sometimes it does get a bit tiring to be playing on the same platform over and over again, and that could cramp one’s style and result in some careless or lazy mistakes. If this sounds like you, then go to the bottom of your device’s display so you can change the themes – available themes include Soccer, Space, Rainforest, and, as we just wrapped up the holiday season, Christmas.

5. If You Don’t Succeed The First Time…

You know how this goes – if you don’t succeed, then try again. It’s a pretty basic tip, but remember that just like in life, or in any other mobile game, learning from your mistakes will help you do better the next time around. It also helps to take a break from time to time, as playing tired is never a good idea regardless of the game you’re playing.