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Dragons: Rise of Berk Cheats – 6 Tips & Tricks to Become an Expert Dragon Trainer

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a monster training game (actually a dragon training game) that puts you in a “vast” Viking world, and has you training official DreamWorks Dragons. You get to join these familiar characters as you protect Berk from the “mysterious strangers” attacking your town. As such, you’ll have to focus on training your dragons to the best of your capability, and ensuring they do their job by keeping Berk away from trouble. All in all, you’ll have a chance to train up to 110 different Dragons. But just how do you do this successfully? Read on to learn some great Dragons: Rise of Berk tips and tricks we’ve collected.

1. Remember The Goal Of Your Missions

Before every mission, you’ll be given a list of what to do and how to do it. You may also see some “Coming Soon” features for Dragons: Rise of Berk, with these features set to make their debut on Ludia’s next update. But what you’ll want to focus on is the mission – yes, all those new features may be interesting, but your goal, really, is to train your dragons and upgrade whatever structures you have. So the most basic way to do this would be to be aware of every mission’s goals, and focus on them solely.

2. How To Get Free Runes?

Runes are the premium currency in Dragons: Rise of Berk, and you can typically get them by making in-app purchases. But there is a way to get them for free, and it’s as simple as watching video advertisements or completing offers via Tapjoy. It may sound like shameless, cheap plugging, but these videos and offers do have a purpose, and a reward in the form of free runes. Alternately, you can also have Toothless carry out a search and get runes without having to part with your hard-earned money.

3. Toothless Can Do More Than Search For Runes

Mainly, you can also have him search for other resources. Runes are all well and good if you can get them for free, but it would also be nice if Toothless’ searches would yield some other resources you may need in the game. Upgrading Toothless also allows him to search and explore other islands.

4. Another Toothless Tip – Yes, He Can Get You The Dragon Of Your Choice

Simply send Toothless to search with three satchels, so that way you can get the dragon egg of your choice. Still, you’ll have to go back to the earlier tip, as additional satchels cost runes.

5. Upgrade Your Sawmill And Fish Hut Asap

This would allow you to send more than one dragon to search at the same time, while at the same time allowing you to get more fish per minute for each area your dragons will be exploring.

6. Keep Your Dragons Well Fed

With more fish comes more chances to upgrade, and more potential to get yourself resources. But among all the dragons available, Toothless is the one you want to upgrade and level up before everyone else.