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Digimon Heroes Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 6 Hints Every Player Should Know

Bandai Namco’s new title Digimon Heroes! is now available for iOS devices, and it’s another one of those TCGs, or trading card games, where you go on adventures and fight battles based on the cards that you play. The game boasts of over a thousand Digimon characters, and it is out of that multitude of characters where you can build your team and fight off enemies. In the interest of keeping things casual, Digimon Heroes also comes with a Match 3 battle system – that makes things simple for beginners, but mastering the nuances of this battle system is where the challenge really lies. That’s even with the basic concept of stringing together combos to defeat your enemies.

Match 3 battles mixed with trading card game elements? Yes, this is quite an interesting title, and as we said above, even the basic premise of Match 3 gaming could be hard to master. But that’s why we’re here to help, as we have come up with a Digimon Heroes strategy guide designed specifically for beginners.

1. Understand The Elemental System

There is an elemental system in the card battles, and for the basic elements, Dragon beats Nature, Nature beats Knight, and Knight beats Dragon. Using the right type element against your opponents could double the damage that you deal out, but could cut the damage in half if you use an element type that’s resistant. The other two elements are Holy and Dark, which cancel each other out. When getting into card battles, it’s the elemental aspect that you have to learn first.

2. Make Good Use Of The Wild Critical

The wild card rule applies in Digimon Heroes, and here, stringing three together is called the Wild Critical – they can live up to their name and be very critical and potential game-changers for you. Simply match three consecutive wild cards and you’ve got a Wild Critical, which means all the members of your team will unleash a simultaneous critical hit, dealing a ton of damage against the enemy. In order to make the Wild Critical a real game-changer, we advise you to save all of the wild cards for when they really matter. That may be a bit hard, though, as the game’s mechanics involve auto-matching – you may be ready to unleash a Wild Critical when you aren’t even ready to.

3. Complete Missions, Even If They’re Optional

Although the game’s missions are 100 percent optional, there is still good reason to complete them. If you accomplish a mission, you can earn random freebies, including Digimoney, which is the game’s premium currency. In fact, we suggest that you complete as many missions as possible, may they be static or daily. Static missions are omnipresent until they’re completed, while daily missions vary per day – if you fail to complete a daily mission before the day ends, they’re gone forever.

4. Save Digivolution For Your Favorite Cards

The game will allow you to sacrifice any Digimon you no longer need, or any Digimon that are surplus to your requirements. And when you’ve sacrificed enough of these extra Digimon in order to max out a base Digimon, that means it’s time for them to be Digivolved. In order to Digivolve a Digimon, they have to be at the proper level, and you also should have the matching evolution capacitor. That means the colors should match with the target Digimon you’re Digiviolving. Play your cards right (no pun intended) and you can come up with a new Digimon that’s much more powerful than the old one.

5. Check The Drop Info

If you want to Digivolve a Digimon but don’t have the right evolution capacitor, or are in need of a certain type Digimon, you’ll want to check the Drop Info button at the top right of your screen when entering a zone. That will tell you the type of Digimon you can expect in that zone, and the type of items that will drop. Anytime you’re in need of something specific, go check the drop info in a zone and you’ll have all the details you need.

6. Look Closely At The Next Card

During the attack phase of card battles, you’ll be able to see the cards that are up next. It’s the type you’ll be able to see here, though other pertinent details, such as the number of cards, will not be available. This is a very simple, yet very important tip when it comes to strategizing in card battles.