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Dictator 2 Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 5 Leadership Hints for Newbie Dictators

The new Android and iOS strategy game Dictator 2 is the sequel to the original Dictator title from Tigrido, and it allows you to play the young dictator of a “fledgling democratic republic.” With unlimited power in your hands, it may all seem easy, but you have to use this power wisely. You’ll be forced to make the right decisions and dispose of your many enemies while paying tribute to those whom you consider your friends and allies. You’ll also have to be on the lookout for scheming plots and conspiracies, as all is part and parcel of being an all-powerful, almighty dictator.

The game’s description doesn’t talk about the mechanics, but it is a strategy game that involves card battles and collection. That means you have to literally make sure you’re playing your cards right. But that doesn’t have to be a very daunting task, as our Dictator 2 strategy guide will show you how to get off on the right foot and run your country properly as a novice dictator.

1. Don’t Go Broke

The downside of Dictator 2 is that your campaign could meet its untimely end (and so will the game) once you’re out of money; there’s no option to borrow money to get back in the black and see if you can become profitable again. Once you’re out of dough, your family will be forced out of the nation you used to rule, and that’s it – it’s curtains time for you and the game. That means it’s imperative that you do anything to avoid running out of money.

So how do you avoid running out of money? Basically, you want to think every decision over before carrying it out. Almost all things in this game have some maintenance, or upkeep costs involved, aside from the money it costs to purchase them. For example, region management bonuses may make you money, but it costs money to buy them. You also should check your retirement fund and collect it whenever possible.

2. Try To Please Everyone

Just because you’re a dictator doesn’t mean you have every right on earth to treat your people like dirt. It’s important that you play the right cards to keep everyone in your nation happy, while doing a host of other things such as taking over more territories. Remember that the game has a card group that matches with the police, the army, the people, etc. The number of cards you have and the quality of those cards would depend on your reputation with those factions. So with that in mind, this is one of those few times where you really need to “please everyone” before pleasing yourself.

3. Be Patient If You Need Money

Now you may run into some situations where your next turn could potentially leave you broke, with no money at all. A turn will not be complete unless you try to take over another territory, or meet with one of the above mentioned factions. So if you’re in dire need of cash, you’ll want to wait it out and cash in your retirement fund when the time is right. Retirement funds earn money over a period of time, so what you can do here is leave things as-is for a while – be patient, get some sleep, and return to the game when you wake up so you can earn enough money to afford taking another turn.

4. Oil Derricks First For New Regions

After taking over a new region, the first thing to build would be an oil derrick. This is a great way to earn money as you keep playing the game, and a great way to remain solvent and avoid going broke. If you don’t focus on oil derricks after taking over new territories, you’ll see your funds get depleted quickly and your campaign screech closer to its end. You can eventually level them up so that more money rolls in, but the most essential thing is to have them.

5. Experiment With Different Card Combinations

As this is a beginner’s strategy guide, we’re only going to touch briefly on this final tip for the guide. Take note that everyone in the in-game world has their own distinct playing style, so if you’re looking for a good combination of cards, you should go for one that works best against most players, if not all of them. But the best way to find this ideal card combination is to go through the trial and error process. Feel free to try cards you aren’t exactly familiar with, and if you find something that works, build your general game plan around those cards.

These would be or tips and hints for Dicatator 2. Be sure to check back from time to time, as we will update this guide, whenever we discover some more tips!