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Dictator: Outbreak Cheats – 5 Tips and Strategies for Effective Leadership

Dictator: Outbreak is the latest title in Tigrido’s Dictator series of mobile games and like the other games in the series, it’s available for Android and Apple devices alike. In the game, your role is that of the “young dictator of a fledgling democratic republic,” and with unlimited power in your hands, you’re free to align with different groups, scheme to take out your enemies, reveal conspiracies, and at the end of the day, take good care of your constituents. Want to be the best dictator you could? Though, this isn’t exactly an order, we strongly suggest you take a look at our Dictator: Outbreak cheats and strategies for better leadership skills and a better game experience.

1. Your Allegiance Should Lie With Only One Group

In Dictator: Outbreak, you’ll be interacting with the people, the police, and with the oligarchs. Each of these groups will give out different requests, and depending on how you act on them, you may curry favor with them, or conversely end up on their bad side. What you want to do here is to start out by trying to appease as many groups as possible, and eventually focus on keeping one of these factions or groups consistently happy. Keeping two of them happy on a consistent basis is also a good idea.

2. Get Ten Star-Rating For One Of Your Chosen Groups

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to favor one group or two groups. However, there should be one true favorite and that’s the one you want to prioritize by having them reach a ten-star rating. Remember that more stars in Dictator: Outbreak means more money for your coffers.

3. Think Of The Bigger Picture When Making Decisions

While we’re still on the topic of keeping the different groups happy, we also suggest thinking of the big picture and the future outcome when deciding which action to take. Maintain a balance between your popularity rating and how you’re satisfying the needs of the groups we advised you to focus on in the first tip.

4. Try To Avoid Revolts

Earlier, we suggested allowing one group – your favorite group – to reach a ten-star rating. But you should also guard against the possibility of a group’s star rating falling too low. As such, do what you could to avoid having one faction dip below three stars for two consecutive turns. If a group’s star rating falls too low and stays there for too long, that’s a recipe for rebellion and you don’t want that to happen in Dictator: Outbreak.

5. What To Do When You’re Out Of Turns And Money?

You may reach a point where you can no longer dictate – that means you’re out of cash and out of turns. Fear not, though, as spending a very nominal 99 cents would allow you to dictate for five extra turns, and earn an extra $500,000. This should be great if you ever find your regime ending abruptly at the 25-turn mark or beyond.