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Block Amok Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Mobile game developer, PlayScape, describes Block Amok as a game where you play the role of a sheep and drive trains, smash structures, solve puzzles, and shoot silly cows. Sounds fun? You bet it is, as this game does reward you for smashing ever-changing structures and solving puzzles in the process. This is a very addictive puzzle game, but we can understand if it can get a bit frustrating if you get stuck in a certain level or on a certain puzzle or structure. Hence, we’re bringing you our share of Block Amok cheats, tips and tricks to get you out of that rut and help you beat your highest score.

1. Follow The Quests To Level Up

Want an easy, common-sense way to beat your old high score or those of others? Here’s something simple – level up by following and completing the quests. Doing that will allow you to earn more gold coins that you can spend for upgrades, as well as increase your score multiplier. Make sure you review the objectives of each quest so you have an idea of what to do and how to do it.

2. Don’t Connect To Facebook Just Yet

Some gamers are perfectly happy not connecting their games to Facebook and keeping things as simple as possible. But in Block Amok, you’ll probably have no choice to, as the game persistently reminds you about the benefits of connecting your game and liking Block Amok’s Facebook page. Still, we advise you to wait it out until the two-star quest where the only goal is to connect your game to your Facebook account. It’s easy as that.

3. Go For Metal Structures

Larger structures earn you more points when you destroy them – that’s one of the game’s basic precepts. But you also get rewarded more by destroying more durable materials or pieces, and with that said, you’ll want to focus on trying to smash those metal pieces. If a puzzle comes with metal structures, aim for them and be patient – they are, after all, far more sturdy than wooden pieces.

4. Wheel Around Once

Wheeling around a level, even once, can be a pain to do. But it’s something that has to be done if you want a better chance of solving a puzzle and increasing your score. This is important because it allows you to find the best structures to target, and it may also, on occasion, point you toward some power-ups.

5. Aim High Or Low

One of the basic laws of physics is that it’s easier to destroy a structure or bring it down by aiming high or aiming low, but not in the middle. Aiming in the middle of a long piece isn’t going to do you much good, but if you aim high, you can push the piece forward and get it down much faster. Aiming low, on the other hand, allows you to aim squarely for the foundation of a structure, also toppling it down quicker.