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Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights Cheats – 6 Awesome Tips & Tricks

Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights is a game developed by NEXON M, which is available for Android and iOS devices. We must say, this new strategy title has some similarities to the classic Warcraft games of old. That’s because you can play as an Orc or a Knight, create your own village and train your own army. Once you do that, you can formulate battle strategies and use them when attacking enemy bases. But what’s the best strategy when it comes to playing this game in general? Glad you asked, because we’ve got collected some super Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights cheats, tips and tricks to help you “own it” in this game.

1. The Achievements Menu Is Your Best Friend

Look at the right side of the main menu, and that’s going to show you your achievements in the game. These achievements include, but are not limited to attacking certain players, upgrading buildings to any given level, and many others. We say that this part of the menu is your best friend because you can get free rewards for your achievements, and these include free gems. Normally, gems cost real-life money, so always work toward accomplishing these.

2. Have A Quest Ready At All Times

Unlike most other RPGs, you don’t have to do anything when taking on a quest. All you need to do is wait some time. Bear in mind that quests that require a longer wait time earn you bigger rewards, but then again, it will all depend on how often you play Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights. If you’re a frequent player, several short quests are better, but if you’re the type who only logs into the game a couple times a day, you’re better off prioritizing a handful of long quests.

3. Target Defensive Structures During Raid

Raiding an enemy base is one of the many things you can do in Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights, but to be most effective at this, we suggest aiming first at the defensive structures. If you’re able to get rid of walls, cannons and other similar structures or weapons, that’s going to leave the camp open for an easy attack from your army.

4. Build Multiple Defensive Structures At Your Base

If targeting defensive structures is your best bet for a successful raid, you also want to be sure other players don’t pull the same stuff on you, or at least fail while trying. That makes it essential to have walls around your town hall and other key structures, and even walls surrounding cannons and archer towers for an extra layer of defense.

5. Spend Your Limited Resources Wisely

Both resources are capped, as you may notice, so if you’re heading out for a raid or a quest, it’s best to spend some of these resources if they’re near the cap. Any gold and oil that can’t be held gets wasted, so spend resources if near the limit and upgrade your storages whenever possible.

6. Don’t Be Shy To Join A Guild

Playing solo is fine, but like other RPGs do, Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights will strongly suggest that you join a guild. This has its share of advantages, such as shorter build times, reinforcements against other players, and a lot more.


Thursday 26th of May 2022

i really love the game heroes of war orcs vs knight