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Agent Alice Cheats: 6 Fantastic Tips to Quickly Solve Mysteries

Wooga’s new mobile title, Agent Alice, is a different kind of puzzler for Android and iOS gamers alike. As you control Special Agent Alice Wallace and her team, you’ll be delving into a world of “fresh hidden object puzzles, real romance, and exciting adventure,” with weekly mysteries to solve and different types of puzzles to figure out. It’s also a period piece of sorts, as the game promises to send you “back to the swinging ‘60s” with some high-quality graphics perfectly depicting the era. So if you need some help solving those mysteries, we suggest checking out the following Agent Alice cheats, tips and hints.

1. Search For Clues When The Timer Stops

Pay close attention to when the in-game timer stops, as that’s going to be a signal for you to scrounge around for clues. Take your time when looking for the items you need – don’t tap on the display unless you’ve figured out at least one or two of these required objects.

2. Replay Scenes

One of the best tips in general is to keep replaying scenes until you can solve the puzzle with your eyes closed. This would allow you to master object placement, thus helping you complete scenes much faster and avoid making the same mistakes. Yes, you’ll need to earn more points progressively per star you unlock and some objects may be replaced by others, but this is generally a sound strategy that works quite consistently.

3. Increase Your Score With Combos

Want to improve on your previous high score or beat out one of your friends? Combos would be the key to doing this – that means you’ll have to find consecutive objects before the timer expires. In reference to the above tip, you can also work on finishing a level as quickly as possible. Also, since extra points carry over to the next star, you won’t need as many replays as usual if you have more points in a given level.

4. How The Time Lapse Cheat Works In Agent Alice?

Like many other mobile games, Agent Alice has yet to “nerf” or neutralize the time lapse cheat. Since this cheat is still valid, here’s how it works – simply forward your device’s time by 60 minutes to recharge your energy bar by 30 points. It’s worked for several gamers, but we advise you to be prudent with this cheat; if Wooga figures out many gamers are using this workaround, it just might get nerfed in the next update.

5. Focus On Timed Investigations Before Anything Else

If you’re looking to increase your star rating and earn more points, it would be ideal to choose timed investigations if you have different types of investigations to choose from at first.

6. Don’t Overlook The Minigames

Regardless of the title, there are many players who treat minigames like afterthoughts. Once again, you shouldn’t see things that way – the faster you finish these minigames in Agent Alice, the more energy you’ll earn once they’re finished.