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Magic Cat Story Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks for Three-Star Gaming

What kind of game is Magic Cat Story? If you guessed that it’s a Match 3 puzzle game for Android and iOS devices, then you probably deserve three stars for making that accurate guess. Developer Netmarble says that Magic Cat Story “evolves” the classic puzzle game, and Match 3 mechanics aside, the game puts you in control of Kevin, a boy transformed into a “magical feline” and in charge of freeing his friends from the “evil wizard” Constantine. And how do you do that? By matching three or more pieces and completing each and every level in the game. So if you want to progress faster and complete more three-star levels in the game, here are our Magic Cat Story cheats, tips and tricks to consider.

1. Skip Stages By Means Of Hidden Shortcuts

In Magic Cat Story, there may be times where you can skip a few stages per world, simply by clearing a given level in the game. These stages or levels progressively become more difficult, so keep your guard (or your paws) up and be prepared to work extra-hard if you’ve got a chance to unlock a shortcut route.

2. Save Power-Ups For The Times You Really Need Them

One common rookie mistake in Match 3 games is using power-ups the moment they become available. We get it – power-ups are cool, but it would ultimately be a smarter decision to save them for the proverbial rainy day. Use your power-ups only when you’re in a tight spot; for example, the Magic Hammer can be used to eliminate a color block, while the Hold Block does just that, as it reserve color combos for a later time in the game.

3. The Art Of Combos, Magic Cat Story Edition

Now, here’s where Magic Cat Story’s twists come in. Unlike your typical Match 3 game, this title allows you to create combos by spinning pieces or dropping them; as Magic Cat Story will advise you, “you can drag from anywhere on the screen to drop the blocks.” Combo hits allow you to fill up your Mana, thus allowing you to complete levels faster, and with more points to boot. For example, destroying at least four blocks of the same color could work well in filling up the Mana gauge.

4. The Art Of Combos – The Magic Block

As you may have noticed, combo hits can be very powerful tools in this game. But what is the Magic Block and what does it do? Here’s a simple explanation – Magic Blocks can be created on the bottom left corner of the board once you’ve filled up your Mana gauge. Destroying a Magic Block in a combo allows you to take out all other blocks in a row or column.

5. Give The Roulette A Consolation Spin

It’s not the end of the world once you’ve failed five times in clearing a level. As a consolation prize, you’ll get a chance to spin the roulette – depending on where the wheel stops, you can either get free power-ups, coins or hearts.