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Cradle of Empires Strategy Guide: 7 Tips You Need to Know

Last time, we talked about some tips and tricks you can use if you’ve just started playing Cradle of Empires, an immersive Android and iOS game from Awem Games. But before we give you some tips you can use if you’ve reached an intermediate level of gaming, let’s give you a quick reminder about what you can expect from this game. It’s a Match 3 title that comes with elements of city building games, and it takes place in an ancient Egyptian setting. You’ll have to complete Match 3 puzzles in order to fulfill various tasks and progress through the game’s storyline, and you’ll also be encountering some things you don’t always see in Match 3 games, including spells, Collections, and a whole lot more.

We’d like to think that we’ve given you a good enough start to the game through our list of beginner tips and tricks. Now, this Cradle of Empires strategy guide should serve you well if you’ve completed more than a few puzzles, and can therefore be considered an intermediate player who knows all of the game’s basics, and is ready to move on to bigger things.

1. Complete The Achievements

Aside from leveling up, connecting your game to Facebook, and, on occasion, completing Match 3 puzzles, you can also complete achievements for more Trophies, starting at the time when you reach Level 6. Getting Trophies means you get some gems as a reward, so take note of the achievements you should complete, and work toward completing them! For example, you may be asked to reach a certain level, or you may be asked to accumulate a certain amount of gold, food, or supplies. As we said last time, you might want to grind in order to gather more resources, but we’ve got one more tip about grinding coming up next.

2. Why Else Should You Grind It Out?

Sure, you can get more XP, currency, and resources by replaying levels you’ve already completed. But you can only complete them so often, as we’ve noticed. You can level up structures in order to unlock more puzzles, though the requirement in order to do so would be to three-star ALL the levels available in a structure. Since chances are you won’t be able to get three stars the first time you’re trying to solve a more difficult puzzle, that means more chances, and more reason to grind it out.

3. Collect Resources Regularly

You will often see a text balloon appearing over certain structures, such as the Hut and the Field. That text balloon will contain an icon representing coins, food, or whatever you need to collect. Make sure to tap that balloon regularly so you can collect resources. You need coins and food so you can build new structures or upgrade existing ones, so be sure you’re keeping a close eye on things and collecting resources whenever possible! Resources will also be needed to upgrade the game Totems and in special buildings: Ship, Cave, Pyramid.

4. Why Should You Complete Those Collections?

The second tab to the left on the bottom of your screen is where you can monitor your Collections. The items required for these Collections (found on the left side) are acquired by completing Match 3 puzzles; just tap on an item you currently don’t have so you can find the puzzle to solve so you can get that item. As we’ve observed, you can get more Chargers (found on the right side) required to complete the Collections by finding the items themselves, so everything boils down to finding the items needed and solving the requisite puzzles. The rewards for a completed Collection are new bonuses or power-ups, and as we said in our list of beginner tips, some of these bonuses can be very helpful. And speaking of bonuses…

5. Don’t Bother With The Hammers At The Totem Of Thoth

It’s also possible to trade gold and food for bonuses at the Totem of Thoth, which you’ll get a chance to complete early on in the game. You’ll have three chances per day to take advantage of this option, but while that structure is still at Level 1, you wouldn’t want to bother with it yet. Personally, we don’t see much use for trading 100 gold and 100 food units for one Hammer, considering that’s the weakest of the bonuses and not really worth it.

6. Don’t Spend Crystals On Extra Moves

Once you run out of moves when trying to complete a puzzle, the game will ask you if you want to spend a few crystals in order to get five extra moves. Should you go for this option? The answer to this is an emphatic no. While you may appear to be on the verge of completing a puzzle when you run out of moves, it’s better to retry the puzzle for some energy, though that brings us to our bonus tip – don’t overdo the option to spend energy to retry a puzzle. The energy required for a retry gets progressively higher each time you fail a puzzle, so you may want to give it a rest and try the puzzle again after a half-hour or more. Remember that compared to other Match 3 titles, energy refills quite quickly in this game.

7. The Puzzles Can Get Tricky In A Hurry

Now, this is probably something for those who are transitioning over from beginner to intermediate, but we’re going to add this one into the mix as well. If you may have noticed, the first few puzzles are pretty straightforward. Clear all the light blue tiles with no obstacles? Easy-peasy. Deal with obstacles such as boxes, or gaps in the board that prevent you from making a sure match? Nothing you couldn’t handle. But once your buildings reach Level 2, you’ll be dealing with stuff like double tiles, which need to be broken twice in order to be cleared; first, they start out as gold tiles, then they become light blue after you break them once.

Be prepared, because it won’t be a picnic out there forever.


Monday 14th of February 2022

I'm done with this game. It gets too frustrating and it does require you to spend your money to progress, or you will end up being frustrated at having to play the same level repeatedly....even after you have completed it.


Wednesday 15th of December 2021

I have been trying to open the cave for probably three years! I don’t know what to do as playing the game isn’t giving me what I need to open the cave. HELP


Friday 24th of September 2021

I finished the ship ( got all stars and nothing happened?

Jere Armen

Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Someone else has also asked this, so this is a double-ask: How to you break the clouds? I am stuck on level 76 of the ship, spending the entire set of moves trying to break the clouds. Occasionally it has happened, but only when I am almost out of moves. I have tried hammering away at the same spot repeatedly, and I hear the crashing sound, but the clouds don't part and I can't move forward.


Monday 22nd of March 2021

Nearoffutt and Fran Fiascher are both right. This is classic greedware and the game will reward you when you give up. The game is a smart game, but it is not designed to challenge your skill nor reward you. It is designed to frustrate you into spending money. It will note your moves and figure out what your are trying to do so that it can thwart you. I've been playing for three years, I've gotten to level 40 and I've not spent one dime. That's because I never get vested. For instance: When getting the kitty treats, I outsmarted the game ONCE and got first place. After that, it would not let me get to first place again. Then third or fourth kitty treat challenge later, I had 2637 treats and was in second place. First place dude had 2764 treats. I played ONE game and the first place dude had moved up to 4312. Now, we all know that nobody can get 2000 treats in the time span of one game. It's because we're not really playing against other players, we're playing against the game. After that, I purposely didn't play the game for 3 days. When I came back, I started winning again. Not just kitty treats, but other items as well. While it is entertaining, you have to keep in mind that it is a greedware game and it's sole and only purpose is to get you to spend money. Once you understand that, your challenge becomes getting to the next level without spending money. Good luck to all!


Friday 22nd of July 2022

@Simon, 100% agree. You could not have explained it better!