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Design This Castle Tips, Cheats & Guide: 6 Hints Every Player Should Know

The same company that gave us Design This Home is back with something similar in concept, yet more medieval at the end of the day. Design This Castle is now available for iOS devices (no Android version yet), and in this game, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of the “newly appointed royal designer.” It is your job to create the most spectacular castle you could, though it’s your call as to how you want your castle to look like. There are over 800 items to choose from for customization purposes, and you can also send your knights to go on quests to retrieve treasures that you can display in your castle. It’s possible to sell your items to merchants for more profits, and explore neighboring kingdoms, meaning those of your friends.

There are a lot of things for you to do in Design This Castle, and we cannot blame you if you find your new job as Royal Designer to be a bit too intimidating and complex. But we can ease you through the process, and if you’ve been playing for some time, we may have some tips worth sharing for you as well. So join us as we bring you our Design This Castle strategy guide – ideally designed for beginners, but applicable to slightly more advanced players as well.

1. Follow The Quests

We mentioned quests above, and as you may be expecting, it is imperative that you follow them. The task book has everything you need to know about what you should be doing next, and will keep you on the right track as you progress through the game. Not only does this allow you to have an up-to-date castle; you could also earn experience and coins by following the tasks/quests and completing them.

2. Go For Prestige When Buying Furniture

What can you do to ensure you’ve got some standout decorations for your castle? It’s simple – all you have to do is to look at prestige, specifically when it comes to furniture. The higher the prestige level, the more gold the furniture can generate as long as you have it in your castle. The tradeoff here, of course, is that higher prestige furniture costs more than those lower prestige items, but these expensive items will eventually pay for themselves. Think of the long-term benefit and buy high-prestige furniture.

3. Cut The Trees In The Royal Forest

Head to the Royal Forest near your castle plot and you’ll find a whole lot of trees for you to chop down. This will be where you want to go any time you’re low on wood; just tap on the trees and you’ll cut them down instantly. You can even go to the Royal Forest for some wood-chopping even if you’ve got enough wood on you. If you notice that the trees are ready for chopping, then go for it. Just be sure to replant those trees once you’re done chopping them down.

4. How To Easily Collect More Wood

As a bonus tip and a follow-up to the last, here’s something you can do if you want to collect wood faster. Most players tend to tap on the pile of wood to collect it, which is fine, but you can get your wood-collecting done quicker by using this tactic. And that tactic is…doing nothing. Leaving the wood on the ground for a few seconds would have the game automatically collect it for you.

5. Ignore The Tutorial, And Keep Your Rooms Smaller

You can’t always trust what’s in the tutorial – that’s something we’ve learned from experience playing different titles. That happens to be the case in Design This Castle, as we’ve noticed that the tutorial seems to get it wrong when advising players how to build their rooms. You may want, instead, to make your rooms a little smaller than what’s recommended, but not too small. You’ll still have the option to make them bigger eventually, though the total gold price will also go up as a room gets bigger. When figuring out a room’s size, make it relative to the amount of furniture you want to put in there. Make every inch of space count, because wasted space means wasted money.

6. Keep The Trade Routes Active

Once you reach Level 3 in the game, you’ll be able to unlock the trading post. That would allow you to dispatch merchants to perform trades; you can then select how long the trade will be. As a general rule, you can earn more gold from longer trade routes. However, you should also consider fees, as longer trades have an initial fee that needs to be paid before you send the merchant off.

Always do what you could to ensure you’ve got an active trade; go for longer ones if you don’t always have time to play the game, or if you’ll be away from the game for a while. But if you play the game regularly while awake, go for the shorter trades and leave your notifications on so you can follow up on those trades.

Have you enjoyed our list of tips and tricks for Design This Castle? Stayed tune for more tips and hints for the game in the near future!

Joan Poirier

Saturday 30th of March 2019

I have achieved level 60 and the game has stopped giving me xp points. It has said 0/4800 for several days now. Is this as high as I can go? I have still been sending my knights on quests.