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Diamond Diaries Saga Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

From the creators of Candy Crush Saga comes a whole new puzzle game that will surely drain hours of your time. Diamond Diaries Saga features all the bright hues and crisp graphics that the game developer King is known for. What sets this puzzle linker apart from their other titles, however, is the unique tile-linking mechanic that makes for some dynamic gameplay. Available on Android and iOS, King’s new mobile game gives you a bunch of colored balls that seem to be stacked haphazardly in a container. Your job is to link three or more same-colored charms. You have a limited number of moves to accomplish your goal for each puzzle, so you will need to come up with a good strategy. The puzzles start out fairly easy while you are still learning the ropes, but the difficulty level ramps up pretty quickly. Check out our exclusive Diamond Diaries Saga beginner’s guide if you want to complete all the puzzles!

1. Choose The Right Path

The game is not just about linking the first set of charms that you see. When you look at the board, you will notice that the charms are arranged inside a shape. This shape helps determine the movement of the charms once you make a match. This is important because if your goal is to bring an object to the bottom of the screen, you need to pay attention to the path it will take down the board. Some paths will help it fall faster while others may make things worse for you. Try to picture the different paths in your head and choose the best one.

2. Use The Special Icons Strategically

When you link several charms together, you will get a special charm with markers around it. When you link these special charms, they will shoot out energy depending on the position of the markers on them. You might get sparks from the top and bottom, from the sides, or even from eight different directions. This is a great way to wipe the board clean. What makes it even better is that you can actually control the direction of the burst. The bursts will start from where you let go, so you can double back on the charms you have linked before releasing your hold. The energy will shoot out from where you let go, allowing you to target specific areas in the board.

3. Know Your Goals

Before you get carried away in linking charms, you should know that the goal in this game is unlike most other puzzle games where you just blast away a specified number of tiles of this or that color. As we mentioned before, your goal is to move an object to where it needs to be on the board. This object is the Diamond, hence the name of the game. Each puzzle will have you do different things to the Diamond. Some puzzles will require you to hook them up to necklaces. Some need to be freed from nesting dolls. Others still will need to be floated around. Make sure you focus on this goal because if you run out of moves before you get all the Diamonds, you will fail the puzzle.

Once you know what your goals are, make sure every move you make will help towards realizing those goals. For example, if you are on a puzzle where you need to raise the perfume level, you will need to link bottles with charms of the same color. If you don’t have any bottles that can be linked, the best move is to clear as many charms as you can in order to ensure bottles will be linked in succeeding rounds.

4. Look For Interactive Items

Linking charms won’t be your only task in this game. Some puzzles have interactive items that are crucial to the solution. For example, if you see Russian nesting dolls, you will most likely need to break them open to find the Diamonds. If you see bird icons, you will need to use them to break obstacles. Bottles, on the other hand, are required for stages where you need to raise the water level in a stage. Finally, keys need to be fitted into keyholes to unlock the right path. Watch out for these things before going on a linking spree to avoid wasting moves.

5. Switch Locations When Necessary

The game lets you move to different locations around the world, including New York, Paris, and London. Each location gives you a specific boost. Of course, these locations need to be unlocked first before you can go to them. Don’t worry because you just need to play the game normally in order to unlock new locations. If you find yourself struggling in one location, try moving to a new one before starting your next puzzle. Check the bonus of the new location before deciding to move. Strategic positioning will help you progress further in the game. For example, if you used up all your lives, you may want to temporarily move to New York where your lives recharge twice as fast.

6. Take Advantage Of Power Ups

There are three types of power ups in this game. You can create them by linking a specific number of charms. The first power up is called Ray and it can be created by linking six charms. Linking the Ray with two or more charms of the same color will clear charms in a line. The direction of the line that will be cleared depends on the two arrows on the Ray icon. Make sure you pay attention before using it.

The second power up is the Cross-blast. As the name suggests, using this power up will clear charms in a cross-shaped pattern. You will need to link nine charms of the same color in order to create this. Use it if you need to clear a whole lot of charms at once. The final power up is the Star Ray. You will need a whopping 12 charms to create one, but it is definitely worth it. Using this will clear a lot of charms in a star pattern. Use these three power ups wisely in order to achieve your goals with ease.

7. The Tricky Bird Charm

Some charms will have a bird icon on them. This is one of the interactive items we mentioned above. It deserved its own place here because of how tricky it can be. The bird charm can be a double-edged sword. You need to use it correctly or you may end up in a worse position than you started with. Bird charms trigger other charms based on a hierarchy. The priority for bird charms is any power up on the board. If you are saving your power up for a major move later on, make sure you don’t use any bird charms.

The second priority for these birds is any obstacle on the board. It will destroy one obstacle on the board upon activation if there are no power ups available. The next on the list are the nesting dolls. If none of these special items are on the board, the bird charm will simply destroy a random piece on the board. Always keep this hierarchy in mind to ensure you get the most out of those birds.

8. Soldier On With Boosters

Not all puzzles are created equal. There are those levels where you just can’t seem to get it right no matter how many times you retry. Instead of burning through your lives, you can try using one of your boosters instead. There are three times of boosters in the game. The first one adds a bird charm on the board. The second is the Rainbow booster which removes all charms of the same color as the ones you link it with. The final booster is the Blast, and it works like a bomb that destroys all charms in a small radius around it after you link it with other charms. You can choose to bring along any of these boosters, or all three of them, at the beginning of each puzzle. Some levels also give them to you for free.

The game gives out three of each booster for free. Once you consume your free boosters, you will need to buy them using gold bars. Make sure you use them wisely because gold bars are hard to come by. For stages with free boosters, avoid using them carelessly. Take a close look at the board and see if you can get better mileage out of the booster by letting it fall to a certain position first.

9. Diamonds Still Drop On Failed Puzzles

One of your long-term goals in the game is to collect Diamonds from levels in order to create ornaments. There are puzzles where there are multiple Diamonds for you to secure. If you manage to get one or two Diamonds, but end up failing to complete the puzzle, do not despair. You will still be able to keep the Diamonds that you were able to secure. You just then need to replay the level until completion to pick up any Diamonds you failed to get. Keep in mind, however, that you can only earn each Diamond once. If you already completed a puzzle, replaying it won’t earn you additional Diamonds.

10. Use Those Diamonds

Once you have enough Diamonds, you will be able to complete a piece of jewelry. Doing so will reward you with a gift box. Gift boxes contain various rewards including gold bars. Make sure you hold on to your gold bars and use them only for purchasing boosters. The game also allows you to purchase five extra moves using gold bars, but it is not worth it since you can just replay a level. The only exception to this is if you have been stuck on replaying a level for days and still can’t complete it. If you are just a couple of moves away from finally beating a very difficult puzzle, then you can go ahead an part ways with a few gold bars.

11. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

If you run out of lives, you will need to wait for them to regenerate. Each life takes 30 minutes to regenerate. A way around this wait time is the time-skip hack which is done by changing the time on your device. Just set it to a few hours ahead of the current time to trick the game into thinking enough time has passed. If you check back into the game, you will see that you have all your lives back. You can then correct the time on your device and continue playing. There is a catch to this trick, however. It will only work if you have not linked your Facebook account to the game. If your Facebook is linked, the game will save your state and it will know how many lives you are supposed to have.

Solving puzzles is a great way to pass time, especially when you have the help of our Diamond Diaries Saga cheats, tips and tricks! If you have anything to add, let us know below in the comment area!


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