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Void Troopers Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Take Down Your Enemies

Void Troopers is a brand new action-packed clicker game created by Appxplore for mobile devices. The game features stunning visuals reminiscent of old-school run n’ gun arcade shooter titles. The story is pretty straightforward. An alien race called Zurloc is wreaking havoc across the galaxy, and it is your job to put a stop to their rampage. Since it is a clicker game, you will need to tap on the screen in order to attack the alien invaders. Of course, this would all be automated later on as you unlock upgrades. You will need to assemble a fleet of fighter spaceships to defend the galaxy. Recruit captains and send them on expeditions in order to earn more gold. Unlock and upgrade powerful weapons that will help you obliterate waves of alien forces. You will need all the help you can get once you face off against the different Bosses. Make sure you are prepared by reading our Void Troopers cheats, tips and strategies!

1. Earn A Lot of Gold, Here’s How

Gold is the primary currency of Void Troopers, and you will need a lot of it if you want to succeed. There are several ways for you to earn gold, the easiest of which is to simply play actively. Whenever you kill an entire wave, you will automatically receive a lot of gold. The more enemies you kill, the more gold you earn. You don’t even need to pick them up. They will instantly be transferred to your pockets as soon as you are done killing aliens. You can also boost your income by 50% for an hour by watching a video advertisement.

The second way to earn gold in the game is through your captains. As we mentioned earlier, you can send your captains on expeditions so you can earn money while idle. Just tap on the compass icon on the lower right side of the screen, choose an expedition, and hit send. Each expedition has a timer. The bigger the reward, the higher the timer will be. To speed up an expedition, and to make it more profitable, you can accept an ad offer.

The final way to earn more gold in Void Troopers is not as reliable but is still worth claiming. This is the free gold reward that the game gives out every few hours. It really isn’t much, but when you are staring at upgrade costs that increase exponentially, every bit of extra income helps.

2. How To Earn Gems And Time Orbs

There are two additional types of currency in the game. The first one is gems, and it is the premium currency of the game. You can use it to unlock temporary boosts or exchange for more gold. We recommend that you avoid spending your precious gems on these temporary things because of how hard it is to get gems for free. You can only earn gems through completing achievements and defeating the daily boss. You will know that you have an achievement waiting to be claimed when you see the prompt at the top right of the screen. A better way to spend these gems on is to buy permanent upgrades such as Time Orb gain, Damage, and Gold gain.

The last currency type is the Time Orb. You will need to spend this in order to become much stronger in the game. It works similar to the Prestige option of most other clicker games. You will travel back in time and start over, but you will be able to purchase permanent upgrade options. Time Orbs are dropped by Bosses, so it also takes a while to collect them. If you want to skip the whole time-travel thing, you will need to spend 500 gems.

3. Unlock New Technologies

The whole point of traveling back in time, or spending 500 gems to skip it, is so you can spend your Time Orbs to purchase Technologies. These are permanent upgrades that greatly increase your overall combat power, allowing you to progress further in your next run. While it can be tempting to save up your Time Orbs, it really is best if you spend them all every time you get the chance. Holding on to them will only delay your progress in the game. You will realize that the amount of time you waste trying to save up for one big Technology purchase is not really worth the hassle.

4. Upgrade Your Fleet

Each ship in your fleet, including your primary one, has its own set of upgrades. They also have different strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you pay attention to the details of each ship before you invest heavily. When you upgrade a ship, the goal is to eventually reach level 500. That is a long way to go considering the insane costs of upgrades at higher levels. The good news is, you get to unlock new abilities at certain milestone levels. That means you will still be considerably stronger even if you don’t make it to level 500 right away.

One of the considerations you should make when upgrading ships is whether to focus on your primary ship or invest more in your squad. The answer depends on the type of player you are. If you play actively, you will want to focus on your primary ship. If you are more on the passive side, you can let the rest of the squad do the dirty work. Keep in mind, however, that milestone upgrades to your primary ship will also provide fleet-wide benefits.

Try to get your primary ship to at least level 50 as soon as you can. When you do, you will enter Phase 3. At this point, you will receive a tap damage boost that is equivalent to 1% of your fleet’s damage. You can increase your tap damage even more by upgrading the rest of your auxiliary ships. Your tap damage will make a huge difference when it is time to take down Bosses, so make sure you invest well.

5. Should You Invest In Special Attacks?

This is another major blackhole for your gold, so it really is important for you to ask whether or not you should invest in it. Special attacks are active skills that will allow you to wipe out a lot of enemies, Bosses included. Whether or not you should invest in it depends on how actively you play. If you play a lot, you may want to invest heavily since you will be able to use it more often. If you are often away from your device, you just need to purchase a basic special attack, so you will have an ace up your sleeve for the rare moments that you actually play the game.

6. How To Beat Bosses

As we mentioned before, your tap damage will play a major role in helping you take down Bosses. Passive attacks will often not be enough to take down a Boss. You will need to tap furiously on the screen to whittle down his health until you eventually defeat him. If you find that you still lack the damage despite actively tapping on the screen, you may need to let your fleet play around with the small timers for a while in order to earn more gold. Upgrade your fleet a few more times then challenge the Boss again.

An alternative way to beat Bosses is to use special attacks. If you invested even a minimal amount in special attacks, you should have enough to take out a Boss. Keep in mind that special attacks take a long time to charge. Make sure you don’t waste them on regular enemies or you will end up with nothing by the time you reach the Boss.

It is time to eliminate the Zurloc threat once and for all! Just follow our Void Troopers beginner’s guide and you will surely succeed!