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Dawn of Titans Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks to Get More Free Gems

We’ve been covering Dawn of Titans quite a lot this week, and it’s no surprise that we are, because this Zynga/NaturalMotion game is giving RTS fans another reason to be happy. This game arrived earlier this month for iOS and Android users alike, and just to remind you about the features, this is a real-time strategy/base management game where you control armies, including the fearsome Titans who lead the way for you, and pit them against the armies of opposing players from all over the world. You can form alliances with other players, take part in the “nonstop” events and challenges, and basically compete for dominance of the in-game world, and for high rankings in comparison to most, if not all of the other players in the game.

If you want to achieve a lot in Dawn of Titans, you will need a lot of gems, which are the game’s premium currency. We established in the general strategy guide that gems are hard to come by, and that may leave you wondering about what you need to do to get more of those gems for free, without having to part with your hard-earned money. Read on, as we’ll be answering that in this new Dawn of Titans strategy guide.

1. Complete The Daily Missions

The game comes with its share of daily missions, and you can complete more of them to get additional gems. These missions reset every day, so it’s imperative that you complete the missions within the day where they’re valid. But that also means you won’t have any shortage of missions, and may also be asked to complete a mission you’ve already completed in the past. You will get a generous gem bonus for completing all the dailies, but even if you don’t get that bonus, completing as many as possible will at least guarantee you of a solid amount of gems.

2. Complete The Regular Missions As Well

Apart from the daily missions, you’ve also got your normal missions, which do not reset every day, thus giving you ample time to complete them. These are essentially quests that keep you up to speed by asking you to do certain in-game tasks, and they’re meant to keep you up to speed. Be warned that these missions will become progressively more difficult, but you will find out soon enough that you can get some tantalizing rewards. And while you don’t have any time limit for the regular missions, it’s still best that you complete them ASAP, so the game can give you new ones.

3. Make Sure Your Alliance Is Active

As we said in the general strategy guide for Dawn of Titans, you shouldn’t just join an alliance, but an active one where most of the members, if not everyone, regularly plays the game. If you’re part of such an alliance, you can get gem rewards based on how well your alliance performs in the league battles. The game puts you in tiered leagues based on the strength of your alliance, so if you do well enough in the season, you can get better rewards. Look at the standings of your current league and join, or switch over to, a top alliance if you want to be guaranteed it’s both active and reliable.

4. Offer Troops To Your Alliance Members

There are a lot of advantages to being part of an alliance, and one of those advantages is the ability of members to “donate” some of their troops as reinforcements. And while you can take advantage of these reinforcements and have them serve as the difference-makers in your battles, you should also be returning the favor if someone asks you for some troops. Doing that will give you one gem per troop donated, so if you want to stack up on your gems, be on the lookout for alliance requests for troops. And once you donate, make sure you’re actually donating useful ones! (Your fellow alliance members, after all, weren’t born yesterday, and they’ll know bad or mediocre troops when they see them.)

5. Should You Spend Your Money On Gems?

While this is definitely not a way for you to get gems for free, it’s a reminder that it’s not a bad thing if you’ve got some money to burn and want to buy some gems at the store. The more you spend on these gem packages, the more bang you could get for buck. In simpler terms, that means you get some free gems if you consider the price per gem.

6. Don’t Spend Your Gems Frivolously

This isn’t actually a tip for getting more gems, but rather a warning that we already made in the general strategy guide. To recap what we had told you, gems are difficult to earn, and while there are so many things you can buy in this game, a lot of them will cost you a premium amount of premium currency. And a lot of the items and options, unfortunately, won’t do you too much good if you come to think of it. For example, you do not want to spend gems to speed up an upgrade. And you should also resist the temptation to resurrect or heal your troops with gem purchases. While it’s okay if you refill your resources, buy a shield, or get more Portal Stones with your gems from time to time, it’s still often best to hang on to your gems rather than do those things.

Again recapping something we had told you about in the general guide, the first big purchase you should make with your gems is the second Builder’s Yard, which costs 1,500 gems. After that, focus on buying more Titans with your gems; be warned that this costs you 4,000 gems a pop, but take note that you’ll have a chance at getting a rare Titan if you go this route. That’s obviously a lot of premium currency, and a stark reminder that it’s never a good idea to spend your gems just because they’re there.