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Dawn of Titans Tips, Cheats & Strategies: How to Get More Titans

We’ve got even more Dawn of Titans tips and tricks for you, and we’re going to be talking about a topic that, without a doubt, should pique your interest as they’re the center of the game. We are, of course, talking about the Titans, which are the creatures you send out to battle with your troops, and often serve as the difference-makers when you’re attacking other players. And in case you still need a quick overview of the game, this is the new real-time strategy title from Zynga and NaturalMotion where you can build your own base/kingdom and compete against real players in real time, beating more of these human-controlled armies and working together with your alliance, particularly in the leagues. Oh, there are also “nonstop events and campaigns,” which Zynga seems to highlight in the game’s description.

Now that we’ve introduced the game once again and told you why we’ve got yet another guide for you, let’s move on to our new Dawn of Titans strategy guide. This one, as we mentioned, talks about Titans, and we’re going to cover the ways you can get more of them, the ways you can make them better, and everything you need to know in general about these massive creatures.

1. Titan Overview – What’s The Deal With All Of Them?

For those who have yet to start playing Dawn of Titans, here’s a basic overview of what you can expect from the Titans. There are five races of Titans, namely Human, Elithen, Unak, Mossmane, and Ragnar. We’re not 100 percent sure about this, but race appears to be for cosmetic purposes only, but doesn’t give your Titans any special skills or abilities, or any unique strengths or weaknesses.

The real differentiating factor would be the Titan classes, of which there are also five. There may be more classes to follow as Zynga and NaturalMotion continue to update the game, and when it comes to the classes, these are what truly set them apart. Those classes are what make the Titans stronger or weaker than others, so read on as we tell you more about them.

For starters, you’ve got your Berserkers, which are melee Titans with high damage and low defense stats. Guardians are your beefy tanks with high health numbers, and defense-oriented boosts for friendly troops; damage isn’t too high, but solid nonetheless in most cases. Champions come with extra unit slots and provide buffs to melee troops. Paladins offer defensive spells and melee abilities, as well as a rather unique set of skills compared to the other classes. Lastly, Infiltrators are your speed-oriented Titans, with good defense against enemies launching ranged attacks, and good land capturing skills. They are, however, the squishiest of the bunch due to their low health figures.

2. How Can You Get More Titans?

This is the big money question as we see it, that one important thing people are asking when it comes to the game, because you can’t spell “Dawn of Titans” without the Titans. So how can you get more of these mythical creatures? There are some ways to do so, but unfortunately, none of them are truly affordable or easy when it comes to scoring a rare.

The first way to do so is to spend 4,000 gems in the store. That’s a lot of premium currency, but earning a lot of gems is doable nonetheless. Your second option is to take advantage of the game’s daily bonus for logging into the game. You will get a free draw once per day, and while it seems almost impossible to get a rare Titan, you will, at least, get a fair one in terms of ability. And if you don’t get a Titan, you will most likely get a weak and common relic.

The next thing you can do is to keep winning more battles and make better progress. The game has some milestones that would reward you with one Titan for free if you complete them. Being active can pay off for you here, so make sure you’re playing the game as often as possible. Lastly, there’s Zynga’s Titan Season Rewards. The game is too new for us to really say something about this incentive, but there may be some seasons where you and your Alliance can win free Titans for ranking well enough in your league.

3. How To Level Up Your Titans

When leveling up your Titans, you can get the job done faster at the Titan Arenas and Monuments. Go to the World overview, meaning the menu where you can choose which players to attack, and scroll toward the north side with the islands. Look for the large castle in the middle, and you’ll find the Titan Monuments to the left, and the Titan Arenas to the right. It’s as simple as that if you’re looking to level up Titans faster than you normally could. You can also get XP for your Titans from regular battles, and while it may take longer, they will level up in time if you use them regularly in battle. There’s also the Fusion option, which we shall be talking about in our very next tip.

As an aside, some have said you can unlock new Titans in either area, but we’ve yet to experience that for ourselves.

4. How To Fuse Your Titans

The fusion mechanic is available in Dawn of Titans as well, and that should be a relief to anyone who may find it too hard to get Titans through the conventional means mentioned above. Should you have surplus Titans, you have the option to fuse them to improve them even further. Go to the Fusion menu, then select your base Titan and the target Titan. You will then be shown the effect on your target Titan once the fusion process is complete. More often than not, this would come in the form of an XP boost, a new Skill slot, and/or a new Relic slot. The results of the fusion will all depend on how rare the target Titan is, or how leveled-up it may be at that point.

This feature is mainly designed for those times when you simply have too many Titans to go around with, but since this is a new game and unlocking Titans is hard enough as it is, this may be something you can try doing sometime down the line. For now, you’ll want to hold on to your Titans, no matter how common and/or weak they may appear to be.

5. How Does Each Titan Stack Up Against Each Other?

We’re sure the four new classes NaturalMotion and Zynga have promised will shake things up a bit, but we’re going to have to wait a while before they arrive. For the meantime, here’s how the hierarchy goes as far as which Titan class is strong or weak against the other, and we’ve got information on all nine. Champions beat Paladins, Paladins beat Assassins, Assassins beat Champions, Berserkers beat Shamans, Shamans beat Infiltrators, Infiltrators beat Berserkers. Guardians beat Sorcerers, Sorcerers beat Rangers, Rangers beat Guardians.