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Crash of Cars Tips, Cheats & Hints: A Complete Guide to Cars

Crash of Cars is the new racing-inspired (or more like Death Race-inspired) MOBA from Not Doppler, and if you haven’t downloaded it yet for your iOS or Android device, you might want to do so and check this game out for yourself. And as you may have seen, we came up with an ultimate guide for the game, one that’s chock full of tips and tricks on just about every aspect. But before we move on to the purpose of this new strategy guide, here’s a bit of a refresher on this title, whose name is a clever pun on Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, and other MMO games. Basically, the premise here is that you’ll be taking part in matches with human-controlled vehicles in a battle arena setting; the matches start when you enter the arena and end when you get destroyed. And you’ll also need to collect crowns in order to get coins, which you can then spend on new cars, among other things.

That is, in fact, the segue to what we’re going to be talking about in this new Crash of Cars strategy guide. The topic of cars is quite a broad one, to be honest, so we’re going to be talking all about cars/vehicles in this game – what do they do, what should you use, and how do you get more of them? Read on and we’ll answer all those questions for you.

1. Stick To The Vehicles That Fit Your Play Style The Best

The good thing about the vehicles in Crash of Cars is that they come in all sorts – they have their own unique stats, as well as their own strong points and weak points. They also drive in a variety of ways, so that’s something you should also take into account. More often than not, larger vehicles (such as tanks, of course) are slow, lumbering beasts that come with a lot of health points and deal out a lot of damage against opponents. Smaller vehicles, such as the sprint car, are fast, yet also easy to handle. However, they can also be squishy with their low health stats at the start, and they might not deal out a lot of damage either when hitting enemy vehicles.

When it comes to choosing a vehicle that fits your play style, it would all depend on what it is. If you’re more of an offensive player, the tank and other heavy, slow vehicles would be ideal for you. Use these vehicles to wail on the enemy and dominate multi-car brawls. But if you like to take the defensive route like we do, you’re better off driving a small, fast car that could allow you to evade opponents, avoid getting in the thick of rumbles, and beat other players out to the item boxes.

We would personally recommend trying out as many cars as possible to see which vehicle fits your style the best, though if you’re able to find one right off the bat, you may want to stick to it.

2. The Game Uses The Gacha System

Unfortunately for those who like to have control over the cars they unlock, there’s no such feature in Crash of Cars. The game uses the oh-so-common gacha machine system with coins (common currency) and gems (premium currency), and that means any cars you get will be given to you at random. There’s no option to buy a car straight away and make the choice yourself.

The standard prize machine will cost you 100 coins per prize, and as far as we’ve seen, it’s quite reliable in giving out non-common vehicles – for some, the ratio could be about 2-to-1 for common and non-common vehicles. (The other tiers include Rare, Epic, and Legendary, in case you’re wondering.)

3. Special Abilities – The Ambulance

We should also mention that there are some cars, particularly the Epic and Legendary ones, that come with special abilities you won’t find in their common counterparts. While you can easily view these abilities in the vehicle menu, we’re going to enumerate a few of them and tell you what the abilities do in specific.

For starters, let’s talk about the Ambulance, whose special ability is dropping health every 30 seconds. Now if you’ve fought in a battle or two in Crash of Cars, half a minute may seem like an eternity. But if you play defensively and try to avoid confrontation, you could use the Ambulance and get good results out of it. If you’re able to hold on long enough, you’ll get a health drop, thus allowing you to let up on the defense a bit and take a more attacking approach.

Now if you’re using another vehicle and one of your opponents is an Ambulance, you could pull a fast one on them and steal their health drop. Like the normal Health item does, the Ambulance’s health drop comes at random. Alternately, you can also destroy an Ambulance and steal their health afterwards.

4. Special Abilities – The Fire Truck

For the Fire Truck, its special ability may be a bit obvious – it “extinguishes flamethrowers.” As the Fire Truck is, well, a truck that firefighters use when putting out fires, you can use its hose to shoot a burst of water at the flamethrower, thus rendering it ineffective in battle. Pretty much, it’s going to be immune to this weapon, so make sure you use that “hose” whenever you’re using the Fire Truck and up against opponents with flamethrowers.

5. Special Abilities – The Limo

Limousines may normally appear as large, sedate vehicles in real life, but in the in-game world of Crash of Cars they come with dual side cannons. This could do you a world of good in battle, provided you know how to use these weapons. Just be sure you’re going where you want to go, because you wouldn’t want to be firing this weapon at a wall. This is easier said than done with other vehicles, as intense battles may cause you to forget the direction where you’re supposed to be going to. But with the Limo, you won’t need to worry about this too much, and you’ll also have twice the firepower with two cannons equipped on each side of your vehicle.

6. Special Abilities – The Pirate Ship

The description of the Pirate Ship’s special ability is a simple one – the Pirate’s Cannon “shoots in all directions.” Now don’t be deceived – the Pirate Ship may seem like a gimmick vehicle if you’re a newcomer, but if you’ve been playing long enough, you probably know how the Pirate’s Cannon can indeed launch shots at every angle. That makes it hard to avoid enemy fire if one of your opponents is using that vehicle. Use this if you want a more attacking style when playing Crash of Cars.

7. Special Abilities – The Speed

Now this may sound like a curiously-worded entry, but that is indeed the name of the car – the Speed. It is the “fastest of the bunch,” and the game isn’t lying when it says that. You’ll want to drive this car if you want something that can outrun everybody else and avoid as many enemies as possible. But if you pair it up with a flamethrower, you can achieve deadly results, driving down the track at breakneck speed and firing away at opponents until your run is over. The obvious catch here is that since the Speed is a small car, it’s got low health – you’ll need to be extra-careful when driving this car, even if it’s capable of outrunning everyone else. But if you know how to harness its power in conjunction with the flamethrower, you could potentially have a world-beater at the tips of your fingers.

8. What Happens When You Draw A Duplicate Car?

As is the case with any game that uses the gacha to unlock new characters, there’s always the chance that you’ll draw a duplicate. But you don’t need to worry about that – duplicate cars will go toward upgrading the car by one level. You’ll know this is the case if you see a silver shield on top of the vehicle’s health bar.

On top of that, buying cars even if you’ve already got a go-to vehicle is a good idea because that’s the only way you can increase your player level. For each prize you win, you’ll get experience points – new Common cars get you five EXP, new Rare cars are worth 10 EXP, and so on. Duplicate cars will be worth double the default experience point value, so if you get a dupe of a Rare car you already have, you’ll get 20 EXP easy, just like that.

9. Collect More Crowns For More Attempts At The Gacha

Not happy with the car you’ve just received? If you were paying close attention to our ultimate guide, you should remember that we told you several times that collecting crowns should be your main objective, especially at the beginning; more crowns means more for you to convert into coins! And once you’ve got coins, you can go to the in-game store, play the gacha machine, and see if you can get a new car, or possibly a duplicate for leveling-up purposes.

10. What’s In It For You If You Level Up?

Leveling up your player level will grant you new weapons, and while we may be talking about weapons in a future Crash of Cars strategy guide, we’re going to give you a brief primer on how things work here. If you make it to level 2 you’ll get the Homing Missile, if you reach level 3 you’ll get the Rail Gun, level 5 gets you the Trebuchet, and so on. Leveling up as a player may also allow you to level up your existing weapons. Look for weapons you don’t have to appear in the random item boxes if you’re already at the minimum required level to unlock that weapon.

11. Health Shields Do Not Refill With Health Pickups

If you’ve got some duplicate cars that are now at a higher level, they’ll have gray shields over their health bars for added protection. You can potentially lose or use up those shields, but if you do and you end up driving over a health pickup, you won’t regain or refill your lost shields. Take note that it’s only the health bar itself that can be refilled; whatever damage you get at first is permanent, and that’s something you will have to deal with while playing Crash of Cars.

12. What’s The Deal With Prestige Cars?

In idle clicker games, the term “prestige” is used as a verb – that’s something you do if you want to reset your game and start from scratch, typically losing all your currency, but keeping any power-ups, buffs, or whatnot you may have collected previously so that you can progress faster once you’ve restarted from scratch within the same game. But in this game, “prestige” is a noun like it typically is. This refers to your player/account level earned through the unlocking of new cars, and isn’t something that would allow you to get a fresh start because you aren’t making good progress anymore. As for Prestige Vehicles, these are vehicles you can only unlock once you reach a certain level, such as the Muscle Car, which unlocks once you’re at level 7.

13. How To Earn Coins To Buy New Cars

There are many other ways (aside from collecting crowns) for you to earn additional coins in Crash of Cars. First off, the game will assign you missions soon after you compete in your first match, and you will always be given up to three missions per day. Complete those missions as soon as possible, as they could reward you with coins, and earn you more money to spend on rolling for new cars. Next up, you can simply connect your game to Facebook for some easy currency, especially if you share certain game content on social media once connected. You can also watch ad videos, which earn you 20 coins a pop.

On top of all those techniques, you may want to start looking forward to the offline game mode, where you can compete against AI opponents for the same rewards. Yes, it may actually be a good idea to compete against dopey computer-controlled enemies, even if it doesn’t sound as challenging as competing against human players who have their own, often dynamic, strategies. That’s because this is an opportunity for you to earn easy money, with the stakes lower but the rewards still the same.

14. You Can Spend Premium Currency For Legendary Cars

Although the standard prize machines are all well and good, with no downside to playing them as we had explained above, you can also pay gems, which are the game’s premium currency, to get yourself some Legendary cars unlocked. Now it’s easy to get buyer’s remorse when spending premium currency on anything in mobile games, so make sure that you’ve got enough in reserve even if you spend those gems on Legendary cars. Once again, you won’t have any choice when it comes to the type of car you may receive!