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Crash of Cars Cheats, Tips & Strategies: A Complete Look at All the Weapons and Power-Ups

As promised, we’ve got more Crash of Cars for you right now, as this racing-inspired MOBA is simply one of the deepest and most unique titles we’ve seen come along for Android and iOS in quite a while. The game was released by Not Doppler, and to refresh your memory on what the game is about, this is as close as you can get to a Death Race-style scenario, competing against real players from all over the world and using a variety of weapons to take out your opponents, while, of course, aiming to collect the most crowns and earn the most coins once your run has ended.

As we mentioned many times before, earning crowns and converting them into a ton of coins should be your primary goal. But you can make this easier on yourself by making sure you’re using the game’s weapons in the right way. So in this Crash of Cars strategy guide, we shall be looking at each of the weapons and power-ups in the game in alphabetical order, how you should use them, when you should use them, and in many cases, when you should not be using them.


Your Boosts show up as two black rockets located on top of your car. Activate them and you’ll see white arrows in front of your vehicle; you’ll then be given a couple of seconds to decide which direction you want to send your car in. Boosting directly into an opponent will do more damage than your car normally would if you drove into them. But you can also use Boost to evade enemy vehicles and do so much faster with all that extra speed.


In Crash of Cars, you can outfit your car with cannons, placing them in the front, side, or the rear. They don’t look as much as actual cannons as they look like green pipes, but they work a more similar way, launching four cannonballs in the direction where they’re set up in. Leveling up your Cannons allows them to shoot more cannonballs. Changing the direction of your car will allow you to change the direction of the cannonballs, and that will allow you to cover a wider range. You can also use Cannons for offensive and defensive purposes. The offensive aspect is well-documented, but you can use your Rear Cannon to take out enemies who are closely chasing you from behind. And if you zigzag the right way in matches, you can take out more than one opponent with this weapon.


Flamethrowers appear as red-tipped torches, and they would obviously work by shooting out flames in front of your car. These flames will stay on the screen for a little more than ten seconds, but if the situation calls for it, you can also eject a Flamethrower and allow it to stay in one position, shooting flames in the direction where you ejected it. That allows you to use it as a defensive weapon, especially if you’ve got several cars chasing you, or one car that’s particularly aggressive. At the very least, the flames could end up confusing your rival drivers.
One good thing about Flamethrowers is that there’s no such thing as friendly fire with them; you cannot get damaged by your own Flamethrower’s flames.

Freeze Cannons

These are the colder, icier cousins of the main Cannons, and they appear like white cannons on top of your car. Activating your Freeze Cannon would launch a huge snowball that would roll very slowly in a straight line. It would then freeze any car it comes in contact with, and if you drive into frozen cars that don’t have their Shields activated, you will instantly destroy them. Well, almost instantly; it would often take a few seconds and a few tries to destroy a frozen vehicle after running into them repeatedly. Although the snowball can fall off a cliff and disappear (this does happen a lot), if you’re lucky, you could have it take up more than half of the map. Take note, however, that the snowball won’t be created instantly, and that one-second delay before it materializes could allow cars in close pursuit to avoid it.

Should you get frozen, you’ll still be able to use some items. As we mentioned, you can activate a Shield to keep your car from getting destroyed. You can also Teleport to move a short distance ahead; you’ll still be frozen, but at least you might not be as susceptible to getting rammed by enemies. Land Mines can also be used while frozen, though you only want to use them if you’re aiming for some kamikaze-style tactics by taking out your opponents – as well as your own car.


Now this is not really a weapon, for obvious reasons. But it is one of the power-ups that you can activate in Crash of Cars, and we’re including it in here anyway. Activating Health will drop two cubes on the ground, one in front and one behind your car. You’ll need to be quick in grabbing both Health cubes, as enemies can easily pick up the cubes; likewise, you can steal some from your opponents if you see them activating Health while close to you. In order to avoid enemies capitalizing on your Health drops, we would recommend activating this power-up once you’re in a clear area and not being pursued relentlessly.

Additionally, Ambulances drop Health in 30-second intervals and once you destroy them, so if you want to get some quick and easy Health, you might want to pick on an Ambulance that’s close to getting destroyed.

Homing Missiles

Homing Missiles look similar to rocket launchers, and are located on top of your car. Activate them to fire off a missile that locks on any given opponent and tracks them down. After a few go-arounds, the missile should hit the enemy you had targeted But how do you lock on to an opponent in the first place? First of all, you’ll need to wait for a white arrow to appear, pointing out of your vehicle to the direction of another vehicle. Now you can, of course, be targeted by Homing Missiles, and you’ll know that you’re being tracked if you see a large red target on your car and hear the sound of a missile (humming noise) edging toward you. In such situations, your best bet is to hide behind an obstacle, as that will send the missile crashing into it, instead of into your vehicle. You can also hope you can outrun by juking and making sharp turns, though that’s obviously the harder, and more dangerous way of going about things.

Land Mines

Land Mines are the red circles that appear on top of your car. When you activate a Land Mine, you drop two mines behind you, taking out any cars that drive over them. Mines won’t blow up right after you drop them – they’ll take about a second to land, and that means they aren’t really the best weapon to take out a car that’s aggressively chasing you. But you can use them in bridges and other tight areas where you’re being pursued (but not too closely) and help you escape from these sticky situations. But be careful – your own mines could do damage on your own car, so once again, don’t use them if you don’t have much wiggle room at all!

Oil Barrels

Oil barrels can be picked up and equipped to the trunk of your car, then activated to make the road behind you slippery. This won’t directly cause damage to enemy vehicles, but when another driver makes contact with oil, that will cause them to spin out, thus making it likelier for those cars to get damaged. Also, be careful as you can end up spinning out when you drive over the oil from your barrels.

Clearly, you should be using Oil Barrels to throw off any car that’s chasing for you. It’s also nice to use if you’re near a cliff; if a driver drives over the oil in such situations, they can easily end up spinning off the click. Or you can pull off a trick maneuver of sorts by intentionally driving on oil while you’ve got a Front Cannon or a Side Cannon as your weapon. That will allow your cannons to wildly fire off as your car spins, allowing you to potentially take out several cars, albeit without any way to aim the cannons.

Rail Guns

Rail guns look like huge laser guns on top of the hood of your car. Activating them would draw a long white line in front of it, and you’ll have a few seconds to move along with the line, before it stops in one place and blasts out a laser straight ahead. Any car that gets caught in the Rail Gun’s laser beam would normally get destroyed immediately, and when we say any car, we usually mean a LOT of cars; that line, after all, would stretch for about a third of the map from the location the line is drawn from.

Aim the Rail Gun at large groups of enemies, and when using it defensively, you can handbrake ever-so-slightly to angle your shot, then move quickly to the other side. That would allow the gun to take out anyone who keeps on chasing you, while forcing some other cars to stop for a moment until they’re sure they’re out of the gun’s path, thus allowing you to get away from them safely.


Shields will appear like shining white circles and will show up on top of your vehicle if they aren’t activated. But when you activate them, they’ll appear like a white glow surrounding your car. If your Shield is on, your car will be impervious to damage, and that means you can also drive your car off cliffs or into water. You can still get frozen, but you won’t be damaged while frozen, so long as the Shield is still active. Additionally, you can eject your Shield and launch them at enemies to knock them away.


They won’t show up quite obviously if you don’t activate them, but you’ll recognize them as a gray clamp on your car’s hood. But once you activate them, they’ll appear like they normally should, showing up as gray spikes and appearing on the grille. Running into an opponent with spikes will knock them out and do some additional damage. You can also eject Spikes while they’re on your car, allowing you to use them as a projectile. As far as their duration is concerned, they’ll last about 12 seconds; if you use them the right way, you can make good use of them while equipped, then eject them as a projectile to take out more enemies.

Spread Cannons

Think of a wider cannon on the hood of your car – that’s how the Spread Cannon looks like. Activating it will reveal three white lines spreading out in an arc-like formation, after which it would fire a cannonball along each of the three lines. This is a good way to take out opponents who are chasing you from afar, or as a crowd control weapon if you’re about to enter a dangerous situation with a lot of cars rumbling against each other. But it’s not a very good weapon if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get opponents off your tail.


A Teleport would appear like a white portal gun, and would be located in front of your car. Likewise, activating it will open up a white portal around your vehicle. Entering that portal would send you a few feet away in a straight line, hopefully to safer ground. That means you should take care when using this power-up; face the direction you want to teleport to before entering a portal. It won’t send you to a random part of a map, but rather about ten cars’ lengths straight ahead, with the activation time being about a second before the teleportation actually takes place. That makes it less than advisable if you need to make a quick escape, although it may seem that way at times. But on the other hand, you can teleport onto an opposing car, which would, in most cases, instantly take them out. The downside here is that would oftentimes be left to chance, and that it’s rather difficult to aim your Teleport in such a way that you end up teleporting into another vehicle.


Trebuchets appear like catapults on top of your vehicle, and activating them would draw a red ring nearby and launch a bomb onto that ring. It would take a few seconds for the bomb to drop and explode, and when it does, it can do a ton of damage. But you’ll have to go back to the length of time it takes to activate and blow up; that could allow other players a lot of advance warning time to head to safer ground. As such, you should only be considering the Trebuchet if you’re in a situation where the other cars are mainly distracted, or if you’re being chased by several cars and need to keep them at bay by distracting them. Alternately, you can bump another car into the Trebuchet’s area of effect; that would usually stun them for a bit, leaving them with little time to escape. But that can be quite tricky to pull off, and aiming the Trebuchet can be tricky in general.