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Grossery Game Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

Bored out of your mind? You need to play a game that is different from your average arcade time pass titles. You need to play a game that will shock you out of boredom through the sheer power of its grossness and apply a yuck factor so strong you’ll stop eating before playing it. Yes such a game does exist and it is aptly named Grossery Game. The game has been developed and released by FGMNT games. It is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. Grossery is a bit of a cult fan favorite in most player circles and players of almost all ages and regions are hooked onto the unique and truly gross experience that this game offers. Combined with the fact that Grossery receives regular love from the developers who place a strong emphasis on customer feedback, this game is one which has the potential to keep you hooked to the screen of your smartphone for hours on end. Grossery Game packs vividly animated characters and attractive graphics into a slightly larger package size of 421 MB.

There is no specific genre that this game would fit in since it has a unique content on display which is very hard to find in other games on the App Store for both iOS and Android devices. In spite of this fact, the game presents familiar puzzle solving and strategy mini games as well as interactive activities like taking the grossest group photos. With a childish outlook at first impression, the game is more than suitable for everyone except of course the people who get grossed out easily. If you have played strategy and puzzle solving games before, you should be able to adjust quite comfortably into the gameplay. However this is no way entails that this is a very easy game and would not take any considerable effort to master.

Grossery Game has a steep learning curve and can easily fool someone who is new to this unique and abstract genre of games. The initial mini games are very easy and this is made so by the developers to ease you into the flow of the game or as they like to say it, start gradually towards the more yucky business. As you progress to the higher levels of the game however, you will notice a marked increase in the overall difficulty of the game and levels which were previously easy to complete successfully in a matter of minutes might take a lot of time to get through. This part is where this game really starts to become challenging and the grossness factor increases tenfold. You might choose to live out your own experience with the game but there will definitely be points at the higher levels which will cause you to get stuck. This guide provides you with general tips and tricks which you can use whenever you find yourself in a predicament at the more difficult levels. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your smartphone and prepare to be thoroughly grossed out!

1. Time Is Of The Essence

This game is all about how much you can accomplish within the given time limits at each level and respective mini games. You will first realize this when you are introduced to the mini game where you have to collect as many bottle caps as possible in the given time limit. A round clock at the top left corner of the screen of your smartphone serves as a reminder to the time that you have left for the completion of the mini game. Since this particular mini game requires you to guide a rotten egg along pathways on a board, you will have to take special care to avoid getting the egg stuck at any point. This will not only reduce the overall amount of coins that you are able to collect at the end, it will also be a source of frustration for you or more importantly your kids if they are playing the game. The rotten egg can get trapped between two consecutive cans of soda, the slime on the board as well as the corner of the board which has a bit of chewing gum sticking out.

Once you have settled your bearings and decided the best strategy to avoid getting stuck at any point during the level, it is necessary for you to prioritize the order in which you will go about collecting the coins. This is an important factor towards your success because planning ahead of time will help you move faster than the clock and you will be able to collect a larger number of coins in a shorter amount of time. The best way to move forward here is to keep the gold bottle caps at the top of your priority since they reward you with three solid points instead of the meager one point that you get for collecting the regular silver bottle caps. This might not seem like a really big deal to you but when the score tallies up at the end of the level, you will notice a huge increase as compared to when you were only focused on collecting as many regular bottle caps as you could.

Always make wise choices which are directed towards the maximum utilization of time. For example if you find yourself in a situation when a gold bottle cap appears near the corner of the board with the chewing gum sticking out and there are no regular silver bottle caps near it, your first impulse should not be to rush blindly forward after the gold cap. Instead you should weigh your possible options. If you feel you can collect more silver regular bottle caps in the time that it would take you to get to the gold coin, then it would be much better for you to avoid risking your rotten egg getting stuck and you having to deal with the unnecessary wastage of time.

2. Interactive Activities And Gameplay

The Grossers Game pulls you into the core of its gameplay and yuck storyline using many interactive activities along the way. After you complete your first task of collecting as many bottle caps as possible with the rotten egg, you are introduced to your first interactive task of the game which is taking a slimy rotten group photo. For this purpose you will have to dress up the characters in their grossest outfits and ensure that you feel as grossed out as possible when you are taking the group photo because after all that is the main purpose of this game. Once you dress up the different food characters you will get the option to place them according to your wishes and when you are all set just press the red camera button to snap the photo. The photo with be saved to your private gallery which you can view later on whenever you wish to do so.

The next interactive activity you will be introduced to is the video camera where you can record movies of your slimy and ugly characters roaming around in gross places and finding all kinds of yuck things to do. Once you have finished recording a video, it will become available to you for viewing immediately and will also be saved to your private gallery if you wish to view it at a later time. Although the pictures taken through the group photo activity do not take up much space, the video recording activity produces videos with heavy graphics and therefore you should keep the internal storage of your smartphone in mind while you indulge in this activity.

In addition to group photos and video recording, you can also watch the TV series of Grossers right from within the Grossers Game. The TV series is absolutely hilarious and is a perfect tool to keep your kids entertained if you don’t want your progress in the game compromised. The TV series revolves around the individual stories of the gross characters of the game and it’s quite fun to watch how they have developed such fondness for all thinks disgusting and yuck to the normal human. You can access the TV from the main menu whenever you wish and enjoy many hours’ worth of entertainment right on the screen of your smartphone.

3. Quick Reflexes And Sharp Aim

Grossery Game tests the limit of your reflexes as well as the reaction timing that you can display during the balloon mini game. This is a very attractive and simple looking mini game which involves you throwing stones using a slingshot in order to pop the balloons which are floating up from below. Do not be fooled by its easy looking exterior through as you will begin to feel the heat soon enough and the view makes it even harder to handle so many balloons at the same time. As part of the mini game, you view the slingshot from a third person perspective from the left side of the screen of your smartphone. This makes the activity look very life-like as you can actually see the slingshot being pulled back to the required length and then the snap back release that sends the stone flying towards an unlucky balloon.

This game is designed to ease you into the basics as only a few balloons are released up into the air when you begin the mini game. However as you progress through the game, popping more and more balloons, the developers have made sure that you get a strong taste of a sudden increase in difficulty. In addition, the third person perspectives view although very engaging to watch seriously hampers your aim at the balloons. Unlike other shooting games where you generally have a first person view and a cross hair to assist your aim, the balloon shooting mini game requires considerable practice and effort to master effectively.

The best tip to quickly become good at shooting down balloons with the stones from the slingshot is to work on your reflexes as often as possible. Usually, players find the sudden increase in difficulty and the number of balloons as overwhelming and are thus unable to deal with this pressure. An easy way to combat this situation is to plan ahead of time and start working on your aim and targeting capabilities from the very start of the game. In order to accomplish this early training procedure, you will have to hit the initial balloons at the start of the game as quickly as possible even though you might feel like a complete idiot for doing so. This initial practice session will ensure that you perform at your very best when you are met with hundreds of balloons flying in front of the slingshot. A critical thing to remember here is that it is not compulsory for you to shoot every single balloon that floats into your view. It is more important for you to focus on getting the maximum number of balloons even if it means missing one or two in between. Your final high score in the game will determine how many gold bottle caps you receive for the round and you will definitely have to work using this tip in order to gain a full three star progression through this mini game.

4. Only The Wise May Win

As the old saying goes “victory is for the wise”, you will also resort to basing your decisions in the third mini game of Grossery Game on wisdom rather than haste and gut instinct. The third mini game requires you to match the colors of the dropping slime with three gross characters from the game. There are certain patterns which can be observed if you look clearly enough and with a trained eye. If you manage to make yourself familiar with these patterns, it will become very easy for you to predict which gross character to put under which color of slime to gain maximum bonus points. You need to remember that unlike the other two mini games, this one requires a considerable amount of intelligence on your part and you will need to practice again and again if you have any hope of getting a truly unbeatable high score in this mini game.

An easy tip for this mini game is to remember the color codes for different stages in the game. For example when the game starts you will notice that your middle character which is most probably the rotten pizza can only receive blobs of slime that are colored green. Similarly on the left corner you will most probably have the stinking broccoli and just like the rotten pizza, this gross character will only be able to receive red blobs of slime. Lastly you will have the third gross character on the right corner which will most probably be the gross slime covered donut. The donut will also only be able to accept yellow colored blobs of slime from the slime generator. Once you remember the colors and assign them to each of the three gross characters it will become quite easy for you to quickly decide which character to switch positions with as soon as you see the tip of the colored blob of slime appear from the end of the slime generator machine. This will enable you to react much faster and save the potential points that you could have missed out on had you waited for the entire blob of slime to drop out of the slime generator machine.

5. Rewards And Gold Caps

Grossery Game has its own currency in the form of gold bottle caps which are given to you based upon your performance during a particular mini game. These gold bottle caps can be used for a variety of different purposes within the game. You will need these gold bottle caps for trivial customizations such as a new rotten hat or stinky new clothes for your favorite gross character of the game. The gold caps serve a much more important role as well which is the resurrection ability during a mini game.

If you fail the game due to a time over on your part, you have the option of exchanging some of your gold bottle caps for the opportunity to play that level again. In short, the caps grant you a set of lives which you can depend upon if you are not too sure of your abilities in the particular mini game. The game also has a frequent reward system after each mini game or interactive task that you perform. These rewards can contain all kinds of items ranging from a pukey cookie to a sack full of gold bottle caps. It is all really dependent on your luck but as a general rule, the rewards start to get better in quality if you achieve a very high score during a mini game.