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Country Quiz Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Country Quiz – Guess the Country Name Puzzle Game is a new iOS game from Md. Abdus Sattar that takes geographical quizzing and distills it into its purest, simplest form. Why do we say this? That’s because you don’t need to memorize how a certain country looks like on a world map – it’s almost purely word game mechanics in this game, as you’ve got a bunch of letters which you’ll need to use when forming the name of the country. If you get stuck, you can rely on hints, such as the country’s capital name and currency, but other than that, you will exclusively be working with letters, and not having to work with any kind of images.

This is a game that’s recommended as a brain training game for younger players, though older players can also enjoy this as well as a nice, stress-free mobile word game experience. Yet you shouldn’t stress yourself out too much if the questions seem to be throwing you off. Read on and refer to our Country Quiz answers and solutions, as we’ve completed the first 50 levels and come up with all the answers for your easy reference. Just be careful not to spoil yourself by reading all of the answers from start to finish!

Country Quiz Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Level 1. Australia
Level 2. Cameroon
Level 3. Brazil
Level 4. Holland
Level 5. Bangladesh
Level 6. England
Level 7. France
Level 8. Germany
Level 9. Mexico
Level 10. Denmark

Level 11. Portugal
Level 12. Italy
Level 13. Croatia
Level 14. Japan
Level 15. Sweden
Level 16. Norway
Level 17. USA
Level 18. Greece
Level 19. Czech republic
Level 20. Poland

Level 21. Scotland
Level 22. Austria
Level 23. China
Level 24. Ussr
Level 25. Tunisia
Level 26. Australia
Level 27. Venezuela
Level 28. Turkey
Level 29. Wales
Level 30. Russia

Level 31. Chile
Level 32. Ukraine
Level 33. Finland
Level 34. Morocco
Level 35. China
Level 36. Thailand
Level 37. Ivory coast
Level 38. Jamaica
Level 39. Belgium
Level 40. Paraguay

Level 41. N Ireland
Level 42. Brazil
Level 43. South Korea
Level 44. Trinidad Tobago
Level 45. Latvia
Level 46. Uruguay
Level 47. Albania
Level 48. Bolivia
Level 49. Switzerland
Level 50. Congo