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Guess Who LoL Answers, Cheats & Solutions

Emoji Games’ Android-only game Guess Who LoL isn’t a game that asks you to guess funny stuff. For the uninitiated, the “LoL” being referred to here is none other than League of Legends, and your objective is to guess the names of all the champions and items in Riot Games’ massively popular title. You’ll be given pictures of champions or items, and you just need to guess the names of these characters/things and try to do so while spending as little time on the questions as possible. And as an added disclaimer from Emoji Games, this game is not officially affiliated with League of Legends nor endorsed by Riot Games – this is a fan-made game that’s nonetheless out there for true LoL fans!

Of course, we know that not everyone interested in this game may be familiar with LoL, even the slightest bit. That’s why we came up with a complete list of Guess Who LoL answers and solutions that includes all the answers to all the character-related questions. Read on if you need help while guessing those character names, as we’ve got almost 140 of them for you, for your handy reference at any time. Just try your best not to read the answer key from top to bottom!

Guess Who LoL Answers, Cheats & Solutions

Level 1: Aatrox
Level 2: Ahri
Level 3: Akali
Level 4: Alistar
Level 5: Amumu
Level 6: Anivia
Level 7: Annie
Level 8: Ashe
Level 9: Aurelion Sol
Level 10: Azir

Level 11: Bard
Level 12: Blitzcrank
Level 13: Brand
Level 14: Braum
Level 15: Caitlyn
Level 16: Camille
Level 17: Cassiopeia
Level 18: Cho’Gath
Level 19: Corki
Level 20: Darius

Level 21: Diana
Level 22: Dr. Mundo
Level 23: Draven
Level 24: Ekko
Level 25: Elise
Level 26: Evelynn
Level 27: Ezreal
Level 28: Fiddlesticks
Level 29: Fiora
Level 30: Fizz

Level 31: Galio
Level 32: Gangplank
Level 33: Garen
Level 34: Gnar
Level 35: Gragas
Level 36: Graves
Level 37: Hecarim
Level 38: Heimerdinger
Level 39: Illaoi
Level 40: Irelia